The second chance job

Summary: What if the Dubenich job wasn't the first time Eliot and Parker had met? What if they had loved and lost each other years ago? Could this be fate giving them a second chance?

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Chapter 3

Rooftop chats

Running a con on Dubenich was not how Eliot would have liked to get his revenge, (he would have preferred a much more hands on approach) but it was pretty much the only choice they had and truth be told Nate's plan was a good one.

The only problem Eliot could see was that a large part of the con was resting on the shoulders of the teams newest member, Sophie Deveraux . The brunet was as charming as she was gorgeous but sadly she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, Eliot had pointed this fact out to Nate but the mastermind had just flashed him a smile and mumbled a "You'll see" before carrying on as if nothing had been said

Eliot was happy enough to go along with Nate's choice in grifter if only for the eye candy she provided. It was fun to exchange flirty banter with her during their planning session. A small part of him had hoped it would provoke some kind of reaction from Parker but she was too engrossed in plotting their revenge to even notice, Nate on the other hand had spent half an hour trying to glair Eliot to death.

Their plan fell into place relatively quickly, they each had knowledge that they could contribute and they each had a role to play. Eliot was once again struck by just how well they all worked together; he was also impressed at how quickly the team's dynamic had shifted to include Sophie. He could only hope that the con went as well as the planning had, he also prayed Nate had picked a grifter that could actually grift and not just one that he lusted after.

He needn't have worried; the mastermind knew exactly what he was doing. To say Sophie was a revelation would have been the understatement of the century, the woman deserved an Oscar for the way she hooked Dubenich. She was beyond amazing and Eliot found himself wishing he had half her talent, he wasn't a bad grifter but he wasn't on Sophie's level either. He was glad to say that his own grift went well he would have hated to be the one to let the side down.

Parker and Hardison also preformed their roles perfectly. The thief was in and out of Dubenich's office so fast that Eliot might have missed her, had she not paused to shoot him a mocking glance as she entered. While the hacker managed to make it look like Eliot actually knew what he was doing with the computer

With the con itself going so well, Eliot had not anticipated any turbulence between the members of the team but he had somehow forgotten one very important thing, Nate Ford was an honest man and therefore felt he was above the rest of them. He had not expected a friendly game of pool to turn into a standoff between him and the ex insurance agent but when the subject of Nate's son had come up that was just what had happened.

It took a lot of control for Eliot to calmly walk away after his parting shot rather than storming out like he wanted to. That man really knew how to get under your skin; he could make even the most serene of people feel like a caged animal.

Before Eliot knew it he found himself on the roof of Hardison's apartment, he had slammed the access door behind him before he realized he wasn't alone.

Parker was sitting with her legs hanging over the edge of the building. Eliot had noticed when she took off abandoning her huge box of locks in the main room; he should have suspected that this was where she would have ended up

"You know for a ninja you are really loud sometimes, sparkie" she grinned at him from her perch

"How many times do I got ta tell ya, I ain't no ninja" he sighed as he approached her

The blond seemed to genuinely consider his question before answering "Just carry on telling me and I'll tell you when I believe it" she told him brightly

For a moment Eliot felt like they had slipped back in time. He could have sat down beside her and spent all night watching the stars like they had so many times before but he couldn't, as much as he wanted to he really couldn't.

"Parker we need ta talk" he said taking a seat next to her

"We are doing a lot of that lately" she commented in a resigned tone

"Back at the hospital when I said I could take the cops did ya really think I was gonna kill em?" he asked softly

"What else was I meant to think Eliot; I know what you're capable of" Parker sighed all of her earlier cheer leaving her

"Parker-" Eliot began sadly, he was desperately trying to find the words to tell her he had changed more than she could know but they just wouldn't come to him. "I never wanted you to know Parker" he breathed out "When I met ya it was meant ta be over" he admitted to her

"But it wasn't, was it" Parker pointed out sounding irritated

"Ya were meant ta stay in New York" he snapped at her

"And you where meant to be in Kentucky but you weren't" she hissed at him "you were in Paris, you were in Paris to kill a man and I-"

"Saw" Eliot cut in all the fight going out of him "god, Parker I wish you hadn't been there" he told her sadly.

He remembered that night so clearly. The night he had done his very last job for Damien Moreau, the job that was meant to set him free. It was meant to be the start of a new life for him and Parker but when she stumbled out of his target's closet with an arm full of jewels, just after he had finished the job, he knew she had seen everything and their fresh start had turned into the end.

"But I was Eliot, and what I saw scared me" she admitted softly "but I wasn't the one that ran away, that was you Eliot" she reminded him

"Parker-" Eliot sighed sadly

"This is why I didn't want to talk about this" Parker told him firmly as she climbed to her feet and moved away from the edge "it hurts and it makes me angry, then you get all sad. I don't like us feeling like that"

"Neither do I darlin" Eliot agreed

"So can we just forget it?" she suggested hopefully

"You want us to forget a year of our lives?" he asked her in disbelief as he got to his feet and followed her

"Yes, can we?" she pressed

"No Parker we can't" he told her quickly getting worked up again "real life doesn't work like that, you can't just get a do over" he snapped at her

"Yes you can" she insisted then as if to prove it she smiled and reintroduced herself "Hi I'm Parker and I'm thief" she stuck her hand out for him to shake "actually I'm the best thief in the world" she finished with a smile

Eliot just stood there looking at her like she had grown a second head. He couldn't believe her, he knew things between them had ended badly but he would rather lose a limb than forget their time together.

Eliot Spencer had always considered himself a strong and capable man but right now he couldn't handle the situation he found himself in. So he turned on his heels and marched back inside he didn't have any plan other than putting as much distance between him and Parker as he possibly could.

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