This is pretty much cartoon-verse (if that's a word). I loved the fox cartoon and that's where I got most of my Spider-man knowledge. I've heard that the real Black Cat is a little different but I'm portraying her like they did in the cartoon. Tell me what you think, I love to get advice.


The Black Cat leapt from the building top, carry Spider-man over her shoulder. She was surprised that she had managed to carry him this far. For as strong as he was he wasn't that heavy. That was good because she didn't have time to rest. She had to keep pushing towards ESU and find the one man she knew could help her. She reached the science building on campus and noticed the light was on in the second floor laboratory. She muttered a thanks to god, even though she didn't believe in god. But right now it couldn't hurt to have a little faith.

            She latched a wire to the top of the building and used it to scale the wall while still delicately carrying Spider-man. "We're almost there, my sweet. Hold on," she whispered into his ear as she climbed.

            She opened the window and silently crawled into the laboratory. Doc Connors was consumed in his work and didn't notice her presence. "Doctor Connors, I'm so glad you're here".

            Startled by the Black Cat's voice, Doc Connors jumped. He looked toward the window but couldn't make out the figure in the shadows. "Who's there? How did you get in here? This is classified research, I'm calling security."

            The Cat stepped forward into the light, holding an unconscious Spider-man in her arms like a baby, "Please, Doctor Connors. I need your help. He's been poisoned and you're the only one I knew who could save him."