Author's Note

I am starting another story in place of Behind Len's Imagination. Which turned out great :). This is about wizards of waverly place and what happens after the finale. I love writing about stuff that I like. And I like Wizards! This story is told from the 2nd person view. Enjoy!

Alex's Story

(3 Years Later)

Alex unzipped her sweater and laid it on the coat rack. She was more responsible now and didn't use the spell to put on a cashmere sweater. She now lived in a mortal house after her old apartment was destroyed and taken over by the angels of darkness.

She lived with her husband Mason and they had their wedding inside because Alex always stayed inside because she was lazy. Her best friend Harper ended up Marrying Zeke long after the wizards competition because Zeke was always reluctant towards girls. Harper took forever to plan the wedding because of her crazy interest towards clothes.

Alex went onto the couch and started eating a bag of chips. Mason then came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. They were all normal and happy. Until the home phone rang from the dining room. Mason got up and answered the phone. Which was likely because dogs love new people. Even though Mason was a werewolf.

"Who is it?" Mason said formally.

"Um...Justin Russo. Is Alex here? I need to talk to her." Justin said.

"Yes Justin just one second." Mason said.

"Alex! Your brother is on the phone!" Mason yelled.

"Tell him I am unavailable!" Alex yelled back.

"Alex is not-"

"Fine I will answer it!" Alex interrupted. Alex got off the couch and grabbed the phone.

"What." Alex said.

"There is trouble down in Wiztech. I need your help. We need three siblings powers together to stop the evil wizard who threatens to drain the wizard world." Justin said bravely, now that he was the main professor of the wizard world.

"What about Max...he is not a wizard anymore. Plus, he has the sub station to take care of with mom and dad." Alex said.

"I am the professor. I am pretty sure I can grant him powers temporarily." Justin said.

"Yeah...but what about Mason." Alex said.

"Take him with you! We can even have Juliet, Harper, and Zeke." Justin said.

"Fine...I'm in."