Tommy has the cab take him home. He did not feel up to talking to Kat about the pending separation and divorce from Kim. Tommy walks into the living room where his parents are sitting down watching television. Maybe they will not see me.

"Hey son, can we talk," Mr. Oliver asks his son.

Tommy sighs before sitting down on the couch next to his mother. "What do you want to discuss?" Although he had a pretty good idea what about.

"Well Tommy, I am all for you getting better and I do have a few issues with Kim." "But what mother-in-law does not have those problems with her daughter-in-law." "We feel that you need to return home and be with your wife," Mrs. Oliver smiles at her son.

"I thought you wanted me here with you guys besides Kim needs a little time to herself to have an uh girl's time." Tommy lies.

Mr. Oliver glances at his son through his eyeglasses. "I think she would want to be with you especially after the Alexis debacle."

"Um she just needs more time to get things ready for me," Tommy stands up. "I think I need a nap or something." He walks up the stairs and to his room.

In Reefside, Kim is trying to read a book but her mind keeps wandering to Tommy. Maybe I was too hard on him but then again he should know that we belong together. Kim was so caught up in her thoughts that she missed the doorbell ringing the first time. Huh, oh who is at my door? Kim peeks through the peephole and sees her friends. Oh great; did he tell them? She opens the door. "Hey guys, what is going on?" Kim moves aside and lets her friends enter her home.

"Just going to party is all," Zack tells her.

Billy nods. "Due to Tommy's recent acquit we are prerequisite to rejoice."

Everyone looks at Trini.

"He said because Tommy was found innocent of the charges then we should party." She laughs as Billy shakes his head.

Jason nods in agreement. "So where is the guest of honor so we can get the party started."

Kim looks at her friends for a second.

Aisha immediately knows something is wrong. "Maybe he is sleeping or something like that?"

Adam glances at his wife. Could he be with his parents or Kat? "Yeah sleeping."

Kim shakes her head. "Actually we decided to get a divorce."

The gang looks at each other.

"I am going to murder him," Rocky scowls.

"Uh maybe we can still party; Tommy is still not remembering besides I am okay." Kim moves to the kitchen. "We have plenty of party food and drinks."

Jason walks in behind her. "Kim we do not need to party but go beat Tommy until he gets his memory and common sense back."

"No let's just hang out and let me forget about him okay?"

Jason nods his head yes. I am going to kill him. "Whatever you say little sister but if you need anything or change your mind about the beat up then let me know."

In Angel Grove, Kat is wondering where Tommy is. Do I have enough courage to call Kim's home and ask for him? No, I do not so I had better wait for him to call me. She had better not have tricked him into being with her.

Tommy lies in his bed but cannot fall asleep. What am I going to do? A part of me wants to be with Kim yet why did my mind go back to that time when I was with Kat? I need to talk to someone but the gang probably wants to beat me senseless now. I guess I can call my brother David but he will probably want to beat me too.

Kim hugs the last of her friends and shuts the door. Whew, I am tired. It is the first trimester and I am already tired. How will I compete in the next gymnast competition if I am this exhausted? Should I have told the gang about my pregnancy? No, they would just freak out and go murder Tommy, which does not seem like such a bad idea. I had better schedule a doctor's appointment soon and try to get some rest before I plan out my future without Tommy.

The next morning Kim is sitting in her doctor's office reading a baby magazine. I always thought Tommy would be here with me but he is too busy being Tommy the teenage idiot. Kim smiles as the nurse directs her to a room.

"Kat I need to work out with my trainer," Tommy tells her.

"But Tommy it has been three days and I want to be with you," Kat pouts.

"No can do I have to train." Tommy runs a hand through his hair. "Don't you want me back on the track?" She is being too needy.

"Of course I do; it's just that I want to see your handsome face," Kat puts on more lipstick.

"Okay after I train meet me at the café." Tommy hangs up and laughs. She has it bad.

Kim has the sudden urge for a pastry and heads to her favorite café. As she is exiting the café, she bumps into Tommy. "Oh I am sorry I was just so excited to get home and eat my…"

Tommy smiles down at her. "No problem, so how have you been?"

Kim was tempted to rub her stomach. "Um training for the big competition." Kim shifts her bag. "Uh what about you; you look good."

"Training as well; the doctor says that soon I will be able to race."

Kim was about to comment when fans began to gather around Tommy. She watches as Tommy signs autographs and sneaks off.

