A orange painted card pulled up on the dark street, the headlights blinking the blond for a moment. The car in question was unmistakable and the blue eyed beauty covered her eyes from the contrast. The car came to a stop on the curb across from her, and the window rolled down.

"Yo, Pastel, you okay?" The driver leaned over to look out the window, one hand still on the wheel as the blue eyes met. The girl opened the door quietly as responding with no words. Of course he knew that she wasn't. The nickname of Pastel is a reference to her pale skin and hair, and the bolder blonde somehow knew that it was a full compliment, though she doesn't seem to take it that way.

"Ino, you can talk to me, you know." He said quietly as he pulled away, turning the car around on the empty street.

"It happened again, Naruto…" The younger female finally stated, although it was information that he already knew, he was glad that she was talking. Without his eyes leaving the front, he managed to reach a hand out, grabbing her pale and cold ones. He then noticed the short breaths she was taking, attempting to hold back the tears.

"You can talk to me." He repeated, assuring her; and the words where followed by his warm hands holding a bit tighter. To this day, she had never told him what happened on the night six years ago. Seemingly, the young adult was not about to tell him.

"And humans are entitled to their secrets." She whispered, finally grabbing his hand back. They then drove in silence, the bleach blond gazing out the window as the streetlight had been lighting up her face in a pattern.


Though the thoughts of the event bubbled to the surface, somehow the comfort of the lights in the street, the low hum of the engine, and most of all, and the worth that her friend's hand gave her, the warmth of his. This is what she was used to, but she seemed so selfish. So selfish that she couldn't give anything in return. Anything to make him smile more or give him the same warmth that she received every time that he held her hand.

"Ino…" The soft voice caused the girls eyes to flutter open. When had she fallen asleep? The unknown heir glanced down to see that their hands where still entwined, and the action made the boy in question quickly retract his hand, his calmness disappearing as he flushed. "A-ah, my bad, you fell asleep with your hand like that, so…"

The Yamanaka laughed, causing the bold haired blonde to get out to the car in a flustered manner. It was then that she realized that she was at his apartment, rather that hers. Just what was he planning? It was clearly past eleven by now and as unpredictable as he is, stupid is one thing he actually isn't.

The blond eyed beauty stepped out of the car, her purple Nike sneakers where exposed to the cold as she walked.

"Naruto, I know that I promised you take-in, but at this point wouldn't it be better if I just took you out for breakfast?" The girl rubbed her eyes, fixing her scarf as the bright yellow blond opened the door to his apartment. Dropping his black leather jacket on one of the stools of the island that was to the left of the door. Much to her shock, there was much more to be expected than what she thought.

As the girl scanned the room, she was shocked to see so many things. Not the dirty things that the boy constantly throwing around. No, these where different things. Much different.

Wrapped boxes had fully covered the boy's sofa and coffee table, all different shapes and sizes. Some glittered, some shined. Unable to move the bleach blond just stood in shock.

"Happy Birthday, Ino!" He said with a wide smile on his face as he put a hand on her shoulder. "Everyone came at lunch, but I forgot that you had work today so I couldn't get you in time." He laughed sheepishly and scratched the back of his head.

Much to his surprise, he felt arms wrap around him.

"Thank you, Naruto!" The blondes finally turned back to themselves, and the girl laughed and she jumped over to her gifts like a little kid. Tearing them apart, and making a noticeable mess on his floor, she smiled at the Abercrombie and Fitch outfit that she had received from Sakura. Putting it aside, she continued to open the mountain of gifts, Naruto promptly handed her a trash bag as it went on, and she went through the boxes. From Shikamaru, Chouji Tenten, Hinata, and then she began to realize something.

"Hey, Naruto, I may be selfish by asking, but…" She pointedly turned, only to see something two inches from her face. A box, to be exact, a small and bland colored box.

"Happy birthday, Ino." He said again, but this had a different tone to it. The girl slowly took it, opening it on its small latch. Her breath caught in her throat, and the tanned student nervously watched for a reaction. "…well…?"

"I-I love it, Naruto!" The heir gasped, finally able to spurt out words. The golden plated cosmos flower, small and delicate, attached to a thin chain. She held it in her hand before the two became hesitant in each other's presence.

"Erm, I'm glad." He grinned, breaking the silence. It seems as if the mind-reader was not at all hesitant to but it on, and once she did she couldn't stop twirling it between her two fingers.

"So, I still owe you that take out, right?" The two laughed a blush on both of their faces.

The blonde girl woke up, and soon noticed her surroundings. They had stayed up watching movies and eating the pizza that she had ordered for a very angry Italian man for calling 6 minutes before they closed. Turning her head, she then realized what she was laying on. Blinking and sitting up, she had realized that she was in his bed, but she was nowhere to be found. She was fully clothed, luckily, and the blonde had realized that she had kicked him out of his own bed in a fit of anger or taking the last of the pudding cups they had bought the day before.

"Shit, I'm late!" She realized, looking at the clock. Then the heir had heard a loud thud, coming from Naruto falling off the sofa in shock of the yell.

"Late for what, damn it!" He grouchily called back, rubbing his head.

"My lecture on Neurobiology!" Getting a set of clothes from her presents, the blond scurried for her bag and cell phone. Perhaps she can get one of her classmates to put it on the phone for her.

"Nerman-what-now?" The tanned boy groaned, looking at the clock. "Damn, it's only 7 in the morning, Pastel!" He took the blanket and covered her head. "Wake me up in five hours…" He said wearily.

"Dang it Naruto, why is it I'm always late to class when I stay over?!" The girl whined, putting on her belt as she took her spare toothbrush that she carries in her bag.

"…'Cause you …love me…" He tiredly answered, dazing in and out of consciousness.

The blonde froze and stared at the snoozing boy. Her cheeks had flushed and her lips turned into a pout as she picked up her keys. She whispers something as she closes the door, locking it behind her.

"More than you know, Naruto."