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Chapter 1

Bella's Point of View

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! You come back here this instant!" I placed my hands on my hips, looking indignant, though my brown eyes told him otherwise. Though I was desperate to have my textbook back, I could never really be angry with my best friend.

"Come and get it," Edward taunted. He was ten feet away from me now, holding up my book high in the air, and grinning mischievously. His beautiful green eyes that made girls swoon sparkled, and his tall, lanky figure was tensed, ready to escape me at a moment's notice.

I sighed halfheartedly, trying to fight a laugh myself. "Come on, Edward. We shouldn't be late for Biology."

Edward laughed. "Exactly. So come and get it!"

I glanced up and down the hallway. Students were staring at us – some with curious expressions, some with knowing, small grins upon their faces – and dodged quickly out of the way in case I decided to be clumsy again and trip over them.

While Edward was the most popular guy in the school, I was just a normal girl that hung out with the popular jocks because I was his best friend. I didn't like the attention and would much rather sit in the library alone, but he always insisted.

Though he was handsome, intelligent, and multi-talented, he didn't act like it. Being the quarterback of the football team and coming from a rich family didn't matter to him either. He was modest and kind. He craved for an equal place in society, next to me.

Edward and I had been best friends ever since I could remember. Our parents were friends, and his siblings, Alice and Emmett, were close with me as well. We had all went to school together, and we were inseparable.

"Stop acting like a child, Edward," I chided as I walked forward slowly. He walked backward, facing me, still wearing that playful smirk on his ridiculously handsome face. "Act like a proper seventeen-year old that you are. What would Esme say if she saw how you were acting right now?"

Esme, Edward's mother, and my mother, Renee, were all about courtesy and politeness. Manners. They were always proper, and therefore, we had all been brought up with the best education, school-wise and at home.

Edward's amusement of teasing me didn't disappear. "You won't tell her. You'd never tell on me, Bella. I know you." He winked.

Normally, it would make all the girls in this school swoon, but I was used to it. I hardly ever did.

"It won't work on me, so you might as well stop with the seductive faces," I said, making a face. "Give it back to me. We're going to be late."

He laughed again. "Right. I can talk Mr. Banner out of marking us tardy. You know that."

"Yeah, by bribing him," I said dryly.

He pouted. "Humor me, Bella."

I rolled my eyes. "Come on. Everyone's staring." I grinned sheepishly at a couple that had just passed us, smiling knowingly.

The whole school knew about our relationship. Most people thought we were dating, but our friends knew better. I certainly knew better. I wasn't going to risk my life, trying to catch Edward's attention and getting on the popular girls' bad sides.

"Don't mind us," Edward called to the passing students. "Just having a bit of fun."

The students laughed, and one of them called, "Go get him, Bella! Whoo!"

I shook my head. I knew his voice anywhere. "Go to class, Emmett!"

His familiar booming laughter filled the noisy hallway, and we continued on the other way, him walking backward, and me facing him.

"Please, Edward?" I pleaded. "Let's not cause any trouble in Bio today. It was embarrassing yesterday. You know how much I hate attention."

"I was just having a bit of fun," Edward countered. "It's not my fault you're so clumsy that I had to catch you in front of the whole class."

I crossed my arms and frowned. "It is so not my fault. If you hadn't stolen my backpack and made me chase after you, I wouldn't have tripped."

"Ha! That's a good one," he snorted. "Bella, you can trip on flat ground."

The hallway was almost clear; most students had gone inside. A few late students hurried past us. The bell rang.

I groaned. "We're late! Edward!" I gave up and ran after him.

As if he was waiting for that, he whirled around and ran away. Laughing jubilantly. I just knew I was going to trip.


He reached our classroom and opened the door for me. I glared at him and jerked my book away from him. He merely grinned, gesturing me to go inside.

I stopped dead when I saw Mr. Banner and the entire class staring at us. I felt the blush creep up to my face, and I pushed Edward in front of me, obscuring me from everyone's view.

Edward smirked before saying, "Sorry, Mr. Banner. Won't happen again."

"Perhaps you can stop stealing Miss Swan's belongings, and you'll both be on time, Mr. Cullen," Mr. Banner chided him, though his eyes sparkled.

"But that's the best part of my life, Mr. Banner!" Edward looked genuinely shocked, and his tone was so matter-of-fact that everyone laughed. I didn't know if he was acting or telling the truth. "I would be bored to death if I didn't tease her!"

I punched his back lightly. "Shut up," I mumbled.

Mr. Banner chuckled. "Alright, then. Shall I rephrase? Just don't steal her belongings before fifth period begins. Perhaps after school."

"Sure, Mr. Banner," Edward said easily, pulling me by my wrist to our table in the way back.

The teacher began his lecture on mitosis while we sat down.

"I hate you," I muttered. "You embarrassed me again."

Edward laughed silently. "Just be thankful I didn't have to catch you in front of the whole class again."

I ignored him stonily, taking notes carefully. Soon, it was not just an act of ignoring him. I really became immersed in Banner's lecture, and I listened to his facts eagerly, intrigued.

