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"Aaaammyyy!" Cream called from the bathroom.

The pink hedgehog's green face popped in. "Yes?"

"How much longer does this facial mask have to sit in?"

"A couple more minutes," Amy said, walking in and looking at herself in the mirror. While she had a green facial mask, Cream had a white one on; their hair was up on their heads, and they wore fluffy robes and slippers. Since Vanilla was gone for the weekend to take care of distant relatives, it was just the two girls; and they decided to treat themselves to facials and anything girly.

When the time was up, they washed their faces and ditched the robes, leaving them in their pajamas; entering Amy's room, they did each other's hair while watching Girl Code. Cream's hair was in a ponytail, hairbands tied at each six inches; Amy's hair was straightened with a slight wave, two quills tied to the back with a red ribbon.

"I miss Momma," Cream said. "I wonder what she's doing?"

"Sleeping, I hope," Amy said with a smile.

Ding dong!

"Who's that, do you think?" Cream asked.

"I don't know," said Amy. "I'll get it!"



Sonic paused his walking, head snapping up; clad in just a pair of black sweats, socks and Nike sandals, and black fingerless gloves, with green apple in hand, he was actually in a pretty good mood.

A high pitched, ear shattering scream that he knew all too well had him running to the door. "Amy!"

Amy and Cream were running as fast as they could towards the house, being chased by a giant robot with tentacles and claws.

The two girls screamed as two claws cuffed around them, lifting them up into the air.

"Hang on, Amy!" Sonic yelled after her as he took off into a run. Tails, who had been in his workshop, came racing into the scene and was now flying beside Sonic.

"Sonic!" Amy reached for him, then tried to wiggle herself free. The bindings only tightened painfully.

Jumping, Sonic performed a Home Attack on the tentacle holding Amy, spinning at just the right area so the tentacle would crack, then shot through the core of the body to shut it down. The robot staggered back, releasing Amy, the pink hedgehog screaming as she fell, and Sonic caught her in his arms. The tentacle holding Cream smashed her into the ground, crushing her ribs; she screamed and tears poured down her muzzle. Tails landed by her, fists balled up. "Tails!" she gasped. The two-tailed fox grabbed the tentacle by its claws and shoved it up and off of Cream, grunting as he struggled with the sharp metal. Cream watched in a daze, surprised by how strong he was. Tails turned, letting his tails whip at the tentacle, causing it to split in half. The robot sank to the ground, Tails scooping Cream up from the ground and soared into the air before the flying debris could get to her. Sonic was already speeding towards the house.

Sonic set Amy down once they were in the house, Tails flying in shortly after. Amy hugged Sonic fiercely, while the speedster looked out at the fallen robot.

"What the hell just happened?" Sonic demanded, looking from Amy to Cream.

Amy fought back from crying as she explained, "Chris was there. H-He came to our house, disguised as a pizza guy..." she bit her lip as a tear fell down her cheek. "He tried to abduct me, and that's when Cream came down and s-saw him. She hit him hard upside the head with one of Miss Vanilla's silver pans. A-And we ran for it...T-That robot followed us..." Tears were streaming freely now. "W-We don't feel safe anymore! P-Please don't make us go back-!"

Sonic shushed her gently. "Don't worry, Ames, we're not gonna do that."

"Then what do we do?" Tails asked, already getting the first aid kit; he had Cream sit on the counter so he could nurse her ribs.

The two boys exchanged a long glance, having one of their silent conversations. Mentally agreeing with a nod, Sonic voiced their thoughts, "You're staying here for the night. The both of you."

"Really?" Cream's eyes brightened, then winced as Tails prodded a sensitive spot.

"Thanks so much!" Amy beamed. "I guess I can sleep on the floor and Cream could take the couch and-"

"Oh no," Sonic interjected.

"Nuh huh, not happening," Tails agreed.

"What?" Amy and Cream asked in confusion, Amy yelping as Sonic pulled on her hand; the blue hedgehog winked at his best friend as he led the pink girl upstairs to his bedroom.

"Come on in," Sonic ushered Amy inside, closing the door gently behind himself.

Amy's heart fluttered. She was in Sonic's room. She was in Sonic's room! It smelled like him and looked like she dreamed it would be. White walls, blue grey carpet, king sized glass bed with a navy comforter; it looked so...inviting.

She turned around and found him lingering by the door.

