A servant walked around a wrap-around porch of a traditional Japanese feudal compound, head bowed as he went. It was a nice morning, but today made him grimace. It was that time again.

He stopped before the entrance to the Lord's bedroom, eyeing the thinly veiled bed. The person lying there was shrouded in the almost opaque silk material, up on that dais, his figure nothing but a silhouette in the dark room. "My Lord?" The man called softly. "It is time to wake up." He sat kneeling like he was in the dojo, and as the blankets rustled, he quickly bowed lowly. A man sat up slowly.

"What time is it."

"Eight o'clock, My Lord."

"I said to wake me up at eight thirty, fool." The man flinched at the power in his Lord's voice, beginning to shake in fear. He looked up quickly.

"But My Lord, you said-"

"I know what I said." His voice dropped down, soft and silky, like butterscotch. The servant's blood ran cold in terror. "Stupid human."

There was a sudden crack of the curtain behind knocked aside with an inhuman force. The man's cry was cut short by the knife in his throat. His eyes widened as blood bubbled up and out of his throat, before he hit the ground. His lifeless eyes stared up at the ceiling as he bled out on the floor.

Snorting softly, the man on the bed stood, naked, and walked across the room. Kneeling, he pulled the Kunai from the man's throat, licking the blood from the edge.


"Yes, My Lord?" A man materialized inside the room, eyeing the dead body with no remorse. Raidou was an idiot any way.

"My clothing. Now."

With a quickly mutter "Yes, sir" Kakashi moved to the closet, pulling a black Hakama from its confines. The back had a single, large Uchiha fan on it, the white and red standing out brilliantly, shining a vivid pearlescent color in the little light.

The pale man's arms opened, allowing Kakashi to drape the material over his strong shoulders. After sliding the pants up over his hips, and adding the small fastenings, he brushed Kakashi off.

"Enough. Clean that mess up." He scoffed, gesturing offhandedly at the corpse, lip curled in disgust.

"Right away, My Lord." Kakashi bowed in respect. With that, the young man swept from the room. Kakashi sighed. "That Sasuke sure is something."

"Today is the day, isn't it?" Kakashi didn't jump at the soft voice behind him, only smiled ruefully.

"It is Iruka. Sasuke takes another boy today." Kakashi bent down, grabbing the man's shoulders, and with Iruka quickly assisting him, they removed the body.

Sasuke smirked softly, from atop the highest hill on his Isle. The wind ruffled his dark locks, blowing it back from gleaming red eyes. With the lift of his hand, the waves crashed hard against the rocks, sending a thick mist into the air. With another sweeping gesture, the spray spread across the water, shrouding his island.

He lowered his hand, staring out at the island closest to him. The tomoe began swirling furiously, eyes glowing a bright red as suddenly; he was able to see the village in perfect detail. The flowers, the blades of grass, even the dewdrops on a single petal were revealed to him.

Focusing, Sasuke glanced through each house, at each boy. He examined them, but was left disappointed. That is, until his eyes rested on a house, near the water's edge. His breath caught in his throat when his eyes met blue. Blinking, he focused more.

A boy of approximately sixteen was sitting in his window, staring out at his Isle. Unknowingly, right into the Demon's eyes. He looked thoughtful, curious even. 'Fine then.' Sasuke smirked, bringing a hand up slowly, pointing with two fingers at the house. A flare of heat went down his fingers, shooting off until it slammed against the wooden door, leaving an imprint. 'Curiosity killed the cat, fool.'

Turning from the hill, Sasuke closed his eyes, allowing them to return to their normal obsidian as he walked…