Beside me, Edward just seemed bored as he doodled on his folder when he wasn't taking notes. Occasionally, he would glance at me for a few seconds, smile crookedly, and look back down at his paper, amused.

"Was it really that interesting?" he asked when the bell rang. "Because I don't find any of that fascinating at all. What a load of worthless information. As if they'd ask us a question on the subject of mitosis in job interviews."

"You'd better start paying attention to the lectures," I warned him sternly as we walked outside into the hallway. "We have a test on mitosis on Friday. And I'm not sure I'm going to help you study for it either."

"What?" Edward's eyes widened mockingly. "You can't do that to me, Bella! How will I pass without you?"

I rolled my eyes. "You don't even need my help. You're smarter than I am."

"Wrong," he disagreed, taking my book from me gently and holding it for me. "How do you think I was able to maintain my good grades up until now? And what with football the past three years, you're the reason I'm still regarded as an intelligent person in this small school."

I laughed softly. "Well, at least you know." I nudged him playfully.

He grinned. "You're my life saver. What would I do without you, Bella?"

"You'd be dead by now," I answered. "Were you even listening to his lecture?"

"Of course not," Edward said innocently. "I was staring at you, didn't you notice?"

I didn't take his flattery seriously. He always said them to me. "I noticed. But I thought you were taking notes. I was getting excited that you wouldn't need to borrow anything from me today."

"I took notes, but I didn't get anything he said," he said, still pretending. "Will you teach me tonight?" He smiled at me angelically.

"What are the four phases of mitosis?" I shot at him abruptly.

"Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telo-" He stopped himself and grimaced at me. "Meanie."

I grinned. "Of course you don't know, Edward. But why is it that you just can't resist answering a question on the subject that you supposedly don't understand?"

Edward sighed. "See what I mean? You're too smart for me. You're still teaching me tonight. Don't back out of it, Isabella." He pronounced my full name, knowing I hated it.

"Whatever you say," I said casually. "I just need to avoid Alice after school; she claimed that she was going to take me shopping. Will you cover for me?"

"And why should I do that?" Edward asked slyly. "What's in it for me?"

"I'm your best friend!"

"That's different," he said. "What's in it for me?"

"What can I give you that you don't already have?" I asked sarcastically. "You're the rich one."

He fought back a smile. "Will you come to the football game on Friday?"

"That's what you want?" I asked, surprised. "That's a bit of a waste, isn't it?"

"No," he grumbled. "You never come to cheer me on."

"That's what the hot cheerleaders are for," I said.

"No, that's what my friend Isabella is for," Edward said. "Besides, you're much prettier than any of them." He smiled at me.

I didn't believe that. "As if."

"I'm serious, Bella."

"Sure, sure… Do you think I would even consider believing that for even one second?"

"You just don't see yourself clearly, do you?" Edward asked regretfully, shaking his head. "Just ask any of the guys in our group. They'll tell you."

"Only because they're afraid that you'll beat them to death," I muttered under my breath.

"I'm not a bully," Edward said. "Fine. Ask Emmett or Jasper. Or both. They've known us for years; they won't be afraid to tell you the truth."

We reached the girls' locker room. I had Gym while Edward had sixth period football training. He handed my book to me.

I took it, and looked up at him. He towered over me by at least ten inches. "Fine. I'll ask them tonight." I turned to go inside.

He grabbed my wrist and swung me back around. "And you'll come to the game?"

I sighed. "Do I have to?"

His eyes narrowed. "I'm selling you out to Alice."

"Then I won't be able to tutor you on mitosis," I countered back without missing a beat.

He knew he was cornered. He never needed to be tutored, but he just liked to spend time with me. And I knew it.

He made a face. "Come on, Bella. Be nice." His eyes smoldered, and he knew when he did that, I wasn't able to resist.

"Fine," I said, looking away. "Just cover for me."

"You promise?" He perked up.

"I can't promise."

"Why not?" he whined loudly, causing the girls that were arriving to glance at us and giggle with their friends. They all had crushes on Edward.

"Leave," I said, punching his hard stomach lightly. "You're going to be late, and you know your coach hates that."

"I won't leave unless you tell me why or promise me."

He was so stubborn. "Rosalie told me to leave that day free this week. She wants to take Alice and me someplace."

Edward frowned slightly, confused. "Rosalie told you to…?" His expression cleared, and he looked smug. "Fine. Go with Rosalie."

I blinked. "Really? What made you give up so easily?"

He smirked as he walked away backwards. "I always get what I want, Bella."


"And you're coming to that game on Friday, whether you like it or not." He turned around and walked away, waving without looking back.

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I called, "Does that mean you're covering for me later?"

"Okay!" he yelled. He glanced at his watch, cursed under his breath, and jogged out of sight.

Relieved, I felt much better as I entered the locker room. At least I didn't have to dread that shopping spree later with Alice.

Though he could be a handful and annoying at times, I was glad Edward was my friend. It was useful to have him around, especially since his sister was my other friend. A friend who loved to shop and make me tired.

I groaned when I found out that Coach Clapp was making us start volleyball. I smelled trouble already.

It was going to be a long month when it came to Gym class.

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