Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Warm Bodies, or any of these songs.

Bonus! Soundtrack - music that inspired each chapter or music that I think fits a "scene" - SEARCH THESE SONGS ON YOUTUBE! They are listed by chapters. As you can probably tell, I have a pretty eclectic taste in music.

1: Coldplay - Cemeteries of London (This is the main theme of the story, the song that inspired me to write it.)

2: Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Julie's fear of losing R.)

3: Depeche Mode - Dream On (R's struggle in the day by day and his lack of self-worth.)

4: Coldplay - Lost (John feeling trapped by his own mistakes reflected in Scott. R feeling like he deserves the pain he's feeling, and Martinez wondering when all the pain of the world will stop.)

5: Chad Valley - Evening Surrender (R and Julie getting closer...)

6: Chad Valley - I Want Your Love (Same as above.)

7: Bile - I Reject (Mostly what the Boney's might be feeling, if you listen to the lyrics.)

8: Nine Inch Nails - Hurt (The general dark mood of the chapter and R's feeling like he's still a monster.)

& Chad Valley - Shell Suite (Julie tries to knock some sense into R.)

9: Fear Factory - Zero Signal (Fight against the Boneys.)

& PJ Harvey - One Line (R and Julie starting to feel the strains of stopping themselves.)

10: Ryan Farish - Open Sky (Much lighter tone, feeling that things will be alright.)

& Chad Valley - Reach Lines (Same as 5 & 6.)

11: Natalie Walker - Color Blind (Julie's grim emotions after learning someone tried to take R's life.)

12: Jakalope - Feel It (Things are starting to really heat up between R and Julie...)

13: Alice In Chains – Rooster (R and the group search the city for Boneys...)

& Nine Inch Nails - The Great Below (Fight against the Boneys and the Purists, and R's utter terror.)

14: M83 – Soon, My Friend (R and Julie reunite.)

15: Save Ferris - Let Me In (R and Julie dance.)

& Sister Machine Gun - Burn (R is having trouble controlling himself...)

16: Mokhov - Halcyon Days (R and Julie spending the day together.)

& Trifonic - Lies (R and Julie finally succumb to their desires...)

17: Bruce Springsteen – Hungry Heart (R and Julie dance again. R basically seduces Julie [though not intentionally] by playing on her sentimental heartstrings. )

& M83 - Reunion (Shower Scene redux) [Reunion is the "sequel" to Midnight City, go watch the awesome music videos on Youtube! Start with Midnight City. And by the way, I knew of "Midnight City" years before Warm Bodies...]

& M83 - Skin of The Night (The lovers embrace that night once again...)

18: Feist – The Bad In Each Other (Walking through the broken city... how original! Sarcasm. The movie had it right the first time lol.)

& JES – Into The Dawn (R and Julie [and their friends who decided to tag along, -to their chagrin...] go on a scavenger hunt... bad things happen!)

19: Phantogram - You Are The Ocean (Julie is still a little spooked by R's bite incident. R tries to calm her down.)

20 Hans Zimmer - Time (R's desperation to find Julie. Julie trying to keep up her tough front, refusing to break.)

& Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls (R's dark state of mind when he fails to find Julie...)

21: Health – Tears (R and the group break into the Purists' base.)

& Dead Man's Bones - Lose Your Soul (R fights and kills(?) Tommy, despite his conflicting feelings over killing again.)

22: Arcade Fire - Black Wave (R thinks he's going to die, but doesn't, and Julie shoots Scott.)

& M83 - Too Late (R and Julie reunite when she wakes up.)

& Red – Pieces (R holds Julie throughout the night.)

23: Frank Sinatra - Try A Little Tenderness (R comforting Julie by singing to her.)

& JES – Heaven(Myon Remix) (R makes sure to kiss every scratch and bruise on Julie's body.)

24: Hol Baumann - One Step Behind (John's 'adventures'.)

& Natalie Walker - Color Blind (Nora is reunited with Addis.)

25: Peter Gabriel - I Grieve (M begs Nora for forgiveness.)

26: When in Rome - The Promise (A lot of forgiveness [and hints of something more] between M, Nora and Addis, and general friendship abound.)

27: Black Diamond Bay - I Dreamt We Were Bank Robbers (Planas Remix) (Epic music for the final epic battle against the Boneys.)

28: Groove Armada - Inside My Mind(Blue Skies) (R and Julie spend the day out.)

& John Dahlback - Everywhere (D-O-N-S- Vs Tranquillo Chill Mix) (End theme - listen to the lyrics, the last part in particular, "and everywhere in the world, things will be a changing, and everywhere in the world, people will be spreading, laughter, kindness, love and comfort, comfort..." very fitting. R and Julie watch the walls crumble.)