Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.


Fallen Angel POV

I extended my arm to grab the senator when I felt a sudden aching, burning sensation on my right hip. I groaned in pain and placed my hand on the burning area, easing the pain by healing myself. My eyes turned dark gold with a red outline as I turned to stare at the one who shot me. I looked at the person's rifle in her hands and smiled to myself. How pathetic. I looked up into her face and it seemed like the lights dimmed behind me and soft sweet music started playing in the back of my mind.

She was a beautiful torugtan that words couldn't even describe. I slowly started lifting off the floor and walked towards her slowly I lost all my senses and forgot about mission. It looked like she ran out of ammo she looked up at me with frightened eyes she closed her eyes waiting for the blow that never came. I was now an inch away from her face. I slowly stroked her cheek she opened her eyes very slowly and we were staring at each other eye to eye. Seeming possessed with each others stare I sensed two other fallen angels come behind my trying to kill this magnificent creature she looked away from my eyes and tried to block her self from the blows she was about to receive. Why did he bring reinforcement. I didn't say I needed help! I thought to myself. I grabbed my sword and swung at both of them trying to protect her. I killed one of them and the other stared at me like I had gone mad. I slashed him in half with my wing the torgruta gasped in shock I grabbed her hand and we ran out of the room.

"Let me go!" She kept on yelling at me but the other fallen angels were on a killing spree. Killing everything they see in sight. I knew they wouldn't kill the senator because we needed her.

"If I let you go your going to die!" Well that shut her up. I stopped at one of big windows in the back of the hallway I picked her up bridle style but she put up a good fight. I wrapped my arms around her and squished her hard towards my chest so she wouldn't move her hands or legs. Before I could take off I heard some one yell from behind me. "Halt!" I turned around to see and man in his late 30's with auburn hair and beard with bright blue eyes. He held his blue light thingy towards my trying to intimidate me. I glared at him with my bright yellow eyes. "Put her down." He said in a low growl meanwhile the girl was still squirming in my arms trying to break free of my grasp. Before the man could charge at me another fallen angel came and attack him giving me enough time to get away.

Obi-Wan POV

I jumped from behind with enough force to make me lose my breath. I scrambled to rise but this thing kept on pinning me down. I gasped as I saw Ahsoka getting taken away by one of those things.

"Obi-Wan!" I heard Padme scream from behind me as she was being taken away forcefully away from the palace. I used all my force energy to push the creature away from me with the force and made an urgent transmission to the council.

"This is Master Kenobi we have been attacked at the palace on Naboo the senator has been taken hostage and the rest of the servants and guards are all died I urge you to bring re enforcements-" The message might have been short but it got the point across before I fell into peaceful darkness.

Ahsoka POV

I screamed as we jumped out the window I clutched the creatures shoulders so tight I think I actually tore through the fabric. I thought this was certainly the end but we never met the force of the ground. I slowly opened one eye to see the blue sky above us and I looked slowly down and saw that we were flying. I screamed even louder and clutched the head of my kidnapped and squished his head. He stopped at one of the great waterfalls on Naboo just to untangle me from himself. The force he used on my wrists made me want to burst out crying but I had to be strong.

"What do you want from me!?" I asked he only gave me a side ways glance and then finally looked at me the anger and hatred that screamed from his yellow and red eyes made me gasp in fear.

"Aren't you the least bit grateful that I saved you?" He said in a deep tone his eyes might scream anger and hate but his tone was soft and gently.

"I have rather die trying to protect something I care for then run away like a coward! My master and the senator might be died already because of you!" I yelled at him with a glare.

"There not died they wouldn't kill them... we need them."

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"You will find out soon enough. We have to keep on moving the army will start to spread in a couple of minutes." What?! I thought to myself.

"What!? What army?! Who the hell are you!?"

"Like I said you will find out soon enough."

"Unless I get some answers I'm not moving from this very spot!" I said pointing to the ground beneath me and sitting down beneath it with a thump. He glared at me an I instantly felt afraid but that wouldn't stop me.

"For a Jedi you certainly are stubborn." I looked away from him I don't have to answer to his reply. Suddenly I felt the darkness starting to increase in strength and I felt it starting to move towards our direction. I looked frantically at him but he still didn't look at me.

"We have to go now! Or they will find us!"

"Oh so now you want to move." I grabbed his hand and starting running to the opposite side of the field trying to find a cave or anything that will hide us. This creature ran ahead of me and grabbed my legs to pick me up bridal style once more as we soon took off. I screamed once again and clutched his throat with a ton of force.

"C-ca-can't b-breath!" He yelled in gasps and I starting letting go. It felt like we have been flying forever but I liked it. It definitely beat flying in a cruiser. I closed my eyes and let the smooth soft air brush against my skin. We stop at some cave and he set me down.

"Aren't you gunna go with your army friends" I said feeling childish for asking such a dumb question.

"Huh? No I'm already in trouble with them anyway so what do I have to loose. Come on we have to find a comfortable spot in here before it gets dark." He motioned me to follow him and I did. Why am I putting so much trust into this thing anyway? It killed most of my friends why was I following him and listening to him? These questions kept on popping up in my head. There was something very different about him; very different indeed.

Fallen Angel 'General' POV

The attack on the palace was a success as is every mission we are assigned too. I knew sending Anakin to lead this was a good idea but I haven't seen the kid all day after the attack. Are army marched out more towards the outer shell of the Naboo capital to try to avoid more conflict. We only came here for the senator we weren't looking for a full fledged war. One of my soldiers came running frantically towards him and I told him to halt he bowed in respect and continued.

"Sir we have information that Commander Skywalker has killed two of his soldiers and has fled to outer perimeter of the capital with a young torgutan female." I stared at him in shock and my face turned bright red. The ground started to shake; same with trees because of my anger. Just wait till his father hears about this. "Sir but it is likely that he will come to us rather then we go to him."

"Your right soldier. Thank you." He nodded and retreated. This wasn't the first time Skywalker did this but I knew this was going to be his last. Just wait till his father gets a hold of him.