Hell Week

Little sleep, power damaging electrocutions, fighting off the Red Huntress, battling ghosts, one bully makes Danny's tower fall over.


General bullying fromA-listers.

Parents invent a device that can weaken a ghost's power by electric shock, even at distance. Guess who got first taste?

Skulker pops up. Valerie shows up.

Box Ghost, Bertrand, Technus, and Skulker (again), more Box Ghost.


Late for school from lack of sleep. Detention given.

Pushed into locker by Dash.

Box Ghost. Ecto-octopuses


20 ghost blobs.

Technus, Vortex, Skulker, Valerie (who watched the whole thing)

Box Ghost. More Valerie


Late to class – detention.

Ghost snake and cat during lunch.

Flushed, then stuffed into locker.

Parents show redesigned Ghost Ecto-cuter.


Parents. Valerie.

Box Ghost. Nocturne. Box Ghost.


Got to school on time.

Called names. Books pushed out hands.

Has mashed potatoes flung at him all lunch until the Lunch Lady shows up.

Skulker. Parents.

Undergrowth. 4-armed beast ghost. Valerie.


Danny got to school amazing on time for the second day this week. Although he chalked it up to fighting Valerie at 2 am for nearly an hour. When he got home, he just stayed up and did his homework. He just opened his locker only to catch a faded reflection in the grey metal.


Danny winced in terrible pain.

"Haha, gotcha good Fen-toad!" Dash laughed at Danny's misfortune: Danny's hand was in the locker as Dash slammed it as hard as he could. Dash walked off with the other A-listers following. He shook his hand to assess the damage. Wrist was broken. Thanks Dashel. Danny allowed his ghost powers to repair and heal his broken wrist and the rest of his hand. Even though he was dealing with effects of this past week's battles, he tried to stay positive and be in top shape – whatever that meant. He leaned back against his locker.


And he would be late to class in the next five minutes.

He made it through 1st and 2nd periods fine, well without dropping his head into his desk and snoring. But Lancer's English class, forget it. Half way into class, Danny was out like a light.


"Wha- where's the ghost?" Danny woke up groggily.

"Daniel, you are always asleep in this class. Maybe you'd like to sleep in detention?"

Danny didn't hear and shook his head to stay awake. Lancer saw it as an act of defiance.

"See you after school, Mr. Fenton."


Danny ate lunch alone. Sam and Tucker were both sick and stayed home. Lunch was going well until…

"What? NO MEAT!?" He slammed his head down on the table. Not today Lunch Lady. But he had a duty to do. After dispatching the Lunch Lady, Danny found that his food had been stolen. He looked up to find the A-listers looking and pointing at him. Of course. They ran away at the sight of the Lunch Lady but the moment Danny Phantom came to save the day, they were basically worshipping him. But after all was said and done, they still stole his food.

'Can this day be done already? I just want to sleep. 15 hours total. Sleeeep'

Danny's head connected with the table and he stayed that way until he felt something cold going down his shirt. Milk. He heard Dash laughing across the cafeteria.

Somehow he made it through the day and Danny was closing his locker. All he had to do is go home and…


Aw damn it.

"I got my history test back. I got an F. Time to wail." Dash lined up a straight right handed punch, fired and missed. Danny shifted slighted to the left. Dash's handed came up short of the locker.

"Dash, I'm not in the mood. Just go away." Danny's voice was barely a whisper.

"Not in the mood?" Dash pushed Danny face first into the locker. Danny's anger slowly rose.

At that time, Valerie's and the Fenton's ghost detectors started going off. They raced to the location.

Dash turned his prey around and lined up another punch only for it to be caught.

"I'm not in the mood." Danny moved Dash out of the way while holding the fist. He began walking only to be blocked by the offensive line of the Casper High football team. Danny shook his head. This was not gonna end pretty. He was grabbed around the shoulders and flung into the opposite wall.

"Time for ya beating, geek."

No response. Dash went for a left hook. Danny caught it and twisted the arm behind Dash. Dash tried to ram Danny's back into the lockers only to have his face meet the lockers.

"Why you little…" Dash swung with his right hand and Danny ducked. "Stand still."


