Heyo! This story is more…lighthearted than my other one I guess xP It's more of a Romance/Humor/Drama instead of an Adventure. And some action too of course! Pairings are Sonamy and Shadria, along with Tailream (or is it Crails? Their ship name isn't necessarily confirmed…) and Knouge! As ya know, everyone's roughly around the same age: between 13-18 and all that.

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The only time Sonic the Hedgehog ever stopped running was to either get a chilli dog or go to the bathroom.

This was definitely one of those times-not the bathroom part.

The blue blur skidded to a stop, heading towards a chilli dog stand; the man who owned the stand smiled at Sonic when he saw the hedgehog, already having Sonic's chilli dog ready for him. Sonic's stomach growled, and he reached in his pocket to pay the man, who told him that it was on the house. Sonic appreciated it, and he continued to walk down the street.

He bit into the beany n cheesy goodness, moaning with delight.

Okay. I know I've said this at least a gazillion times, but this is THE BEST chilli dog ever! EV-ER!

Meanwhile, Amy Rose was now entering the courtyard with her new friend, Maria. The two had just met today, during one of Amy's ventures for Sonic himself (nothing surprising there), and got along swimmingly. Amy loved making new friends.

"So, Maria!" Amy said, hands behind her back. "Where do you think we should go from here?"

"I am not sure…" Maria replied. She was a golden hedgehog with a peachy muzzle and blue eyes; she was also wearing a dark blue top, a light blue dress underneath, and dark blue ballet flats. She pulled a blue chaos emerald out her pocket and examined it. "But wherever we go…"

"We'll need to keep that chaos emerald in a safe place," Amy finished, and Maria nodded in agreement. "We wouldn't want Dr. Eggman's chubby hands to get on it!"

"Who's this…Dr. Eggman?"

Amy giggled, "Oh honey, you're asking for a looong story! Buuuut I guess I'll start from the beginning. You see…"

As the girls conversed, a black and red hedgehog stood in the shadows; with crossed arms and one foot up against the wall behind him, Shadow the Hedgehog stared in their direction. His ruby eyes narrowed at the blonde girl, and the chaos emerald in her hand. How in Chaos did she…?

"Well, well, well!" said a voice that was all too recognizable and Amy and Maria whirled around. Floating above their heads was none other than Dr. Eggman in his Eggmobile, with some of his robotic henchmen floating around him. "If it isn't Sonic's little girlfriend!..." His gaze flickered down to the chaos emerald and smirked. "And her new friend…"

Maria took a feeble step back, bringing the emerald closer to her body.

"What do you want, mustache monkey?!" Amy demanded, putting herself slightly in front of Maria.

"WHY YOU LITTLE-!" Eggman started, then he calmed himself down. Ignoring the spunky pink hedgehog, he leaned down towards Maria. "Now, little girl, I believe that chaos emerald is mine. Hand it over, and I won't do anything to you or your annoying friend."


"I…" Maria took another step back. "I…w-well…What do you want it for?"

"There's no time for questions, hand over the emerald!" Eggman snapped. "Or else."

Amy and Maria exchanged glances.

"Fine…you give me no choice!" Eggman turned to his Eggbots, pointing at the two females. "Get them!"

Sonic raced into the scene just as he heard Amy scream. He stopped at Shadow's side; his darker counterpart was now tense, no longer in his laidback stance.

"Who's Amy's new friend?" Sonic questioned.

"I don't know," Shadow replied, eyes narrowing, "but I can't wait to meet her."

As if in an unspoken agreement, the two sprinted into action. They hopped in the danger, Sonic Home-Attacking the Eggbots while Shadow used his red chaos emerald yelling, "Chaos Control!" or "Chaos Sphere!"

Explosions echoed painfully in Amy's ears; she knew that Sonic was there, but she could barely see through the smoke and flames. That was, until, Sonic swooped in, scooping her up in his arms and racing off towards a safer location.

"Sonic!" Amy beamed as he put her down. "I'm so glad you came!"

"Stay out of the danger area!" He gave her a smile before dashing off.

Meanwhile, Maria was whirling around and gasping, not knowing what was going on. She caught sight of a familiar dark hedgehog, her mouth agape as he flew over her head.

Was that…?

"Enough of this!" Eggman growled, and Maria whirled around once more. She staggered back as the Doctor advanced on her. "Give. Me. The Emerald! Or say goodbye to your pesky life!"

Maria watched as she heard ammo being cocked, and got a horrifying flashback. This was all too familiar. Eggman was about to shoot her.

When she didn't move, Eggman fired.

Simutaneously, Maria jumped, and a deeper voice joined her as she yelled to the heavens-

"Chaos Control!"

Time froze.

She could still feel her body moving through the air, but it was in a very slow motion as her body twisted. Her wide eyes observed Eggman's shocked expression, flying over his head.

Time unfroze ten seconds later, and a pair of arms caught her before she fell. She felt wind blow through her hair, but she clutched to the chaos emerald tight. She heard a defeated and angry Eggman yell, "This isn't the end!" and the Eggmobile soared into the sky.

Shadow let the blonde go, and she got to her feet. He noticed that she looked stable enough, but also she looked like she might go into shock.

"Thank you for saving me," she said, dusting herself off.

"What's your name?" Shadow demanded. "Where did you come from? And why do you have a chaos emerald? What does the Doctor want with you?"

Maria looked up into her best friend's eyes, and saw him almost stagger back; recognition and disbelief rang clear in his red orbs. "My name is Maria Robotnik," she answered. "I come from the Spirit World, revived by an echidna named Tikal. She was the one who brought me back. When I woke up, I was lying on the ground in front of the Master Emerald, with this in my hand." She held up the chaos emerald.

Shadow's eyes narrowed again. "No...no. You can't be Maria. Maria's dead!"

"Shadow..." Maria then spoke a childhood nickname she gave to him all those years ago, "Shadey..." Shadow gasped. "It's really me." Before Shadow could respond, she threw herself at him and hugged him tight. "You have to believe me!"

Shadow stood there, feeling tears form in his eyes and he fought back so they won't shed. There was no mistaking that voice. That hair. That dress. Those eyes. Even though there were many quesitons he needed answered, he knew it was her. He just knew it. No one ever called him Shadey except for her when they grew up together on the ARK.

And no one had a natural, sweet scent like she did.

Shadow finally wrapped his arms around her, returning the embrace, and he heard Maria sniff.

"It really is you..." he murmured, eyes wild.

This Tikal...Master Emerald...Angel Island...


Oh yes. Knuckles's in trouble.

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