Tommy signs the last of the autographs and poses for the last picture and searches for Kim. Where did she go? He is too busy looking for Kim that he did not see Kat walk up next to him.

"Oh if I were the jealous type I would be super upset that girls were all over you." Kat puts her hand in Tommy's hand.

"Good thing you are not," Tommy thought to slip his hand out of hers but did not do it. "So what do you want to drink?"

Kat smiles up at him. "I want a latte and a bagel with cream cheese."

Tommy takes one last look around for Kim.

Kim walks into her house and leans against the doorframe. Get ahold of yourself Hart; you two are over and he has been seen with Kat. Go over the papers your lawyer has sent you and smile. Aw but that is so hard to do when I still love him.

Two weeks past and Tommy has found an apartment but has yet to tell Kat. "Kat can we talk?"

"Sure Tommy what's up?" Kat curls next to Tommy on the couch.

"I have been having a blast with you but I feel as though I need my own place."

Kat looks crestfallen. "Why Tommy we are doing so good together."

"Yeah I know but I just need my space besides it will feel more like dating if we have our own spots you know." Tommy moves hair out of his eyes. He had been letting his hair grow long again like it was when he was a teenager.

"Being away from you means that I cannot see you all the time," Kat kisses Tommy's neck.

Tommy smiles at her. "I know but it will make it even more special when we meet up." I need my space you are crowding me; at least Kim gave me room to breathe.

"Oh okay but you had better spend most of your time here," Kat kisses him.

Tommy nods his head. "Okay I need to go to the race track; so I will call you alright."

Kat pouts. "But I am in the mood too…"

He silences her with a kiss. "I need to be number one again; Ricky Bobby has stolen my title."

Kat nods her head. "I do like having a boyfriend that is number one."

"So I need to go practice," Tommy walks to the door and opens it. "I will call you."

In Reefside, Kim looks around her home. No way can I live here without Tommy. I need to find a new place to stay. Kim begins looking online for homes and mails her lawyer some papers without looking at them.

Tommy practices with his coach. "So am I ready to race?"

"What did your doctor say?" Coach Winston asks.

"Well after my last check up; he said I was alright to race and if I felt dizzy or anything to pull over." "I feel fine and I know that I am ready to race." Tommy adjusts his ponytail.

Coach Winston nods his head. "Okay but at the first sign of trouble I want you to pull over." He pauses. "We will have a vigil for the racers who have succumbed to their injuries."

Tommy frowns, "I will definitely be there."

"I feel so bad for their wives and children; good thing you have Kimberly," Coach Winston walks off the track.

I did have her. Tommy thinks as he walks to the locker rooms. Inside the locker room, he looks up at the television and sees Kim on the balance beam. She looks graceful and strong. Tommy watches as she practices then has a confused expression when the news reporter said it would be her last competition. Why is she giving up gymnastics? Kim is too good to give it up.

Kim is busy training and does not hear her phone ringing. Whoa, I need to totally take up a new career after this. I always wanted to sing professionally.

Ken Mitchell does not leave Kim a message. Maybe she meant to include her doctor's papers in the agreement she wants to give to her husband.

Tommy checks his phone; Kat has called three times. Oh my, I need to distance myself from her. I am not divorced yet besides I want to be single; my mind is still at seventeen. He dials Kat's number. "Hey Kat can we meet up at the park?"

"We sure can," Kat smiles. I think he will purpose to me. Kat hurries to change clothes.

Tommy eyes Kat. "Why are you so dressed up?" And late.

"Oh I thought today was a day to dress extra special," Kat purrs as she sits next to him on the bench. "So went shopping lately?"

"Not really, why," Tommy looks confused.

Kat holds up her hand. "My finger is lonely."

Tommy's expression turns to shock. "Oh no Kat I am still married besides I think we need to take a break and reassess our relationship."

"I thought we were doing that and that is why I am dressed up." Kat frowns.

"You are a sweet girl but I need my space." Tommy looks at Kat.

Kat looks pissed off. "I waited for you for eight years and this is the thanks I get?"

"No one told you to wait besides I we are better as friends." Tommy pats Kat's arm.

"Tommy are you sure you did not get your memory back because you seem to be having the same conversation you had with me before you married her."

Tommy stares at her for a second. Whoa too bad I cannot remember. "No I cannot remember but I am sorry." He stands up. "I have to go."

Kat watches him leave through tear filled eyes. I want him so badly.

