Hello all! See you at the bottom! Chapter 2

" if I owned twilight the casting would have been really different"

The tree I perched in was ancient. I'd been here about a week now, well not here obviously but in the area.

"You're an idiot." Victoria's words came back to me, "what is it? Why the fuck would you want to stay here?"

'The girl' was the only answer I came up with. I didn't tell her that, she would get that. Hell, I didn't get it.

I'd been watching her this entire time trying to understand what the emotional pull between us was. I was alone for the most part, James and Victoria had left me here. The only visitors I could count on were the wolves. I got daily visits from at least one member of the pack. My staying was not sitting well with them. The guarded the local Indian reserve Quilette or something? I really didn't care enough to inquire further. Everyday at least once a day a monstrous wolf would make itself known to me. They would strut out of the deep foliage of the ever present forest to stare at me. Occasionally the pup might growl, a few would even yawn; as if to show what little threat I posed (idiots), but the rest would usually just leer for a couple of minutes then move on. They were always careful to never show me their human forms. Apparently they were fearful that I'd wreck havoc on their less than supernatural families and rightly so. These wolves were nothing more than overgrown puppies who needed to be shown their place.

A van drove by on the main road maybe twenty yards to my right. The scent of humans and their blood wafted across the air to cloud my senses. My throat clenched and burned painfully. I hadn't fed the entire week I'd been here. This girl and her scent were not helping. But I couldn't hunt in this area per my agreement with the Cullen Coven and the wolf pack. Needless to say the wolves were not pleased but honestly they could suck a cock as far as I'm concerned. I needn't to be here.

I had to know her.

Victoria and James of course had nothing but contempt for my current activities. They didn't understand and they didn't want to. That didn't stop them from leaving me here. They were off in Africa or South America for a couple of months on an extended honeymoon or some shit. Apparently I had been imposing on their sex life. I had to laugh at that. I had caught them in the act far too often to truly believe that. God, why can't I just get those images out of my head.

"Remember," James had a predatory gleam in his eyes, "it's always okay to play with your food first"

The growl rolled up my throat. James wanted this girl. Her scent and the fact that I wanted her made the girl irresistible to one such as James. He called himself a hunter and connoisseur, I called him a stalker and a sadistic prick. Any scent that was unique, be it fair or foul, he lusted after. He drank all that was different and even had made a game of it at times with Victoria joining in for the hell of it.

A sigh draws me back to the present.

The girl, or Mary Alice Brandon as I found out when a man presumably her father yelled for her, sat scowling at a piece of paper and a collection of books. Her black hair was tousled and finger combed into a perfect mess from her running her fingers through it in agitation. I had noticed she usually dressed in a unique almost retro attire. One day it was a checkered sweater and tight sable pants another it was a man's button down tied at the waist and still another time, a sheer blouse skirt and tights. she enjoyed fashion, i could tell just from watching her. Every morning she would stand in front of her closet mirror with the drawers of the dresser flung about as she decided what to wear. She would peer and pout at each outfit as she held one article of clothing then another up for inspection. When she had finally decided on an outfit she'd smile and twirl. The girl was a veritable ball of sunshine. she never walked, she skipped or bounced. Alice was constantly in motion be it her feet or her expressions. Her face would morph rapidly to show whatever she was feeling. The girl really was an open book.

Yes, I am aware that what I'm doing might be considered stalking. I can't help it. This week I had learned so much but had been left with more questions than i'd answered. One of which was the Cullens.

Edward, Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper all attended Forks High. I couldn't help but needle the Cullens. I allowed my shield to lower and that let them see me. It always made me smile when i heard Edward grind his teeth. The telepath hated me. he obviously couldn't read my mind and know my intentions. The boy relied on his gift too much. Emmett and Jasper would nod and move on. Rosalie on the other hand put her brother, Edward, to shame. She would scowl and hiss under her breath every time she saw me. at first it was funny but now it was getting old. I never saw Jasper's mate or Esme and Carlisle. I suppose Bree's control was too low and the other two played dear old mom and dad. It was so stupid. These super-powerful beings playing house in a backwater town and then jeopardizing all of it by associating with a human. No, by revealing themselves to a human. They had to know the rules. A human discovers a vampire they are to be killed or changed. That is the law. That's common sense. I couldn't picture any of them having the balls to change her and they definitely were too pathetic to kill her.

MY stomach dropped. They couldn't kill her. The thought sent me spinning. The thought of her in pain made me want to hunt down the bastard that hurt her. Thoughts of her death left me in agony. This girl had far too much sway over my emotions. She had so much control over me and I didn't even know her.

And I would never know her if i didn't make my move. She was too weak to seek me out. Her human senses could never find me. I had to approach her. But what do i say? "hello, I'm strangely attracted to you?" "Hello, I'm Isabella and I've been stalking you?"

Damn it. Just do it already. I leaped from the branch and landed lightly outside her house. quietly i scaled the wall and perched lightly on the windowsill. She was still hunched over her desk, pouring over a thick book while chewing on a pencil. I tapped the glass and she jerked up to stare.

I motiokned her over. Hesitanly she got up and stood before the window. I felt the impatients growing, just open it already. When she made no move to undo the clasp and tapped the pane again. Alice chewed her lip and reached up. There was shudder and the frame slide upwords.


"um... Hi"

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