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Leno went over his plans again. It was an easy plan, but it would take effort, and a lot of it. Ever since he had be kicked out of his guild, all for what? He didn't do anything wrong. Oh, but they paied. They ALL paid! He chuckled in the dim lighting, thinking of is raid on his own guild.

The Master deserved what had happened.

As far as he knew, the Master was still in the magic hospital. After all, he had broken every bone the Master had, and used it to puncture his lungs.

He only lived because that enchantment was cast, no member of the guild would die under the roof of his former guild. Leno blinked to try to get a better view. Those damn candles! He heard a knock at the door, and turned to meet it.

"What?" he said, in irritation. "Aw, c'mon Leno! Is that any way to talk to me?" purred the knocker. "What is it?" he asked her. She laughed, and walked over to him, putting her perfectly manicured hands on him.

"You're so uptight! Why don't you and I relax a little?" she purred. Leno was tempted, who wouldn't be? But he managed to shake his head.

"I have work to do." She frowned in the dim light.

"How far are you?" she sighed, having been through this before. "Almost done." He muttered, and in the dim, she raised her eyebrows. "Oh really?" her voice had risen an octave. "Yes. I need you to do your work now." she smiles, a wicked gleam in her eye.

"Finally! You have no idea how long I've waited for this!" Leno smiles. "Yes. Me too. Here's a list. Do your job cleanly and you'll get your pay." She ran her hands on his chest again.

"Maybe we can find another way to pay me?" Leno couldn't think right. Her perfume was intoxicating, and her hands felt so good. Maybe he could just? No! He thought. It's just her magic. He reminded himself. Her wicked, evil, beautiful magic… "Go away you pervert." He said brushing her of him. She pouted.

"Fine. I'll do my job." She starts to walk away, when Leno remembered something. "You can't use them as your playthings Jazz." Jazz frowns.

"You got me. You said alive right? I can't promise UN harmed." She laughed a wicked laugh and walked out of the room in a clean fashion, her laugh echoing in the stone halls. Leno sighed and turned his eyes back to the scrolls and books in his wake.

Sometimes you meet the weirdest people.

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