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Tails looked up from his tools as his best friend walked in the kitchen, the cobalt hedgehog wearing a dopey grin on his face. "You seem...happy," the two-tailed fox noted, lips pulling up to the right in a smirk.

"Well good morning to you too," Sonic replied, opening the fridge. His smile was still there.

"Sleep well?" Tails fought back a snicker.

Sonic blushed, catching the suggestiveness in Tails's voice. "H-huh?"

Tails shrugged. "Did you. Sleep well?"

"Oh, uh...yeah." Sonic shuffled awkwardly, face disappearing in the fridge again.

"Does our favorite pink hedgehog have anything to do with that?" Tails was having fun with this.

Sonic glowered playfully as he closed the fridge and sat down across from Tails. "Oh, so you got jokes."

The two laughed together, careful not to wake up a slumbering Cream, who slept in the den. When Tails continued to stare at Sonic expectantly, Sonic caved.

"Okay, okay," he said. "So me and Amy might've...kissed last night."

Tails grinned wide. "Really?"


"So it wasn't just one-sided? You actually kissed her back?"

Sonic grinned sheepishly. "Something like that."

"Whelp, congratulations," Tails clapped him on the back. "You finally got the girl." He pointed, "Don't screw it up."

"Don't jinx it!"

"Don't jinx what?" a sleepy female voice asked, causing the two to turn around. Amy smiled mid-stretch and yawned.

"Nothing!" Sonic and Tails replied quickly, and she giggled, Sonic scratching the back of his neck and Tails resuming cleaning his tools.

"Sleep well, Amy?" Tails asked casually and innocently, and Sonic gave him a dark look.

Amy nodded, taking the empty seat next to Sonic. Stifling another yawn, she rested her elbow on the table, cheek leaning against her palm.

"You sure?" Sonic asked her, double meaning in his eyes. Catching it, Amy nodded and gave him a soft smile.

"I'm sure."

"You outta be," Tails muttered under his breath, and Sonic kicked Tails hard in the shin under the table; the two-tailed fox yelped, face scrunching up as he clutched his throbbing ankle.

"You okay, Tails?" Amy asked with concern.

"Yeah, is everything okay?" Sonic asked, batting his eyelashes rather quickly.

"I'm fine," Tails hissed through gritted teeth.

Amy eyed Sonic and Tails for a moment before she told herself that it was a boy thing, and moved on from that. "So, what's the plan for the day?"

"Haven't really thought about it," said Sonic. "How would you feel about stopping by your house and-" Her eyes were as wide as saucers-"Don't worry, you won't be alone. Tails and I will be with you."

"Oh we will?" Tails asked, and Sonic kicked him again. "DOOOOOOH!"

"Yes. We will," Sonic growled, then turned back to the pink hedgehog sitting next to him. "We're gonna eat, then the four of us will head back to your house. Maybe we can get some of your stuff so it'll last you for a few more days-at least until we can figure the rest of this stuff out."

"Are you saying-?"

"Yes. Consider this your home until further notice. I can't think of a safer place for you to be. And even then, I can't know what's happening to you. It's best if you stay here so I can keep an eye on you."

"I'm not a child," Amy said with a playful roll of her eyes and they both laughed, Amy reaching under the table and cupping her hand over his. "But thank you. The both of you."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, love you too," said Tails, getting up. "I'm gonna go wake up Cream."

Amy noticed that her friend was walking with a limp. "Um...Tails? You might wanna get that checked out..."

Tails looked at her over his shoulder, flashing her a forced grin. "Oh don't worry." He glared at his best friend, who mockingly glared back. "I will."

Amy looked at Sonic questionably.

"Tables," Sonic said with a sheepish shrug. "Gotta watch where ya goin', ya know."

A gust of wind blew through the quiet neighborhood, four Mobian figures appearing seemingly out of nowhere. Two hedgehogs kinda popped out of nothing, while the younger fox and rabbit landed smoothly from up above.