In Reefside, Kim has come to the realization that she will be a divorcée with a baby. Still Kim you have yet to tell him, so who is really to blame and soon you will be showing. Right after the major competition which may be your last one. Kim walks through her soon to be ex-house and remembers the good times she had in it before she heads to the lawyers office to sign her divorce papers. Kim just let it go. He has yet to get his memory back or want you.

Tommy drives to his apartment and checks his mailbox. He sees a big manila envelope. Ugh the divorce papers. Am I really ready to let her go? Tommy walks into his apartment and closes the door. He takes a deep breath before he opens the manila envelope. He reads over how the assets will be distributed and frowns. He shakes the envelope and another paper falls out. Huh, what is this? He opens it up and reads the words typed on the paper. What! Kim is pregnant. Why did she not tell me? Before another thought crosses his mind, his memory begins rushing back faster than he can comprehend. I remember everything. Oh my God, Kim; I need to go to her now. He races out the door barely remembering to lock it. Tommy begins weaving through traffic as if he is at the racetrack competing. I hope no cop pulls me over; I cannot lose her. I love her more than anything how could I have been so blind and stupid? Please Kim do not sign those papers. I love you and always will. You can do whatever you want to me just please stay with me. He pulls up to Kim lawyer's office and almost jumped out the car before he pulled into a complete stop.

I cannot believe I am about to sign the papers that will ruin my life. Kim sighs as she glances down at the papers. She looks up and feels eyes on her. "Oh hi Ken."

"Need anything?" Ken smiles down at Kim.

"No thank you; I just want to get this over and move on with my life." Kim gives him a weak smile. I can do this.

Ken smiles back at Kim. "I think he is a loser for doing this after you saved him and all."

"Well what can I do?" Kim glances back down at the papers and Ken leaves to give her some privacy. Okay now where was I, oh yeah about to sign my life away. Kim turns to the last page and picks up her pen. The pen barely touches the paper when she feels a tingling in stomach. Only one person can make me feel this way. Kim looks up and sees Tommy staring at her.

Tommy sees Kim's hand on the pen and the pen touching the paper. "Kim wait; please do not sign those papers." He walks over to Kim.

"Why the hell should I not sign these damn papers? Kim sets the pen down.

"I love you is a damn good reason." Tommy tries to touch Kim but she shakes him off.

"Oh so now you love me huh?" Kim stands up.

Tommy smiles, "I have always loved you Beautiful."

Kim flinches at his nickname for her. "Please just leave."

"No Beautiful, I love you and I gave you my word to always make sure that you are happy and loved." Tommy moves closer to Kim. "I know I have been the World's dumbest man but I know I love you and never want to let you go."

Kim looks into his eyes. "This is some trick." "Why did your memory stop where it did?"

"When my race car was hit you were the first person I thought about and I was going over our lives together in my head and it stopped when we broke up because that is when my head hit the window and all went black." Tommy closes the gap between Kim and himself and holds her. "I was stupid to not realize that is why my memory stopped right there and not because I love Kat." "You were the one I was thinking of the whole time; only you my Crane."

Kim cannot think; she is overjoyed that Tommy remembers and loves his words but she is still uncertain about what to do. "Tommy I um…"

He cuts her off with a kiss. "I want us to be a family and raise this baby along with our future babies together in the house we made a home." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out her wedding ring. Good thing I was going to put this in my safe and stuck it in my pocket. "Here I think you are missing something." "Is your finger cold?" Tommy gives Kim an amused look.

Kim laughs. "Why yes my finger is cold along with my whole body."

"I can fix that," Tommy rubs Kim's belly before he kisses her.

Ken watches in the doorway before he clears his throat. Good thing he came to his senses.

"Oh hey Ken… we were just…" Kim stammers.

Tommy eyes Ken then rushes over to the table were Kim's divorce papers are. He rips the papers to bits and shows Kim his divorce papers, which he has ripped up as well and put in his pocket. "We are just enjoying being a happy married couple." Tommy grabs Kim's hand. "We will be going now and thanks for all the help." "Good thing you talked Kim into sending me a copy of the pregnancy papers." Tommy shakes Ken's hand. "Thank you; for helping me remember."

Kim looks confused. "I wondered why those papers went; I never meant to mail them but I am glad I did as well." Kim hugs Ken with one arm then snuggles back into Tommy.

"I knew sending them would either cause him to feel like a jackass or come running back to you feeling like a jackass," Ken laughs.

"You will be receiving a Christmas card from the Olivers." Tommy smiles at his wife.