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This will be a short collection of drabbles and/or oneshots that are directly related to my story Dropped the Ball. They are best described as 'deleted scenes'; ideas and moments that I enjoyed the thought of, but felt did not fit well in any of my chapters. I'm also hoping these will suffice when the juices aren't flowing to crank out any new chapters.

There will be nine chapters, with ratings varying from PG-R. The rating, as well as a brief description and time at which it takes places, will be at the beginning of every chapter.


Chapter Title: Down the Middle

Timeline: Takes place between 8 and 9 weeks pregnant.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Educating Arnold on high school life.

Word Count: 549

"Okay, explain to me again exactly why it doesn't bother you that those cheerleaders keep referring to you as a whale?"

Helga sighed loudly as she dropped her backpack on the floor, "They don't call me a whale, Hair Boy. They call me the 'cautionary whale.' Doi! Get it right," she huffed as she laid out on the bed.

Arnold offered and eye roll of his own as he place his bag by the desk, "Oh, excuse me."

"Hey, watch the attitude Football Head."

"Well, sor-ry Helga, but it's a little hard for me to figure out why it doesn't bother you. I mean, you almost seem to get a kick out of it!"

"It probably seems that way, because I do, Arnold-o!"

"But why? What they're saying is really mean. And you don't look like a whale anyway," Arnold stated as he crossed his arms.

"Not yet, I don't."


"Well, what Jungle Boy? Its just a stupid movie reference! Its not like those bimbos could come up with something so witty on their own."

"So, its all some big joke from some movie?"


"Is making lame movie references all high school kids do anymore?"

Helga snorted, "Basically. But, 'Juno' isn't lame-it's pretty funny and about the closest thing we've got to relate to."

"If they go around teasing a pregnant teen, I'm not all that interested in seeing anymore of that," Arnold deadpanned as he went about getting his books.

For a moment, Helga sat up and considered him before getting a wicked gleam in her eyes, "Hold on a minute, Football Head. I got an idea."

"Is it anything like the time you thought it'd be a good idea to sleep together while we were clearly drunk? Cause if so, I ask you give it a second thought," Arnold quipped.

The blonde scowled, "No, its not Mr. Smart Ass. But, now I'm not going to give you a choice in whether you want to participate or not."

Arnold gave her his slanted look, "What is it, Helga?"

She smirked, "I'm going to educate you on both the stereotypical portrayal of high school drama with scarily realistic undertones and on becoming part of the teen pregnancy statistic."

Arnold looked at her blankly, "And you plan to do that by…?"

"Watching a Double Feature," she replied with an evil grin.

Hours later, Arnold sat motionless on the bed as credits rolled, "Those were probably the most awful movies I have ever seen."

"Bite your tongue, Football Head! Those movies are true gems."

Arnold raised an eyebrow at her, "'Mean Girls' is probably the worst movie in existence."

Helga feigned shock, "How dare you!"

"And 'Juno' probably wouldn't have been so bad if the situation wasn't so relatable I guess. And wasn't viewed with 'Mean Girls'."

"But, don't you feel a little bit more understanding towards how high school works in accordance to our situation?"

Arnold shot her a look as he got up, "Helga, I can promise you, I didn't need to see these movies to get what they were saying. I've been seeing these on repeat pretty much everyday at school."

"Well," Helga started, "At least now you can get all the jokes."

"Helga, let's leave the 'looking on the bright side' stuff to me."