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Usagi doesn't know about Seiya's secret ability and she isn't dating Mamoru.

Seiya and Usagi have been happily dating for a year now and just recently, Usagi had moved in with him. They were living with Taiki and Yaten as well. The couple were extremely happy together and were open about everything. But Seiya had broken his promise and kept a secret from Usagi. Well, it was a secret between him, Taiki and Yaten.

"Just tell her and you'll get your answer," Yaten huffed. He was getting frustrated that his friend was getting worried… again.

"Yaten's right Seiya. Just show her." Taiki was uninterested in the topic since they had discussed this many times.

"FINE!" Seiya stormed off to the bathroom.

Usagi was brushing her long golden hair when she heard the bathroom door slam. Moments later, her bedroom door swung open to reveal … Seiya. Well almost the Seiya she knew. He was holding up a towel against her bare body but Usagi could still see what had changed. Seiya was a girl! Usagi's eyes bulged at the towel that clung to her 'boyfriend's' very round breast and small waist.

Seiya blushed at the way Usagi was staring at her and held the towel tighter to her body. "I'm sorry, I never told you that I could change into a woman." She took a breath, "Do you still love me?"

Usagi closed her eyes and sighed. She got up and headed silently towards the door, passing Seiya.

Tears started to fall from Seiya's indigo eyes and she walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge, crying softly into her hands.

She heard the click of the door and thought Usagi had closed the door before leaving her. Suddenly, she felt soft fingers curl around her chin and then… soft, warm lips brushed slightly against her own. Her eyes shot open to reveal Usagi in front of her.

Usagi pulled back and stared lovingly into Seiya's puffy eyes and Seiya whispered, "You don't hate me?"

"I hate you." Usagi whispered seductively on to Seiya's lips, "I hate that you're more beautiful than me." She kissed her again, "But you're still the same person... my Seiya." She peeled the towel away from Seiya's body and pushed her gently down on the bed… their bed.

Usagi took a moment to kneel on the edge of the bed, on top of Seiya, to take in view of the other girl's naked body. She then laid on top of her to kiss her and let her hands wander all over Seiya's every curve.

"I guess they're ok." Taiki spoke before he took a sip of his coffee.

Yaten rolled his eyes. "Must they be so loud all the time."

They blushed as they continued to hear the loud moans and groans from behind their friends' closed bedroom door.