Max's Story

Once Max got the strangely exiting news of going to the sub station to carry on the business. He was transported to the sub station along with his mom and dad. Max went over to the freezer and opened it. There was no magic to be seen there.

"Back to normal..." Max said to himself. Max closed the door and headed to the living room. Alex was there but not Justin. Max wasn't used to being a mortal so his dad had to teach him some of the basics.

"Max, now that you are a mortal there is some things you must know about...the ordinary life. Obviously your Plan B you made a couple years back isn't going to work. You need to get a different job." Jerry said.

Jerry grabbed a newspaper from the counter in the kitchen.

"This has loads of jobs that may be useful. I know your only 15 but gettig a job now will help you get things you want. Hopefully logical things." Jerry said.

Max grabbed the newspaper and started to look through it. There was a big page that said jobs for you. There was millions of boring jobs like plumbing or working in a office all day.

"Dad these jobs are boring." Max said.

"It is only part-time until your old enough to carry on the business of the family." Jerry told Max.

"Fine." Max flatly said.

Max then found the job that was perfect for him. A joker.