"You can sleep in here," he told her, faintly blushing in the moonlight.

"Really?" She bit her lip. "Are you...okay with-?"

Sonic nodded. "Yeah." He took a few steps closer. "I don't mind...Just as long as you don't try anything," he added playfully with an accusing finger.

Amy giggled, then climbed into his bed, letting out a blissful sigh as she snuggled into his sheets. Laying on her side, she couldn't help but feel safer, now that Sonic was here with her.

Sonic, who looked like he was having a silent debate with himself, met her gaze with lidded eyes. He really was tired, and her doe eyes gazing at him was the icing on the cake. Taking his time so he wouldn't make her more nervous than he already was, he approached his side of the bed, pulling the sheets aside. Amy hugged her pillow, slightly shivering at the draft as she looked at him then eyed the empty space next to her. Sonic gulped, forcing himself to suck it up before sliding in next to her, the sheets falling down at his waist. He lay on his back, arms raised and hands behind his head as he looked at the ceiling. If it weren't for her fruity scent, he wouldn't be so nervous. But he couldn't help it. This was Amy he was talking about.

Amy watched him, wishing she could relax. Why couldn't she be fully composed when she felt like bursting into tears? She knew Sonic hated to see her or any other friend of his cry. But she couldn't hold it in for long. She couldn't believe that she feared someone more than Eggman himself, and that was a frightening thought.

"Sonic..." she started.

"Hmm?" he breathed.

"Are you..." she licked her lips, "are you okay?"

"Chris tried to hurt you. I'm never gonna be okay with that." He looked over at her.

"But I-"

"Shh...," he shushed her gently. "You should get some sleep, Ames. We'll talk more in the morning. I promise."

Amy cracked a little smile. "Okay..." she shifted to get more comfortable, head tilting down. "Goodnight, Sonic..."

"G'Night, Amy..."

Sonic returned his gaze to the ceiling, listening to Amy's breathing slow down to an easy rhythm as she slipped into dreamland. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Chris had gone too far. He had put his hands on her. He attempted to harm Amy. The mere thought set his teeth on edge as he tried to picture it, but couldn't.

He couldn't sleep, so he found himself watching her instead. She looked so peaceful. So...pretty. His eyes, even good in the dark, fixed in on her neck and he froze. Rolling on his side, he let his hand tuck a stray quill behind her shoulder blade so he could examine her neck better.

Lime green eyes narrowed as he saw a shadow of a hand print.

"I'll get it!" said Amy before she made a brisk walk down the stairs and up to the front door. Looking through the peephole first, she frowned a little before her face smoothed out, and she opened the door.

Standing there was a pizza guy, hat dipped down to cover his eyes.

"Hi! Can I help you?"

"Pizza delivery," the pizza guy said.

"I'm sorry, I...didn't order any pizza."

"Oh, that's too bad..." He raised his head, a mysterious glint in his now famiiar blue eyes. "This one's on the house."

Amy gasped, hurriedly shutting the door, but Chris knocked it down with his foot. A scream rose from her throat, making its way through her vocal cords and ready to be released, but Chris's hand was over her mouth to stop her. His free arm constricted around her chest, hand clamped around her throat in a deathly grip. Amy whipped and thrashed, feeling herself being dragged out of the safety of her home. She beat at his arm and hands, desperate to free herself, but he squeezed only tighter. So she went with her instinct. She opened her mouth and bit down. Hard.

"Agh, bitch!" Chris spat, throwing her down on the ground mercilessly, and Amy landed with a grunt. Gasping for breath, she staggered her feet. "Oh no you don't, Rose." His shoe knocked the wind out of her.

"CREAM!" Amy called, and as if on cue, the rabbit came running out of the house, pan raised up high over her head. Chris hoisted Amy back upright, keeping her in a choke hold.

"Not another step!" Chris warned. "Or I'll kill her right here!"

Amy began sobbing while Cream told herself to stay calm and think rationally.

Chris laughed coldly. "You never did have the guts. Such a baby," he taunted as tears brimmed over Cream's eyelids, her lips pursed together. "Always having Sonic and Tails, and anyone else bigger than you, protect you. It's a damn shame."

"You're right..." Cream nodded, and Chris was smug now. "I do always have my friends' protection. But there's one thing you're forgetting."

"And what's that?"

Cream's grip tightened on the pan. "The ones bigger than me were the ones that trained me!"

