"Welcome back, out dear viewers! If you are just joining us now, we have the exclusive interview with one of the most eligible heir in Tokyo! Look out men, your woman may just be running for the hills for this tall, dark, and handsome man after this!" The perky and bubbly gossip magazine reporter squealed to the cameraman and behind it all the people watching. "Who is he, you ask? None other than the oldest son of Uchiha Corporations, the amazingly smart, sexy and, wait for it –kind and respectful Itachi Uchiha!"

"You give me far too much credit, Sheri-san." The calm and dark tone was laced with the perfect amount of warmth and humbleness to make the badly-done bleach blonde swoon.

"Oh Please, Itachi-kun, don't me so modest! We all know how perfect you are!" The reporter gushed; tan skin glowing and her green eyes twinkled with anticipation. "So, I'll get straight to the part that we were all waiting for~! I am sure all of our watchers are dying to know!"

"Ask away." He willingly said, already relaxed in the expensive chair.

"Oh, Uchiha-san! While I want to, I must ask first," The girl giggled at his smirk. "In this cut-throat world, how do you survive?" The Uchiha did not give it a moment's thought.

"By not getting my priorities missed up, is all." The short and simple answer made the girl nod in relation for the first time all interview.

"Now, the last question that all of our viewers have been listening for," She leaned forward. "Do you have anyone that had caught your eye? If not, has there ever been a girl in your life?"

"Only one girl had ever done such a thing, and she will always be important to me." The onyx eyed man leaned back calmly as the interviewer nearly fell out of her seat. "However, at this moment, I'm afraid to say that I do not." The heir smiled, and the interviewer lit up.

"W-well, there you have it, ladies! The most eligible heir is available, and, without doubt, the most eligible bachelor as well!" The blushing interviewer said, "Until next time, I am Sheri Natalia, and this is 'In the Loop'!"

"Yamanaka, turn off the TV and get back to work!" A cold voice thundered, waking the half-asleep, television watching blonde snap out of her though, dropping the half- eaten pockey stick to fall out of her mouth. She wiped the drool from the corner of her lips and wiped her eyes frantically. The older woman fixed a pin in her silver hair and fixed any visible wrinkled the outside world had brought on her kimono.

"Yes, Hitaswa-Dono, at once!" She shuffled to the boxes, finishing her work of separating the cloths for the Kimono's.

"Honestly, girl. You are hard working but you have the attention span of a pinball, I don't know what direction you will go next!" The girl couldn't tell if it was a complement or an insult, so she took it as a statement.

"I'm sorry, Hitaswa-Dono, it's just trying to keep my scholarship for the school I'm attending is nearly impossible!" The older woman turned off the television and sighed.

"You chose to attend the most prestigious school in Tokyo in a field that you have no interest in, of course you are going to be exhausted." The store had closed more than an hour ago, and the woman had barely realized the sleeping blond before she was about to lock up.

"I know that medice is something that I will never be interested in medicine, but…" The older woman showed her a look of sympathy. "I just want to make my father proud of me, you know?" She pulled out her wallet and stared at a picture of her, not even a month old, and her parents proudly displaying her to the camera. The older woman put a hand on her shoulder.

"He would be proud of you no matter what you chose to do." The blond smiled bitterly, standing up at her completed work.

"Yes, goodbye, Hitaswa-Dono." The blue eyes girl stepped out of the shop, and waved goodbye through the glass door. Turning, she rummaged through her bag and found her cell-phone.

"Two missed calls, huh?" She sighed; looking at the screen, pushing the phone to her ear, the girl distractedly listened to the message as she turned into a familiar alley.

"Ino, you know I miss you. My parents are out on a business trip, and I was thinking about you." The young girl scowled at her ex's voice. The shallow man will not be named due to his little to no importance, and she just pressed the number seven on her touch screen. "'Message deleted. Next message.' 'Ino-chan, where are you? I swung by your class but they said you weren't there? I'm worried. Call me back when you have the time, you're so spoiled." The sarcastic familiar voice rung in her ears, and the girl smiled happily. She quickly erased the message, and clicked to call said person.

"Hey, Naruto!" The blonde grinned to herself, turning out of the alley and into the street light.

"Ino, I'm so mad! You promised me that you would buy me ramen for lunch! You had me worried that I was never going to eat!" The girl giggled at her friend. "It's not funny, okay? I'm seriously about to die here!"

"Don't worry, Naruto. I'll wing by your apartment on the way, and we will just order in."

"Alright, but I won't forgive you the next time it happens!" The bleach-blonde girl laughed, hanging up before he could start ranting about his stomach. Putting the phone in her bag, she peacefully walked down the dark but well-lit streets. The blond stopped by a closed store windows and fixed her hair, the slight wind pulling a strand or two out of place; she frowned. Not at the fact that her hair simply could not be fixed, but the fact that she saw a shadow out of her eye.

She was being followed.

Rolling her porcelain looking eyes and fixing her North Face jacket, the girl sighed. She pulled something out of her pocket, a glove to be exact. It was leather, and had metal blade on the knuckles. The blade could be used as a razor or a blunt impact, her secret weapon the she developed herself. What she has to focus on is finding a place where her attacker will strike first.

The Yamanaka turned into yet another familiar alley, and before her pursuer had gotten the chance to see her, she turned into the shadows. The figure walked into the alley, then paused halfway to notice that their victim wasn't there.

"Looking for someone?" The light female voice rung in the man's ears. He looked up to see that she had climbed up the fire escape, and was sitting on the ledge. "Smile." The sickening sweet voice rung as a flash had consumed the man's eyes. Using the picture for later, she landed on him while he was still blinded by the contrast. Next thing the bearded man knew, she had a blade to his throat as the girl pinned him to the ground.

"Yes. I've got him between Desna Outlet and a Pastry Shop on 13 North dr. … Really? That soon? Awesome! I'll be waiting!" The blond hung up the phone with a smirk.

"You little bitch!" The older man struggled, but she had his hands down by her feet. "You could have enjoyed it to, ya' know." At this the girl twisted her sneakers, scratching his hands into the concrete slowly with a shaded look. The man hollered in pain.

"Worse than scum." The teenager smiled sickeningly, bringing the blade to the man's throat. "Should I just crush you like the pathetic cock roach you are?" Her voice did a strange transition, and the man looked at her in shock.

"You are fucking insane!" The middle-aged man squired, and the girl punched him with her glove covered hands. The action shut the man up as a line of blood began to flow down to his ears.

The blonde waited until the cops came, and the man seemed all too willing to get away for his alleged victim. Saying things like 'get me away from that mental psychopath!'

"Thank you, Yamanaka." Ibiki, the chief of the division said, seeing as how this is the seventh man that the Yamanaka had turned in.

"Don't mention it." She smiled, putting her glove away. "Now, I have previous arrangements, so I must go." The man nodded, letting the girl go about her business as the last of the cops pulled off. Hearing her ringtone go off, she nervously laughed as the energetic voice thundered out her phone.

"Ino-chan, I'm really about to come get you and drag you here myself!"

"Actually, Naruto," Her soft, cracking voice came through as blue eyed beauty sat on a nearby bench. "Will you pick me up?" Noticing her voice, it was silent on the other end for a moment.

"…I'll be right there, Ino."