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Cry's POV

I took a deep look at my parents' graves. A couple of tears going down my face, I miss them so much sometimes. I wish I could've seen them one last time.

I've been out of that hell hole for a week now, I just got out of the hospital today though. I was missing for four fucking months. Not exactly the best way to spend a vacation.

I didn't want to go to my house though, I had the irrestibale urge to come visit mom and dad. So I did.

Sigh, I sit down by my mom's grave and say softly, "I love you mom and dad, I wish I could've seen you one more time."

A sob comes from out of my mouth and I just start to cry, over and over again.

Why did they have to die? I needed them so despartely sometimes. They were the most best parents anyone could ever have.

Suddenly I hear someone yelling. I look over my shoulder to see a blonde and a brunette fighting by a grave.

"What the hell is your problem?!" A girl yells to the two, "Stop fighting all the fucking time! What do you think that he would think about this?! Stop fighting all ready you bastards!"

Wait... Is that Red?

"What the fuck is yours?" A famillar voice hisses.

I get up slowly, watching four people fight.

Three people walk away slowly from the blonde. Watching him fall down to the grave and start sobbing... Hard.

I feel bad for him, I know that exact feeling he's going through. I felt that way when my parents died. The pain stings for a hole long time, but it gets better. The pain still hurts but doesn't exactly sting as much.

The three start yelling at eachother. "Shut up! I don't wanna hear this anymore!" One says while covering up his ears.

"Then go!" The girl yells with tears in her eyes.

My eyes widen as I see the blonde pull out a gun and point it to his head.

Don't tell me he's gonna...

I hurry and start running towards the man, I don't know who the hell he is but no one is worth fucking killling yourself over.

I feel like time is slowing down as I run faster and faster, I hear people yelling "Felix, no!"

Tears burn up in my eyes, "STOP!" I yell.

I hurry and grab the gun out of the man's hand, throwing it into the river nearby, just in time.

I take a sigh of relief, "I'm sorry, sir. But don't do that!"

My head throbs as I feel the four people staring at me.

I look at the grave and my whole heart drops and I feel like throwing up.

Ryan Terry

1989 – 2012

I take a step back away from the people, "No... No... No!" I cover up my ears and begin to cry.

"...Cry?" I hear a thick Swedish accent say.

I sob harder into my knees, "I-I'm not dead!" And I keep shaking my head.


"Ryan?" I hear the accent say again, only this time louder.

"I'm not dead...?" I ask quietly, shivering in fear.

I feel warm arms embrace me, "Ryan... It's okay now."

I look at the person hugging me, "F-Felix?"

He nods and hugs me harder, and I return the hug, crying hard in his arms.

"Cry... Y-You're okay." I hear Scott whisper and see a tear go down his cheek.

"I'm okay...?" I ask, shivering.

Felix nods, "You're okay Cry. I'm so happy."

I look at him for a moment, "You almost killed yourself... For me...?" My voice, shaky.

He nods, sobbing himself, "I don't want to live without you... You mean fucking everything to me, you're everything that I needed in my life."

"Cry!" I feel Red embracing me, "You're okay! I-I..." I feel her sob as well.

Suddenly, we all turn into a big sob fest and everyone looks at us.

But... That was okay. I was just so happy that I made it in time to save Felix.

He everything to me as well.

~~~1 Year Later~~~

We told the people that I wasn't dead and they immediately got rid of that damned grave.

Felix was all smiles that day and wouldn't let go of me. Same with Red and Scott, maybe Russ if he was a little more emotional.

When Felix and I got home, he gave me back my green jacket and then he proposed to me, right there on the spot... Of course I said yes.

Felix said that it was official that I was the uke of the relationship. I didn't fight with him on that because I was just too damn happy to do anything but smile... Maybe I should've though. He keeps giving me shit about that nowadays.

But I love Felix, I don't care what happens, I will always love him and even if someone tries to seperate us that again, I will personally make sure that their life is a living hell.