Hey guys!

I'll be posting this on my other story as well, so yeah duplicate.

So, I'm sorry I haven't been updating, but things have been quite busy and a little tough. I have been writing, mind you, but school and family has really come in the way. I wish I could be one of those authors that updates every single week, but I promise I will always do what I can without straining myself, because I don't really think that would be fair.

So, I haven't given up on this story. Or any of mine. Or ignoring anyone on tumblr. I do see your messages and they make me smile though. I just don't have a laptop right now because mine broke, so I use my Mom's. I know, I know.

Do send in prompts and reviews if you can. I'm going to get back on my feet with a bang so everything will just be posted at once. I just need to sort myself out so I'll be going on hiatus for two months or so.

I'm so sorry for inconveniencing you and if you stick with my story, I'm going to make it worth while for you. I'm not giving up. Just a little hiatus to sort out my life and pretend to enjoy my birthday on the 26th. I'm one of those people.

Have good weekends. You deserve it. I'll see you as soon as I can.

I have so much love for you all. x