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Title: Caaaaatoe


Genre: Romance

Rating: T

I is saw prittay and Catoe be sexay and ik dat we shud bee togeffer forevah like yah! He knoz I be hawt and he luvs meh soooooooo much. He is wif Ca-love onlay bc she is supah uglay and feelz aul bad 4 her. He so sa-weet! Catoe ik u is bein so niiiiice butt I luv yew and u luv meh so leaf her like now like yeah. Bby we so perf togeffer. I is prittay and smarf with brainz and stuf like yah. So yah! YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH dump dat uglay biatch Ca-love 4 muah! ( datz rite I can speek Fr-ench) XOXOXOXOXO

Da Enddddd!

KnifeGirl: What the hell you dumbass bitch?! I bet that when u were a child, ur parents dropped u, fed u with stupid juice and sucked out ur brain with a fucking vacuum!

GirlonFire: I never thought I would say this, but I actually side with Clove! XD Srry glimmer, but Peeta and I ship Clato so….

EverlarkYAY: And I ship Peeniss!

Loverboy12: I swear, Delly, when Kat found out about shipping and realized our ship name, she was horrified! But I have to admit, its kinda funny cx

SnareKing: Hey, watch it Mellark! Don't call her any nicknames she doesn't like that!

GirlonFire: Correction, I don't like it when YOU call me nicknames, Gale.

Slayer2: Well I am a sexy beast *smirks*, but still, wtf Glim?

KnifeGirl: GLIM?!

Everyone: *slowly backs away from computers*

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