Dash lunged for Danny and found himself being Simba-kicked and landed on his back near the team. Dash pointed at him and told them to rush Danny. Danny's sense went on the alert as his ghost powers slowly took over. He dodged kicks and punches and made a couple of the team members run into each other.

"Dash, call… it… off." Danny said dodging blows.

"I don't take orders from you wimp. After I finish you off, I'll have access to your friends. I'll teach them to fear me properly."

Danny froze and only moved when he took a fist to the face but didn't flinch. A human fist doesn't pack the power that a ghost punch. Danny barely felt it.


"I'm going to break you Fenton and your friends will follow. Allow me to introduce you to world of pain, freak." Dash cocked back a punch, fired. He didn't hit. It was caught. Danny scowled. His power rising. Valerie and the Fenton's were now in the same hallway looking for the ghost. Hopefully Phantom.

"You won't touch them or anyone anymore!"

"Who says?"


Danny squeezed the fist hard. Dash thought it was going to pop but soon found himself on the floor. He got up and started throwing punches. The blows were either blocked or dodged. Danny saw an opening and palmed Dash into a wall. Kwan came to the rescue and tried to attack Danny from behind only to have his face meet Danny's left fist. Nose: Broken. A few of his teeth were loose. Dash got up and rushed Danny, spitting obscenities and things about hurting his family. Danny took a hard blow to the face then sent a fist into Dash's gut, winding him. Ghost alarms went off in the hallway. Everyone but Danny turned to see the Fenton's and Valerie. Danny didn't care anymore. No sleep. Random electrocutions. Ghosts. He let out with a roar and slammed Dash into a wall.

"I'm sure you're wondering how this is happening. It's like this: I hate you Dash. I have the power to kill you a million times over and not break a sweat."

Dash stood up and cursed, wiping his mouth.

"Wait until I get a hold of you freak. You're family won't recognize you."

Now, Mr. Lancer has decided to join the crowd.

"Is that so Dash?" Danny picked Dash up and kicked him – in the face. Dash hit the tiled floor, hard. Danny turned him over on his back and kneeled next to him.

"You see Dash, you're not the strongest here…"

"Hey punk!"

Danny turned to face the members of the defensive line. One of the guys walked up to him, went to open palm him and found his fingers bent back and broken at the palm knuckle in one swift move. The amount of pain he was in was enough to show the defensive line that would receive similar fates.

"You'll pay Fen-tina!" Dash once again rushed himself bouncing off the walls when I reality it Danny slamming him against opposing walls – repeatedly. With another throw, Dash was reintroduced to the floor. Danny walked over to him and kneeled.

"I'm tired. I want to sleep. But you had to bite off more than you chew."

Dash spit in his face. Danny used Dash's shirt to wipe it off.

"You don't like this do you. You're afraid and upset that your power balance is now longer in your favor." Danny punched the right arm. Broken in 3 places. "You think you are so high and mighty but you're not. You and the other A-listers are empty shells trying to find enjoyment of belittling those smaller, weaker, and smarter than you. No more. It ends here." Danny got up. "I want to show you something." Danny changed into Phantom. The world stopped. The Fenton's were stunned. Valerie was upset. Lancer guilty. Dash and the a-list crowd, defeated. Danny changed back. "Everyday I'm up protecting this town. Everyday I'm harm's way for your sakes, so even the homeless can sleep safely at night. Do I get any thanks for it? No. Phantom does. And even then it's so he, I, can be hounded into someone's boyfriend or be hero worshiped." He stared at Paulina and a broken Dash. "I've had relationships be broken because I'm 'evil' when all I've done is protect this town." He turned to Valerie. "The dog wasn't mine. I was framed by a warden ghost. Look at the picture and tell me the mayor's eyes aren't red. The jewelry thing was because I was possessed by Freakshow." Turned to his parents. "I sneak home to hide my injuries caused by fighting both ghosts and you. You blame me, your son, for the ghosts coming here. I didn't create the portal. Why I haven't told you is because you'll tear me apart molecule by molecule." Jack and Maddie looked down in sadness. Their son they hunted with reckless abandon.

"I'm going home. I don't want to be bothered for the rest of the day. If any ghost attack, deal with it yourselves."

Danny turned, grabbed his bag and left for home and to his bed.