The vampire cast her gaze across the crowded club scene. Her predatory red eyes skipped across the sea of sweating bodies. The dance floor was awash with the movements of the dancing crowd. It seemed that everyone was out tonight, seeking refuge from their dreary stressed-filled lives in another drink or perhaps another person. A hundred scents reached the not-woman's nose, each more intoxicating than the last.
It had been awhile since the vampire had fed or drank or killed, whichever you prefer. The scents from the crowd assaulted her causing her mouth to fill with venom and her eyes to darken with want. She was ancient and had centuries to control the Thirst. It might drive her but it would never consume her as it had others.
A woman, a girl really, caught the vampire's attention. She was short and blonde leaning drunkenly on some guy's shoulder. The blonde was staring around the room with a glazed expression as if she wasn't totally sure why she was there. The blonde swung her head around inadvertently sending her scent across the room
Isabella felt her throat tighten. This was her Target. She had just found her meal. The scent was floral and savory at the same time. Luring her in.
Isabella Swan set her untouched drink down. She had only gotten it to blend in. She moved through the crowd silently. She gracefully avoided the surging bodies and ignored the drunken attempts at flirting as she moved toward her meal.
"Hey", Her voice was low barely audible over the booming music, "want to dance?"
The blonde gaped at her for moment obviously taken aback. Isabella wasn't just beautiful, she was impossible.
"I... Umm... Sure" Isabella chuckled slightly. The woman was very drunk
She lead the other woman out into the crowd spinning her so the shorter girl's ass was grinding against her crotch.
The blonde gasped "You're... s-soo cold"
"It not a problem is it?", The vampire purred. The blonde shook her head emphatically, "No, not at all".
The two women danced grinding against each other. Isabella, unashamedly swayed with her,tracing a curve here, leaning in close enough to kiss the human's neck and allowing her hands to wander. All the time the blonde's breathing became shorter and the scent of her arousal stronger.
"Wanna get out of here?" The blonde's voice had become rough and husky.
"Thought you'd never ask"
The human pulled Isabella out of the club and down into the alley. Isabella pulled her back, smashing her marble lips against her prey's. The girl moaned and sunk into her. Her hands flew to the back of the vampire's hair to pull her closer. As she did Isabella noticed the thin scars going up and down the blonde's arm. Cutting scars. Well that make things easier.
Isabella pinned her against the wall bringing her mouth to the woman's neck peppering it with quick kisses. Her hand went down to trace the vein beneath the scarred skin of her forearm. For the briefest moments the vampire had feelings of doubt. This girl could have friends, family. Perhaps even a lover but then again she had all that once upon a time.
Isabella bit into the girl's neck sending venom coursing through her bloodstream. At the same she slashed down with a razor sharp nail cutting through the thin skin of her victim's arm. The girl let out a breath and whimper. The venom was working, paralyzing her making it easier as if that were even needed. Humans were so very weak.
Blood filled her mouth quenching the burning. She drank until she heard the girl's heart stop. The coppery life giving fluid surged through her system filling her with renewed energy. The Thirst was satisfied for the moment.
Isabella moved back, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand carelessly. She placed a small knife into the dead girl's hand and rearranged the body so it looked as if she had taken her own life. Ignoring the gaping wound in her neck of course. But the police were never all the diligent. Give them an easy answer and they'd jump at it; anything to avoid excess leg work. She probably had a history of depression if the scars were anything to go by. So this was a sad but not unexpected end for her.
"My, my my what a pretty kill" A voice behind her rang out, You're something of an artist Isabella"
She turned to gaze at the cat-like vampire, "Forgive me for preferring subtlety to a bloodbath. I'm not like you, Victoria."
"Oh but blood bath's are the best kind," Victoria gave a Cheshire cat grin, then her face turned thoughtful, "unless someone invented a blood-bubble-bath not that would be something."
Victoria's mate, James, stepped forward putting gentle hands on the redhead's shoulders.

"Our new mission," he chuckled. "Find a blood-bubble-bath." She smile up at him then leaned in for his kiss.
"so where to next?" James smirked draping himself over Victoria. "There's an interesting coven just north of here."
"And why would I care?" Isabella replied.
"well you wouldn't but i have a friend who lives with them, Jasper," he looked at me from under his lashes, "I wouldn't mind seeing him but if that doesn't interest you perhaps you'd be interested in the fact that they don't feed on humans"

Her laughter bounced off the grimy surroundings, "You're joking... surely?" Her tone was one of complete disbelief. "What's the point of having this much power if you're not going to use it? What do they feed on if not humans?"

"Animals" James just shrugged, "They're arrogant sods but I would like to check up on old Jasper"

The both of them were as still as grinning statues. Only their burgundy eyes followed her. Isabella thought it over. That was the problem with immortality. There was too much time to kill. Why not? It might be entertaining to watch creatures deny their nature.

"Well," she glanced at her companions, "it's not like we have anywhere else to be." She paused a moment, "Where is this place?"
Victoria giggled. "Some bumfuck town, Forks or something?"