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Naruto woke up in the small clothing closet he had managed to find the previous night, curled up in a robe. He remembered wandering through the house, before collapsing in one place that seemed familiar, his hand clenched tightly around his necklace. Exhaustion and stress threatened to overtake him, but he pushed those thoughts away.

The blonde sat up slowly, wincing as the bones in his back let him know they weren't happy with sleeping on a hard floor. Stretching, Naruto yawned widely, then rubbed his eyes. Vaguely, he could hear rain pounding the roof above him, and he groaned.

"Damn it! I hate rain!" With a sigh, Naruto stood up and opened the door to walk out of the closet. Instead, he shrieked in terror.

A non-existent eyebrow rose slowly at him, green eyes seeming to sparkle with mirth. "Good morning Naruto."

"Gaara! Shit, you scared me!" Naruto whined, motioning for the redhead to move so he could shut the door. "Can't you make some sort of noise?"

"I didn't intend to scare you."

"Well, you did!"

"Get over it." Gaara turned and headed down the hallway. "Follow me if you'd like breakfast." Naruto's stomach grumbled loudly at that precise moment, and with a sheepish grin, he followed.

"How long have you lived here Gaara?"

"A while." Was the curt reply.

"Why do you stay here?"


Naruto pouted slightly before continuing his questioning. "What do demons eat for breakfast?"

"Ask Sasuke."

"Do you always give such short answers?"

"Do you always interrogate your guides?" He countered.

"Yes." Gaara didn't seem to have anything to say to that and remained silent. With a sigh, Naruto fell silent as well. The hall was significantly warmer then yesterday, and the blonde counted that as a blessing. With his luck lately, it would only figure that he'd die from hypothermia.

They passed the same paintings from yesterday, and it was when he saw the signature that he realized why Gaara's scar looked so familiar. "That artist uses the same kanji that's on your forehead!" Naruto suddenly shouted, pointing excitedly at the sandstorm painting. "Isn't that weird? Do you know him?" Gaara just looked at him and a few moments passed before Naruto groaned.

"Finally figure it out?"

"You painted these?" Gaara nodded. "They're. . . really good!" Excited for some odd reason, Naruto grabbed Gaara's wrist, towing the shocked boy over to the waterfall painting. "I mean, I seriously feel like I'm there! I can hear the water rushing, and feel the cool spray on my face! It's awesome!" Next, he pulled the redhead to the battle scene. "And this one is crazy cool! The fighting, the blood, the gore! It's way intense!" And finally he moved on to his favorite. "And this one! Man, this one is my favorite! Every tiny grain of sand is so detailed and colorful, that you really have to be looking at them to notice! And I swear the sand is moving! The way you painted this. . . just wow!"

Naruto turned to grin at the stunned redhead, and was shocked to see the flush over the smaller boy's features. Gaara's eyes were slightly wide, and he looked away. "I. . ." He swallowed. "Thank you, Naruto. Let's go." Gaara turned abruptly on his heel, hurrying off down the hall. With a bigger grin, the blonde caught up quickly considering how much longer his leg span was.

Soon, they arrived at a set of double doors, where a servant stood in wait. Silently, he opened it, eyes staring straight ahead as Naruto followed Gaara across the threshold. He glanced around, taking in the big room.

The ceiling was high and vaulted, stretching up into a spire. The ceiling was decorated almost grotesquely with fallen angels and black feathers, red raining down in streaks from the ceiling to the floor. The lights along the walls of the room were designed to look like lanterns, though seemed to glow as if they each had a little sun within them, bathing the room in warm light. A long table stretched through the center of the room that could easily sit fifty people. Iruka and Kakashi sat at the far end, side by side with Kakashi on the right hand side of the chair heading the table.

"Good morning Naruto-Kun!" Iruka called with a smile lighting his features. Kakashi raised a hand in greeting, eyes firmly on Icha Icha. "Hello again Gaara. Thank you for fetching him for us." Gaara didn't respond but took a seat across from the brunet. Iruka nodded towards the seat on the left hand side beside Gaara. "Take a seat and have some breakfast!"

Naruto sat hesitantly in the chair, then gasped in shock. "It's like sitting on a cloud! What the heck?!" He poked at the cushion beneath him.

"You act as if you've never sat in a chair before." Kakashi said.

"At home we just sit on mats on the floor!" Replied the blonde with a grin. "This is so cool!" The blonde was so preoccupied with his discovery he missed the looks that were shared between the other three.

The doors at the other end of the room suddenly slammed open, and the raven haired Lord strode in. A pure black hakama was draped over his tall, strong body, making him look as if he was shrouded in shadows. His hair fell in silky layers beside his face, expressionless as he glided around to take a seat at the head of the table. Glancing around the table, Naruto noticed that everyone else in the room had their head inclined in a bow. Quickly, he moved to mimic them, keeping his gaze narrowed at the dark wood of the table.

"Good morning my Lord." Iruka said politely. "Breakfast has been prepared to your liking, I oversaw the process myself." Sasuke grunted and leaned back in his chair, eyes roving the table until they found Naruto, resting on him. It was almost unnerving, having those pitch black eyes boring into him.

"Good." Sasuke finally said, a smirk tugging at his lips. "Eat then." The command was obviously directed at the blonde. Naruto shot him a withering look, turning back to Gaara.

"Will you give me a tour of the place?" He asked, ignoring the looks from everyone else at the table. Gaara was silent for a moment as he observed the other's boys expression and intent. Mischief sparked in his sea green eyes and he nodded his assent.

"I will."

Naruto grinned. "Cool! Thanks!"

He was just asking for it. I could feel rage bubbling up and had to forcibly keep it under wraps. Oh how I longed to wrap my hands around that tan throat, sink my teeth into his tender flesh. I ached to thrust myself harshly into him, tearing him apart from the inside out, until there was nothing left of him but a bloody, mangled mess.

If Iruka wasn't so damn whiny he would have had his way with the kid last night. The man's words added together with the expression on the Blonde's face made him feel almost. . . guilty. And he hated that. Sasuke Uchiha did not feel guilty. It just wasn't done.

Yet, as he gazed on the infuriating blonde, he felt an odd warmth in his chest. It was suffocating. The burn intensified with the blonde's laughs or smiles, and he vowed to destroy the feeling.

And the blonde with it.

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