(A.N: Hi guys! This is my new story, Lost and Found. A little bit different from the bits of fluff I have been doing but hey, sometimes you have to break some feels! Thank you all for starting this short adventure with me and I hope you all see something that you enjoy! Also this is the prolouge, not the first chapter. They'll be a little short but part 2 and 3 will be long, I swear!) ~GlaceonLeafeon15

I walked on the gray sidewalk, sunshine hitting my skin and making me sweat a bit.

Today was going to be a great day, and that's something you'll probably never hear me say. The sunshine is out and everything is all... somewhat peaceful.

Nothing could go wrong.

I look around me, seeing that nobody was here.

How... Unusual. Most of the time everybody was gathering around here, concerts playing and people having dates and all that jazz.

I sighed, wondering what would happen when I got home, blushing as I remember that Felix said that he would have a surprise for me when I came back.


Something hard hit my skull and I gasped.

"What the hell is your problem, sir?!" I yelled, turning behind me to see who hit me.

I saw no one there, like nothing had happened.

I rubbed the spot of my head, goddamn it had hurt.


The person hit my head again, making me fall onto the sidewalk.

But before I knew it, I had accidentally welcomed the darkness hastily making me fall into the dreadful arms of unconsciousness.