And with that, she thrust her hands out, letting the pan fly like a spinning blade towards Chris and Amy. Knocking him out cold by a straight hit to the forehead, Amy fell, and Cream rushed forward to catch her.

"I got you!" Cream pulled Amy along.

"Let's get outta here!" Amy cried, and Cream flew up so she could grasp her ankles.

Before they could get far, a knife pierced through the small of Amy's back, blood beginning to spill out of her abdomen and backside.


But it was too late. Her world was already fading. The pain was too much to bare...

"Amy, wake up! Amy!"

"Wake up, Amy! C'mon!" A deeper, angelic voice called to her, pulling her back into reality. Amy woke with a start, eyes fluttering, breathing erratic, and tears spilling. Arms were around her, not human arms, but arms that held her tenderly with an edge of protectiveness. She tried to talk but what came out was quick gasping and heaving, incoherent speech, and more tears. "It's okay, everything's fine!" Sonic whispered, tucking the strand of quill out of her face. "You're safe..."

"I..." Amy attempted, but couldn't finish. He brought her closer to him, and she sunk down into his chest, their arms simultaneously enveloping around each other.

"It was just a dream," he soothed her, rubbing her back.

"N-Not the first half..." she murumured against his chest, shaking her head.

He continued to hold her and comfort her until her sobs ceased to a minimum. "Amy?" Her answer came in a sniffle. He brought his hand underneath her chin, tilting her head back so she could look at him; curving his hand around the side of her throat, barely grazing the bruised skin, he asked quietly, "Is this where...?"

Amy nodded and he caught another stray tear. Unexpectedly, his hand stayed on her face, caressing her cheek.

"I'll never let him touch you again," he whispered, closing his eyes and feeling his forehead rest on hers. "Not while I'm still alive."

"This isn't your responsibility," she argued, voice cracking in places. "I should've-"

"Amy, if you start blaming yourself, then I swear to God..."

Amy licked her lips, eyelids fluttering as she tried again. But their closeness was distracting her from completing sentences.

"But Sonic, I...-"

"No." He shook his head.

Sighing, she moved her arm up, wrapping around his shoulder and neck, causing his eyes to pop open. "Fine," she said. "You don't want me to talk? I have other ways of communicating."

Then she closed her eyes and pulled his face to hers, shaping her lips around his. Sonic stiffened, eyes about to fall out of his sockets, and she pulled back to look at him. Realizing what she had done, her cheeks reddened and her heartbeat raced. She knew it. Sonic never liked her...She should've known that he would never feel-

His lips fusing her mouth with his made her thoughts turn to mush, and her eyes closed again. He kissed her softly, hesitantly, getting more and more absorbed into their liplock, growing steadily passionate as the seconds turned to minutes. When he got himself to pull back, she was gazing at him with a dazed smile on her face, and he gave her a goofy one in return.

"What just happened?" she panted.

He shrugged. "Something I've been wanting to do..." he admitted bashfully. "for a really long time..."

She beamed, and it made his heart swell. "Took you long enough."

"Well?" Cream asked timidly, eyes shut. "How do I look?"

Tails had taken her to his workshop, where he had her sit on a metal bed. In order for him to explore her ribs further, she had to...shed a few layers.

So sitting in front of him in her white bra and patching pajama pants, Tails felt his cheeks heat up but focused on the issue at hand. He had cleaned a few wounds that the claws produced, then wrapped her ribcage in white gauze.

Smiling, he got to his feet. "Good as new. You can open your eyes now."

"Can I put my shirt back on too?"

Tails blushed some more. "Y-Yeah. Definitely."

Cream opened her eyes, gasping as she took in herself, then beamed at the two-tailed fox. "Oh thank you, Miles!" She hopped down and gave him a hug-causing him to blush even more and stammer-then pulled back to put her shirt back on. "I don't know what I'd do without you!"

"Aw," Tails laughed bashfully. "It was nothing..." His eyes lingered on hers and she was the first to blush and look away. But she did reach out and take his hand, then leaned in and pecked him on the cheek.

Tails smiled wider.

"You can sleep in my room," he said. "And I'll sleep downstairs."

"Do we have to sleep?" Cream asked. "I don't think I wanna sleep just yet..."

"What do you wanna do then?" Tails asked curiously.

"How about we grab a few sleeping bags and...watch a couple movies?"

Tails shrugged, lacing their fingers together. "Why not?"

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