Title : Drusilla's world
Author : sablerose2
Pairing :Drusilla
Rating :K

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Author Note's :Won't hurt my feelings none if
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Disclaimer : Not mine will never will be mine the
boys and girls belong to Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy
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Summary : A small look at Drusilla's life.
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makes my muse dance and chase plot

Ok here we go

Drusilla was just a little girl she knew she
was different from the other children. They never
heard voices in there head's nor had never had
anything other than simple dreams when they slept.
had learned to not talk about what she had
seen or heard, the people of her village would look
at her funny and her mother would just ignore her.

Her father would also beat her and tell her that it
was the work of the devil and to never speak of it
again, and she would listen to him and after a while
the voices and the dreams would leave her alone.

When Drusilla was a young teen the visions
and voices came back stronger and louder then before.
She didn't know what to do and so she went to see
the village priest hoping that he would help her to
rid herself of the demons that plagued her world.
They prayed together asking their God for guidance.

When Drusilla was a young woman and the voices
told of a cave-in and the vision showed the deaths
of the village men that had worked in the mine,
Drusilla went to the priest for help. As she knelt
and crossed herself she heard a thump. She called
out to the priest thinking he was already with
someone. On hearing his reply to enter the
confessional she did so. As she confessed her sins
and asked for her God's pardon and help. The priest
told her that her God did not and could not forgive
her her sins for she was the child of the Devil and
for that her God would forever turn his back on her
and that she would burn in the fiery pits of hell.
She left crying and took herself to the nunnery to
beg and pray for her God's forgiveness for the evil
vileness that was her life.

When Drusilla
awoke it was to a different world
where the stars where singing to her
and the Heavens and Hells showed the blood soak visions to her.

Drusilla ran to her God the father of all lies, her world, her
everything. To her dark and shining Angel.

When Drusilla was a young girl she would sit at
her mothers feet and learn her lessons on how to be
a good girl and do as their God would have them do.

Now Drusilla sits at the feet of her Daddy and
learns her lessons well.

When Drusilla was a young teen and
went to her priest to confess her sins and do her penences, as
the good father said if she every wanted to get into the heavenly gates
of their God.

Now Drusilla spins and sways and prays on the
god fearing people as she waits for the praise of her
Dark God.

When Drusilla was a young woman and the devil came
upon her she ran from him but he chased her then
caught her.

Now Drusilla runs to the devil's arms and sings
his praise as she spreads her legs.

When Drusilla was human and the laws of
man and God held sway she longed for hearth and

home and the gentile warm arms of her family.

Now Drusilla longs for the pain she has found in
the arms of an angel with eyes as dark as night
and the voice of honey coated sin.

Drusilla's world is
right for her again.