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A Fan-fic by LostLove2015

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My Angel - Chapter 9

(No ones POV)

"Woah..." Emmett speaks up. "...That. Was. Awesome!" he gushes like a child.

Alice, who was standing beside him, slaps him hard on the back of the head. "Em!"

The bear of a boy only chuckles in response, only stopping when he gained stern glares from both Esme and Carlisle. "Sorry.." he ducks his head.

Rosalie, taking advantage of the loosened grip on her, broke out of Emmett's vice like hold. Using her heightened speed, she got out of the boy's grabbing distance, and rushed over to Bella's side. As she went to touch her though, she was zapped with a great amount of electricity, making her yelp; shocked more than anything, but still hurting nonetheless.

At this, a gasp escaped the lips of Carlisle, as this intruiged him. He, in all his years (which was quite the lot of time), had never seen anything like it; especially from a human. Walking forward, Carlisle inspected the 'forcefield', eyeing it ever so closely. "Astounding.. Just, wow.." he breathed, his eyes shimmering with pure joy, happiness. He was finally going to get to witness something new, be apart of a new discovery.

"W-what is it?" Rosalie asked, concern dripping into her voice.

Examining it a little further, Carlisle gives an answer. "Simple. It's a forcefield of some sort. It's protecting her, keeping harm from coming her way."

"How?" was Rosalie's simple response.

"That- that I have no answer to yet.." his voice diminishing as he goes back into thought.

Soon, the rest of the family stepped forward, wanting to see the mystery before them. Alice was her usual perky, optimistic self, curiously walking around Bella and her shield, inspecting it with great care. Jasper though, stayed back at a safe distance.

Even though the girl was protected, he was still scared for her to be around him. In his mind, he was a monster for giving in to his primal nature, for listening to Edward. He almost killed an innocent human girl, but only ended up sending her into some sort of shock, thankfully.

Esme, after checking out Bella herself, had gone over to her son's side. She gave him a comforting and reasuring smile, all the while rubbing soothing circles on his back. "It's alright Jasper. None of this is your fault, none at all."

"Of course it is. 'I' gave into my hunger. 'I' listened to Edward. 'I' scared this poor girl." Jasper said, digging his nails deep into his palms.

"Sh-sh-sh... Honey, no. Things happen. Things will happen. But you can't blame yourself for all of this." She then reached her hand up and cupped her son's cheek, smiling at him warmly. He couldn't help but smile back, her smile too infectious not to. "Please son, don't blame yourself." she said before walking over to her husband.

"If only that was possible.." he whispered to himself.


What is wrong with them? How could they chose to protect a pathetic little human's life, over their own kind's?! It's rediculous, their way of life. We are VAMPIRES, we FEED on humans! What part of this is so hard to get?

After I left the house, I didn't wander too far away. I stayed close enough to read everyones thoughts, as well as to be able to find out what happens to the 'poor little human girl'. I mean, it is only a matter of time for Jasper to snap again, and they can't always be fast enough to save her pathetic little life.

I never got why Rosalie never learned, never stopped bringing home humans. I thought she was supposed to be one of the smart ones? Apparently not.

Listening in on everyone, I found that they all were actually quite concerned for her. Even Emmett... Why? Why did he have to care for the well being of humans?! They are nothing compared to us, nothing but a food supply! So why does he care?..

It looks like Jasper cares as well. He even feels remorse for giving into his primal nature, for wanting to drink away her blood. What a pitty.

The others aren't a surprise to me though, of course they care. Their love never let their hate overpower them, change them into who they truly are. Monsters. We are all monsters.

I can't help but notice, feel a shift in things. Something is off. Honing in on things, I try to figure out what is up. Things have gone silent, and I can't hear a single thought. What were they doing in there? I try and push against whatever it was that was blocking me, but it was to no avail. Shit.


A forcefield? What did they mean? How could I be producing a forcefield? There is no way- that isn't even possible.. This family is really fucked up, they must be doing some shit. I mean the father, Carlisle, is a doctor, so he does have access to a lot of things.. So that could explain a lot of this. That's it! They must of slipped me something, and that's why I'm acting like this. I swear, when I come back to my senses, I'm going to go get Charlie and put an end to this.

This is so wrong on so many levels. And I thought I cold trust Rosalie... I really need to stop listening to my heart, and start listening to logic. My heart always seems to bring me into trouble, yet I never learn..



You still haven't seized to surprise me Bella. What more do you plan to throw my way? Wait.. no I don't want to know. This is already too much for me at the moment. But, how is she fairing then? If it is enough for me, how is she feeling about all of this? I hope to whatever god there is, that she is okay.

God what an interesting conversation this is going to be.. If I know anything, it is that it isn't going to go all too well. This sure isn't going to be easy, for any of us. I just hope that things can go over smoothly.


*looks around, scared for my life*

Umm... Yeah I know I said things were going to get better guys, but um.. it's going to be a little bumpy for a little bit.. PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!

*I cowers into a corner, waiting for the lashings to come*

*Bella and Rosalie walk in, eyes narrowed*

*Bella speaks* What the hell is going on here!? I know Rose and the Cullens aren't on drugs! You are making me seem like a total fucking spaz!

*I look up with wide eyes* I'm sorry! It's just for the story!

*Rosalie walks closer* You BETTER fix things! Before I have to teach you why you never mess with a vampire or her mate!

*I back up all the way into the corner, crawling slightly up the wall* Please don't hurt me! I'm to young to die! *begins to cry*

*Rosalie smirks and takes another step closer* Then fix this shit!- But.. I would LOVE to teach you a lesson.. *her eyes darken and a chuckle escapes her lips*

ROSE! *Bella steps behind Rosalie, grabbing her arm* No vampire sex punishments!

*Rosalie scoffs* You know you would so do it, especially if you got to join.

*Bella blushes but doesn't respond*

That's what I thought! Now *turning back to Rebecca* Fix this shit!

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