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Title: Dead. Squirrels.Catnip.

Author: SnareKing

Genre: Friendship; Romance

Rating: T

I love two things in this world. I love dead squirrels; I love Catnip. DEAD SQIRRELS. CATNIP. Dead squirrels and Catnip are my favorite things. Everybody loves my dead squirrels. I can kill the squirrels with my amazing snares or my bow. Catnip and I hunt for squirrels together. In the woods. Alone. Jealous loverboy? You should be! I like to sell my dead squirrels; I like to eat my dead squirrels. I love my dead squirrels. Oh, and I love Catnip. We are BFFLS Catnip and I love you, so you need to ditch loverboy and love me! Dead squirrels, Catnip, Dead squirrels, and Catnip are the two things I love.

The End.

SnareKing: I love my dead squirrels. Catnip, I love you!

GirlonFire: Hell no! Gale, don't even call me "Catnip" anymore. I don't love you. I love Peeta!

Loverboy12: Yeah, Katniss is mine. Jealous hunterboy? You should be! :P

JoJo7: Bitch please. Gale just STFU; "Catnip" doesn't love you, so why don't you just go marry your damn squirrels?

SnareKing: But, Catn..


LittleHawthrone: C'mon bro, I think Katniss has had enough of your shit. Anyways, it would be kinda awk with me dating Prim and all if you were with Katniss..

GirlonFire: WHAT?! You.. Prim.. together..wha?!

Slayer2: Ooh.. shit just got real.

PrimmyRose: Katniss, wait I can explain! I was going to tell you and everyone else thought Rory and I were cute bu..


Everyone: ….

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