Disclaimer: I do not own Hey Arnold! Or anything else that probably sounds like you could make some money off of it. In this case, Whinnie the Pooh or Indiana Jones.

This will be a short collection of drabbles and/or oneshots that are directly related to my story Dropped the Ball. They are best described as 'deleted scenes'; ideas and moments that I enjoyed the thought of, but felt did not fit well in any of my chapters. I'm also hoping these will suffice when the juices aren't flowing to crank out any new chapters.

There will be nine chapters, with ratings varying from PG-R. The rating, as well as a brief description and time at which it takes places, will be at the beginning of every chapter.


Chapter Title: Shake-Off



Summary:Helga's creative costume ideas ensue.

Word Count: 449

"I'm sorry, but you actually want to go to Rhonda's Halloween party?"

Arnold shrugged, "Well, why not?"

Helga scoffed, "Don't you remember what happened last time you went to one of her parties?"

Arnold flushed as he sent her a slanted look, "I think I can refrain from knocking you up again, Helga."

Helga's own cheeks went red as she placed her hands defiantly on her hips, "Gee, I sure hope our baby gets your sense of humor."

Arnold rolled his eyes, "What's the big deal Helga? Look, I doubt we'll have this same kind of freedom next year to just go out when we want. So, why waste this year? Besides, it'll be fun!"

"Oh, yeah…right," Helga pretended to ponder, "Hmm, now what could I possibly go as? Ooh, I know! A nun!"

Arnold cast her a lidded, un-amused glance, "Helga…"

"Oh wait! See, if I go down the 'cutesy' route, I could be Kanga…and my belly could be Roo," Helga mock cooed as she placed her palms to her belly.

Arnold crossed his arms, "Cute."

"Isn't it just?" Helga gushed, "Ah ha! I've got it! I could just be a giant plus sign," She held her arms perpendicular to her body, "I'll just walk around like this all night."

Arnold looked on straight-faced, "Seriously?"

"Or, we could go the theme route," Helga chirped, "Since you're going as Indiana Jones, I could be the boulder."

"You're so obnoxious, it's not even funny!" Arnold exclaimed, though Helga was unfazed by the outburst.

"Hey, I'm at the butt of everyone's jokes these days! Nothing I do will get me out of it. And dressing up is stupid! What other options do I have this close to Halloween anyway? You're costume is your dad's stuff! I might as well cut eye holes in a white bed sheet and call myself 'The Ghost of Carefree Teenage Life's Past'!"

Arnold merely scowled, but a moment later inspiration struck, "I've got a better idea. You want to pun the heck out of your situation on a budget? Done. And, it won't even be a joke about your non-existent baby bump."

"Oh yeah? I'm all ears, Indy."

Gerald, dressed as Puff Daddy, looked on in a mixture of confusion and zero amusement, "What the heck are you supposed to be, Pataki? A gift?" He snorts, "Yeah right."

Helga scowled, "No, Gerald-o," she gestured to the pink, footie-pajamas with the big red bow across her belly, "I'm a present box. The baby is the gift."

"Oh," Gerald sneered, "Oh, that is just cheesy."

Arnold smirked and tipped his fedora, "Cheesier than me dressed as Indiana Jones?"

Gerald shifted his eyes between the two, "Okay. You're tied."