E/O Challenge: Use all of these words: urgent, normal, follow, flap, right

Spoilers/Warnings: None, could be pre-series or set in any Season

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It's gonna be a close call. ~ Rilo Kiley

"He's gonna be fine, right?"

The nurse nodded; years of experience allowing her to follow the conversation while still making notes in the inner flap of the chart she held.

"I'm sure he will be," she replied. "All of his vitals are within normal. That's a good sign."

The nurse glanced across the bed at the anxious big brother hovering over her sleeping patient and offered what she hoped was a reassuring smile along with a reminder.

"They wouldn't have moved him up here from Urgent Care if his condition was still critical."

Dean nodded, watching his brother as he held the kid's hand. "I know."

Because he did know.

But still...

This was Sam.

And this time had been too damn close.