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On a dark mountain top, the sun setting in the east, sat a girl with thick white braids, and bandages on her forearms. She sat at the edge of cliff, legs hanging off the side.

It's peculiar. She thought to herself. If I just lean a little more forward I could just fall off, yet I'm still sitting firmly on the ground. I wonder what Sara would think? She asked herself.

Oh, Kianna, do you really care what Sara thinks?


Speaking of which, Sara Mays walked up behind Kianna. Sara's deep brown hair went well with her deep tan and even deeper brown eyes. She wore her normal outfit of a dull yellow jean jacket, red tank top, and shorts that matched the jacket with sneakers.

Her ratty side bag rested at her side. "Hey, something's up." She said, getting to the point quickly. "Oh, really?" asked Kianna, swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. Ever since the Grand Magic Games was ruined by the rats, Leno and his lady-for-hire a year ago.

Kianna hated them both so much. Her anger was deep and white-hot. Yet she kept her cool as Sara took a seat next to her on the cliff. "Mages are disappearing."

Kianna's heart went faster than it should have. "What?" she asked, fighting the panic in her voice. "Yes. So far, 3. Amara from Twilight Sun, Coyote from the Bloody Fangs, and Lydia from our guild." Kiannas mind went a million miles a minute.

"Lydia as in the actor?" she asked.

Sara nodded gravely in the dim fading lights. "We need to find out who is kidnapping them. 3 powerful mages don't just disappear." Kianna nodded. It made sense.

"Should we head back to the guild?" she asked Sara. Sara was the leader, the powerful one, even if she let Kianna get hurt, she saved Kianna from dying that day. So, the least she could do was listen to her. "No, we need to get some old friends." Kianna gave a sigh, "Are you sure?"

Sara's eyes have never looked so steely cold.

"Positive." Sara reached into her back and pulled out some call cards given to her by some friends.

"We have some calls to make."

*****Mean while…***

The date was going perfect. Darren Hallow and Elina Harkki couldn't have been more happy. The music was amazing, the lights were perfect, and Elina couldn't help but notice Darren had a tie on, which meant he had gotten some help from Aria. Darren, on the other hand, was nervous. His mind was jumbled with thoughts, and his hands rubbed the small box in his pocket every time Elina wasn't looking.

Darren was scared, but hey, who wouldn't be? Tonight was special! Elina had dressed in a stunning red gown that had a slit in the leg, he ginger hair pulled back into an equally stunning braided hair do. Darren was giving a battle in his mind.



no, not yet.

Yes now!

Ask her now!

"Elina?" he asked. Elina turned her pretty eyes to face Darren's. "Yes?" she asked. Darren shifted in his seat. "Um, we've been together for a long time now and-." He stopped as his call card rang. He shifted through his deck to find the right one, oh it was Sara!

He motioned for Elina to follow him and they both headed out onto the boats deck. He took the call, turning the volume up so both he and his girlfriend could hear. "Sara?" he asked.

"Darren! Hey, I'm glad you picked up, it's Kianna actually."

Elina smiled, knowing the voice. "Hey Kianna, It's Elina. I'm here too." She said.

"Great! SO, here's the thing, Um, Mages are being kidnapped around Magnolia." Panic struck Elina, though Darren stayed calm. "So, yeah… A girl from our guild was kidnapped. We need to figure out who's doing it. We need your help to figure out why." She asked.

Darren looked at his girlfriend's worried face. If she could wait this long to be Mrs. Hallow, she could wait a few weeks more, after all, it was always fun when they worked with Sara and Kianna.

"We're in. What do you need?"

**** Also mean while***

Kaya and Kylie Nayli were fighting. Not each other, mind you, but a huge, S-class monster. RING RING RING went the card, and Kylie snapped it out of her pocket.

She always carried it with her ever since Sara and Kianna saved her ass in Budapest.

"What?" she snapped. Sara winced but went on,

"Kylie, I need to cash in that favor." She said, Kylie did not replied, but rolled to avoid a raze of fire she ducked on the heat, and she could have sworn it was hot enough to cook a frozen burrito.

"I'm in the middle of something…" she said, gritting her teeth. "KAYA HIT THE SPINE!" she screamed at her sister, who took her advice and rolled behind the monster.

"I know, but something's wrong. Mages are getting kidnapped." Silence on the other end, and Sara was afraid she hung up.

Sara heard a large thud and Kaya yell, "I'm okay!" then another thud and Kylie yelled, "Less okay!"

Kylie sighed. "Fine. What do you want us to do?"

Runa Crave sat rather comfortably on her chair. The beach was so nice. Kara came back to their sport, carrying sodas, which Runa took gratefully.

You didn't have to do that she signed to her deaf friend

I like to move around, no trouble, she signed back.

Kara had lost her hearing last fall when her and Runa fought that sound monster. Runa could sometimes still hear the screaming of the monster and how she only just was able to cover her ears in time. Kara leaned back in her beach chair and stared into the sunset.

How weird, it was, that only last fall she could hear? She tried to think of the sounds that would be here, the waves and the wind, of course. Maybe light chatter?

Kara gave a small sigh.

It was just her.

Alone, in her thoughts.

Runa's attention was brought to the ringing sound of her call card that Sara had given her. "Hello?" she asked. "Runa! It's Kianna, we have a problem and we need Kara's and your help."

"Sure, what do you need?"

*** Also Meanwhile...

"Ooh, Sara I was waiting for your call." said Mya Rend. Sara gave a very irritated sigh. 'Okay, I need your…" she swallowed hard. "Help." She said with her teeth grit. Mya smirked into the card. "I know, the kidnappings, blah, but why should I help you?" she asked. Sara gave a huff. "I need I remind you about Aaron Rend?" Mya frowned. True, Sara had saved Aaron from that prison… "Fine. What do you want?"

And with that, Plan A was in action.

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