Quick Note: Hi! I'm Abby! I'm new to the GH fandom and even newer to the Liason fan base, but I have to admit that after watching hours and hours of youtube videos focused solely on them - well, I'm definitely a fan! I hope that you all give the newbie a chance and continue to read on.

Its a frigid cold August night, the coldest night the month has seen thus far, bringing with it the beauty that can only be described as snow. The white fluff that covers the streets of Port Charles lend some decency to the not so decent town that is brimming with mob business and other not so decent activities.

Even with the overabundance of mob activity, the small quaint town of Port Charles still carries with it a sense of class and subtle beauty. A beauty that one young artist hopes to portray through her artwork. Still a beginner in her passion of the arts, young Elizabeth Webber hopes to one day prove to the art world her true worth.

Sitting on one of the many benches throughout town, Elizabeth sits with her legs folded beneath her, charcoal pencil in hand and sketch pad upon her lap, hoping for inspiration to strike. She's sketched the many different scenes through town, but she didn't want to sketch just anything anymore. No. She wants to sketch something real. Something raw. Something chock-full of emotion.

"How did I know I'd find you out here?" the soft, loving voice of her grandmother pulls her out of her contemplation. "With the weather the way it is, you're bound to land in the hospital with hypothermia."

"Gram." she drags out, looking at the elderly woman with a shake of her head. "I'm bundled up so snugly that I'm much more likely to get a fever than hypothermia."

"Even so, I made you this." Audrey Hardy replies simply, handing her granddaughter a thermos filled with hot chocolate, Elizabeth's favorite beverage above all else. "Do your grandmother a favor and don't stay out here too long, okay? You and I both know you can't afford to get sick. Lord knows, I can't. With utility rates rising the way they are, I'll probably be working right into my deathbed."

"I'll be heading to Kelly's soon, Grams. Promise." Elizabeth laughs softly as the elder woman makes her way down the street, muttering about all the pointless changes the government has made lately.

Truth be told, her grandmother's nothing like her and - more often than not - that usually puts them at undeniable odds. But, when push comes to shove, Elizabeth knows that her grandmother undoubtedly has her back and that's something that she has truly come to rely on.

"Liz, sweetheart, I was wondering when you'd be stopping by." Ruby, the diner's owner, greets her fondly, tapping the back counter to signal the cook. "Been keeping your food on the heater for the better half of the last hour."

"You shoulda called." Elizabeth counters with a teasing smirk, shrugging out of her thick, black winter coat. "Mm, that smells delicious."

"Since when do I care about the smell of things?" Ruby remarks seriously, setting a freshly washed spoon down by the bowl of chili. "Get your little tush over here and try it."

"Yes, ma'am."

Feasting on the delicious contraption that is Ruby's chili for the next ten minutes, Elizabeth leaves her favorite diner with a full and extremely satisfied belly. In all her life, she has yet to find someone that cooks as amazingly as Ruby, doubting that anyone ever could. Its probably because of her age that she's so good, but Elizabeth would die before she ever suggested that to the elder woman. More than interested in keeping her privileges at the diner.

Toasty warm from the chili she had consumed, she sheds off the thick coat, walking through town with her cardigan as her only added protection against the cold. Something she had learnt early on after she made it to town, Port Charles is more beautiful illuminated by the moon's bright light than any other time of the day. She wasn't sure why that was, but she's thankful to be able to experience it every night.

In the stillness of the night, in that peaceful atmosphere, there's no stresses of making ends meet and paying for her college degree. There's no stress of what the future will hold. No stress at all. Just her. In that moment. In complete, unadulterated peace.

Every town has one family that's at the head of polite society, a family that commands respect, a family that demands it. For Port Charles, that family, the leading family over polite society, would be none other than the Quartermaine family. A family with more money than even a small country would know what to do with.

To the world, the Quartermaine family is an upstanding, proper family with perfect etiquette, like any leading family should be. Only, within their confined quarters most commonly known as 66th Harbor View Road, they are like any other family. Maybe arguing more often than not, but a regular family in their own right, none the less.

Dinner on the table, the usual talk about the family business circulating around the dining table, Jason Quartermaine sits smack dab in the middle of it. Watching his family, scattered arguments starting to pick up like usual, he sits by with a slight smile on his face, unable to picture his family as anything other than what they are. An argument always just a breath away and he wouldn't have it any other way.

On the surface, you see that arguing and you may think that they were completely dysfunctional, but Jason doesn't see it that way. He doesn't see his family that way. Unlike any outsider, he sees what not many do. He sees the love that lies beneath the surface. He sees the family that stands together against anything that may come their way. He sees love and loyalty. He sees his family.

"Some welcome back dinner, huh, Jase?" his baby sister, Emily, comments teasingly, a cute little smile playing at her lips. "Betcha you wish you went to the Alps instead of coming home."

"Not at all." Jason says matter-of-factly, shaking his head softly. "There's no place in the world I'd rather be than here."

"Either you really love this family or you're one crazy remark away from a straight jacket with a matching padded cell." Emily laughs softly, pushing away her plate before tossing her napkin atop of it. "Seriously, though, Jase, I'm really glad you're home."

"Aren't we all?" AJ, the eldest of the three siblings, chimes in with his slight smirk. "I mean, who wouldn't be glad that the Golden Boy has returned, huh, little brother?"

"I'd say something to make you look ridiculous, AJ, but we all know I could never do it the justice that you do on a daily basis." Jason counters with a smirk of his own, arching his eyebrow, daring his brother to say something else.

"Oh!" Emily laughs, shaking her head at the two of them. "He told you, huh, AJ?"

"Yeah, whatever." AJ says plainly, turning away from his siblings to enter back into the argument between their grandfather and cousin Ned.

"Same old AJ." Jason comments, pushing away his plate before taking a swig of his coke. "Why am I even surprised?"

"Well, what did you expect?" Emily questions, arching her eyebrow seriously. "For AJ to miraculously grow up while you were away at college? Yeah, keep dreaming, big brother."

"I'm gonna take a walk through town." Jason says, rising from his seat. "When they take a break from arguing, let them know I left, will you?"

"Sure." Emily shrugs, glancing around the table. "I'd suspect you've got at least twenty minutes before they notice you're gone."

Slipping out of the large dining room, Jason shrugs into his black leather jacket, slipping on his matching gloves before making his way out into his hometown. Its been years since he has been home, always talked out of returning for holidays and special occasions, making the itch to be out in the town that much harder to ignore now that he's finally back.

Temptation taking claim of him, he moves where his body takes him, taking the pathway that would land him in the Elm Street Pier, truly having missed the sound the water makes when it crashes up against the wooden docks. With a slight smile, he walks down the stairs, hitting that third board that's still as loose as it had been the day he left town.

Closing his eyes, he listens to the sound of the water, relishing in his favorite sound, just taking it all in. For a moment, he feels like he's the only person in the world, there were no pressures about finding his place in the family business, no worries for tomorrow, just him. In that moment. Completely, unadulteratedly free.