Amy had a haunted look on her face, her keys shaking in her hands as she gazed at what used to be called her safe haven. Both she and Cream were happy that Vanilla wasn't home yet. Otherwise things could've been worse.

"C'mon," Sonic urged Amy with a gently tug of her waist, and they led the way, Tails and Cream silently trailing behind. Reaching the door, Sonic poked it with his finger.

And it gave way, smacking down to the floor.

From the looks inside, it seemed like Thorndyke didn't cause any more damage; though the house clearly gave the hint that something happened, it still gave Amy chills just standing outside.

Sonic looked around too, mentally uttering, "Damn..." and started to step around the door; Amy's hand clamped down over his wrist, stopping him and making the hedgehog pause as he met her gaze over his shoulder. Amy hesitated before she stepped over too, and their fingers laced together. Tails and Cream simply floated over the fallen wood.

Knuckles, who had been called over just in case, peeped his head in and grinned. "Thought you guys could use some muscle. Why ya'll so afraid of stepping on a door?" He looked down at his feet, then at the door, then walked over the door to get inside.

As soon as he was inside, the two girls who he viewed as little sisters threw themselves at him in a bear hug. Knuckles chuckled, rubbing their backs.

"Good to see ya, Knux," said Sonic.

"Glad you could make it," said Tails.

Amy and Cream drew back, Amy returning to Sonic's side.

"Glad you called," said Knuckles.

"Me and Ames are gonna go upstairs and get her stuff," Sonic said, he and Amy now holding hands again. Knuckles and Tails nodded, both refraining from saying something suggestive as the two hedgehogs headed upstairs.

"Show me to your room?" Tails asked, and Cream nodded.

"I'll be here!" Knuckles called as they left him alone, waving his hand. He looked around, spotting the kitchen. "...Raiding your refrigerator!"

"Alright..." Sonic sighed as Amy closed the door behind him. "Where do you wanna start-"

Amy turned him around, taking his face in her hands and kissing him full on the mouth. Taken aback, Sonic kissed her back anyway, arms wrapping securely around her waist and pulling her closer. Flushed against him, she twined her arms around his neck, appreciating him for tilting his head and deepening the kiss.

"We can start with the bathroom," she answered finally, her muzzle as pink as her hair. "I need to get some feminine...things."

Leaving the Blue Blur flustered, Sonic gulped and turned on the heel of his shoes. He didn't have to wait long because she was back out a minute later, carrying a small bag. She passed him and began digging through her closet, throwing out random clothes.


Snapping out of his thoughts, he answered, "Yeah?"

"What...um..." Amy bit her lip. "What are we, exactly?"

Sonic's heart stopped.

Say something smart, say something smart, say something smart...he chanted in a mantra.

"Dammit," he heard Amy curse to herself, smiling in amusement as he watched her jump up and down to reach for something up high. "Why do I even bother to..."

Feeling Sonic's hands on her hips made her still, blush rising again in her cheeks as they lingered there; the pressure hardened, and she even jumped for an extra boost as he hoisted her up; she grabbed her pink and green luggage bag, and set it on the ground once she was back on her feet.

Sonic's hands were still there too.

"I really wanna be with you, if that's what you're asking me," he said to her, lips brushing against her ear.

Amy smiled. "Really?"

Sonic nodded. "Yeah...ya mean a lot to me, Ames. I'm sorry for running away so much before."

"I'm sorry for chasing you."

Chuckling, Sonic's arms slithered around her completely and pulled her back to his front. "I'm kinda glad you did."

Amy turned her head to look at him, smiling and blushing deeper; he leaned down, and she met him up halfway for a long peck on the lips.

"If you two are done making out now, we can get out of here." Knuckles's muffled voice came through her closed bedroom door. Turns out that their 'long peck' turned into a full on make out session. The echidna opened the door, peeping his head in. "Just sayin'."

Sonic and Amy's eyes narrowed, a dark aura slowly enveloping his fist and her Piko Piko Hammer appearing in her hands.





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