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The council watched in horror as their fellow Jedi sister and clones were slaughtered one by one but not by droids. This recording was found in the rummage after the bloody battle on Naboo. The recording showed the Jedi Night Chandril, her padawan, and a fleet of clones that were fighting in front of them the camera turned to Chandril her face was covered in blood and scars. She looked frightened and scared.

"My masters we were attacked by a creature some thing unknown it's killing off a number of us and I'm afraid I might not get off this planet alive... This c-c-creature it's nothing like I have seen before it gives off a f-force signature of a Sith. I'm afraid we might have a new enemy…" I was silent for a moment until they saw a clone getting lifted up in the air by his neck from the creature then the camera was back on the master and we heard a sickening rip. The clones were trying to shoot down humanly like creatures by the sky and ground it was for sure they were losing.

"LUCIEN!" they heard the master yell to her padawan she looked up at the sky and the last thing they saw was a black-silver wing come down on the camera in a slicing motion the only part of the creature they could see was it's fierce yellow eyes, black armor, and white skin it was all blurred except for pieces of the wing. The council stopped the tape gave it to a droid that placed it in a secret case… "This will be declared top secret only Jedi masters and Nights will be allowed access to this." Windu said the rest of the council nodded as the droid put it in a secret chamber and sealed tight.

Ahsoka Tano :

3 month later

I've been with my master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, for about 3 months now I remember the first time I met him he was very pleased to see me. I'm 19 years old now but he's still very over protective like he was when I first met him three months ago he never leaves his guard down he brings extra of everything when it come to battle's or even tiny missions. I don't get why he's so paranoid. We had another mission me and Obi-Wan walked down towards the council chambers he only members were Master Yoda and Master Windu.

"Welcome Master Obi-Wan another mission we have for you today." said Master Yoda me and Obi-Wan both nodded and Windu continued.

"You will be protecting the senator of Naboo as she travels to Naboo to discuss a very important matter with the queen." A spark of happiness lit up also a spark of worry and fear in Obi-Wan. I knew he had something for the Senator of Naboo it was quite clear but why was he feeling worry and fear?.

"When we be leaving?"

"Immediately." Me and Obi-Wan nodded and we headed back to out room to pack. Obi-Wan practical sped walked all the way down the hall. Once me and Obi-Wan were done we went down to the landing bay and met Padme there she greeted us with a warm smile mostly towards to Obi-Wan.

"Nice to meet you both." She said.

"The same to you." me and my master both said; we walked over to shuttle and once we got in we took off. Padme went to her dorm and me and my master went to the clone hanger to try to find Cody. Once we spotted his my master turned to me.

"Ahsoka could you please give me a minute?"

"Yes master." I walked out of the door but my curiosity got the best of me and I pressed my ear against the door listening to there conversation.

"Cody I hope you brought extra ammo for this mission?"

"General with all due respect why do we need extra ammo? We are only here to protect the senator."

"Yes but a couple months ago this planet was attacked by these unknown cre- wait." He sensed me already!? Before I could turn and run the door opened and I dropped to the floor.

"Ahsoka why were you listening to our conversation!?"

"Um I-I'm sorry master but what are these unknown creatures?"

"Go to the dorm and wait for me there we will discuss this later." I speed walked down to our shared dorm. A couple minutes later he opened the door and gave me a slight glare. "I'm sorry master." I said quickly.

"Its okay I'm over it."

"Master? Could you please tell me what those unknown creatures are?" He deeply sighed debating if he should tell me or not. "Okay fine but promise me you will NEVER tell anybody." I nodded," okay a couple years ago a video recording was sent to the council from the battle on Naboo." He stopped and started rubbing his chin. "It was a very bloody battle clones and Jedi were dieing but not from droids that's what the recording showed it was or these creatures they looked human but they were not close. They had wings and they looked like angels. The battle was lost and the body's were ripped to shreds we believed these creatures were a new type of sith but they weren't. They were worse. That's why I bring extra ammo and please keep and eye out these things are dangerous they are heartless and this battle was only 2 month's ago so we don't know if they are still here. trust me Ahsoka there dangerous." I stared at him in shock once the story ended we landed on Naboo the planet kind of had a creepy sensation now.

We escorted Padme to her palace I went to my assigned room and looked out of the window at the night sky and soon fell asleep.

2 Days later:

This mission was boring as hell Obi-Wan and Padme spent all there time together with each other the clones were no fun nether and the palace people they were just boring! I wanted to be back in Corasant so badly! I decided I would do some research on what Obi-Wan told me I couldn't keep my mind off of it; it wouldn't hurt. I walked down to the library and sat at one of the computers. The first thing I typed was demonic angels a ton of answers and links came up it seems Obi-Wan was right some of the names for these creatures were a fallen angel or just simply just a bad angel. It was true they were heartless they were also hateful, greedy, and just plain old evil the only thing they do was corrupt and kill other people just for fun. They seemed pretty scary to me. I hope I would never have to meet one in real life if they still existed.

Clone POV

I was guarding the entrance to the front door with another soldier it suddenly go very dark. I might not be a Jedi but there was a lot of evil that popped out of no were. Me and the other clone stood up and loaded are guns suddenly the other clone was tackled with an incredibly amount of force I saw a black and gray wing slash slash his stomach in half and he fell to the floor. I stared at the thing in shock it was a human male I ran to the alarm as fast as I could before to catch me I turned it on and commend general Kenobi.

"What is it trooper? He said the alarm was beeping in the back round."

"General we have a breach sea- AHH!" The thing slashed my back and I went into complete darkness.

Fallen Angel POV

Fuck! He sounded the alarm I knew I would mess this up! I flew and opened the window. Two clone troopers stopped me "Halt! Who are you?" They said I smirked and slashed them with my wings I went on a killing spree all across the palace I killed anyone who tried to get in my way. But I couldn't find the senator: where was she!? I finally opened up one of the doors and spotter her hold a tiny gun at me I laughed darkly and then she screamed.

Ahsoka Tano POV

The alarm let out an ear piecing beep I reached down to my belt and didn't feel my light sabers! Shit! I ran to Padmes room hoping she was alright my first priority was protecting the senator. The bodies of the clones made my stomach turn no droid could have done this not even a light saber. What the hell? I grabbed on the guns on the ground I knew how to use this a little. I ran to Padme's room and I heard her scream I pushed open the door and saw what I never hoped to see in a million years.

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