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First song fic

Shuichi stood at the edge of the curtain, watching his fans yell out their cheers of adoration. He smiled. At least some people liked him.

On the outside, Shuichi was as happy as happy can be. But on the inside however. On the inside, he was battling in a deep mindless battle with himself. Should he stay or should he just go.

Right now he was currently waiting for the rest of the band to get ready to start their concert. So far, it had been an exiting night...but a painful one also.

Eiri was there.

Why? Why would he be here?! He never came to my concerts before, but now he decides to come?! Shuichi screamed in his head.

You see...Eiri and Shu broke up quite sometime ago. It was after a fight about who knows what, and you know what Shuichi did? No. He did not start crying.

He stood up for himself.

HE was the one who finally said enough.

Eiri told him to get out. So he did. As soon as the author locked himself in his study, Shuichi packed his things and left.


Eiri told him that he would never want Shu plenty of times and only now did Shuichi decide to do something.

That was 4 months ago.

Sure, Shu had seen him once or twice in that time period but not when he had something as important as a concert.

Pft, Tohma probably dragged him here. Shu heard that they had something planed for tonight, whatever it was, but it had to be canceled because tonight was the concert that BadLuck came off of their hiatus. They had been on hiatus of 4 months as well. Actually, they went on hiatus the day after Shu broke up with Eiri. They decided to take a break so they can rest up and try messing around with songs for when they went to their first concert in the coming months. That was a bummer for Shu. He was hoping to have work take his mind off Eiri. *sigh* Oh we'll...

Shuichi stood in a place where no one could see him but he could see everyone. He saw Eiri , Mika Tatsua, and Tohma was backstage. Even Eiri's father.


That was a surprise.

*sigh* they probably had nothing better to do.

"What's got you down, Shu?" Shuichi heard.

It was Hiro, his best friend.

"Shuichi just pointed through the audience to where Eiri was.

"Oh I see... Are you going to be okay?" Hiro asked.

"Totally Hiro, I'll be fine. I won't let it bother me. Trust me." Shuichi put on a smile.

"Well, okay. But make sure you tell me when I can do somethin' m'kay" Hiro said whil e ruffling Shuichi's jet black hair.

Oh wait.

I forgot to tell you. Shuichi sorta *cough* changed his looks some what. He died his hair black as sort to say 'I'm not a Pink ball of hyped up energy and messiness anymore.' And he doesn't wear skimpy clothes anymore. He changed to a T-Shirt with a little graphic or word on the front. For example: 'Sup' or 'Bro' (A/N: I don't own these, but I wish I could meet the people who did XD). He also usually wore a black leather jacket or jumper over it. He still wears skinny jeans though. He also wore a black fedora with tiny white stripes across it. It added to the affect.

'Hehe Eiri hasn't seen me in these clothes yet. I wonder how he'll react.'

"Ready to go on in 5"

This broke Shu out of his thoughts. He fixed his black hair and T-shirt and jacket. He met up with hero and they got ready to go on stage.

The lights started to "malfunction" and go out. That signaled BadLuck to get into position. They all stood in their spots.



"Are we all ready to have some fun tonight?!" Shu yelled into the mic. The crowd screamed in answer.

"All riiight! Lets do this thing!"

The first song kicked into gear.