Chapter 5 - Everybody is back together

The Sub Station laid before there very eyes. It looked fairly the same even on the inside. They went in and there mom and dad welcomed them inside. They saw Max who was cleaning the counters at the sub station.

"We haven't seen you guys in like a few months!" There mother said.

"It is great to see you too, but we came here for a reason. Gorog; the Angel of Darkness king. Has threatened to shut down he wizard world making all of our powers useless." Justin said.

"Oh...that is horrible. Back then we didn't have evil kings going and killing everyone. It is much more dangerous now." There dad said.

"We need some help from Max." Alex said. Max looked up from his cleaning into Alex's eyes.

"But i don't have powers..." Max said.

"Oh yeah, well your big brother is the professor of Wiztech. So i could work something out." Justin said with a smile on his face. Justin laid his hand over Max's head and Justin's hand started growing. Justin uttered a few magical words and them Max glowed with a giant orb of light

Justin grabbed a wand from his endless bag of magical stuff and handed it to Max.

"My wand!" Max yelled.

"Crumbs gave it to me when your powers were taken away so if this happened you could have it back." Justin said.

"Don't break it like you usually do." There Dad said, giggling.

"What about the Sub station?" Max said, surprising everyone that he actually cared about it.

"Me and your mom are 40-" There Mom grunted.

"Fine, I am 40 and your mom is 35. We could handle it." There dad said.

"Ok..." Max said. They all said there goodbyes and there dad handed Justin something.

"It is a walkie-talkie so we can talk. It is magical of course because regular phones don't work in the wizard world." There dad said.

The said there final goodbyes and headed towards the freezer. He casted a spell and It opened into there magical room. They headed towards the portal and opened it. It was all white. They lined up and went inside.