"Kon'nichiwa," came a voice from the door, startling the boy who lay sprawled on the floor. Tye had let himself flop over after contemplating meditation. He wanted more control of his powers and he was trying to figure out if meditation and breathing exercises were the key to this or if they would just bring on his powers. For some reason lounging awkwardly on the floor was how he ended up spending most of the morning.

Okay, admittedly he was bored as hell. What could you expect after a night full of adventure and terror followed by two days of nearly nothing.

"Hey Sam, I didn't hear you come in," Tye sat up, giving the girl a smile.

She returned it easily, closing her eyes and raising a hand. He took the moment to admire her messy hair and headband, which caused him to unconsciously fiddle with his own. 'She' just so pretty, though,'he found himself thinking.

"Tye?" while he had faded into his own mind, she had moved to sit in front of him. Tye blushed, feeling caught guilty in his thoughts. He wasn't sure how two superpowered individuals went about having a relationship, let alone two people who didn't share a language.

But as a blush came to her cheeks at his and she lowered her eyes, he wondered if the language barrier was as much a problem as he thought. He know he missed her dual colored eyes and their expressive nature when she wasn't in the room.

"Uh, wanna meditate with me?" he asked, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly and focusing his gaze on his knee.

She looked up and he quickly lifted his head as well to meet her eyes. Her forehead scrunched cutely as she seem to try and figure out how to express herself. Finally she just sighed and, standing, grabbed his wrist to bring him into the main living room. Leading him to the couch, she gestured him to sit, before making her way to turn on the TV and a game console.

Tossing him a controler, she returned with one of her own to sit close to his side. Looking over cautiously, she gave a questioning smile. "Shita? Asobu."

Tye grinned, "No idea, but okay, sounds fun." It was much better than sitting on the floor pondering whether he should meditate or not.

A/N: Kon'nichiwa = hello

Shita = bored

Asobu = play

Or so the internet tells me, please pardon if incorrect!