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Prelude to a Bloody Hell

Chapter 1: Revelations

As my fist connects with the poncy boy's face, I can't help the smile that appears. It's been a good long while since I could kick a human's arse and not get a pain in my head that feels like a million Fyarl demons punching my skull at once. I watch as the fat ponce is knocked out cold, but don't feel the desire to suck him dry. Haven't for awhile now... but don't tell the slayer and her little friends or else Buffy'll come and punch me in the nose again for seemingly putting a thrall on the person. Daft bint.

Fixing my duster, I turn down the alleyway, thinking about the night's happenings as I dig inside my pockets for some fags and my lighter. Once I make it to the cemetary, I make myself comfortable on one of the larger tombstones, bringing the lit fag to my mouth for a long drag.

As I exhale, I watch the smoke seemingly dance with the air around it. That's all life is, really. One long, bloody dance. And as soon as you misstep, the world around you turns into one of those hell dimensions I've heard so much about from Peaches.

Deep in thought, I don't notice the slayer come up behind me, and I certainly didn't expect her to push me off the tombstone so I could faceplant in the freshly dug grass, fag flying out of my hand to land five feet to the left.

"Bloody hell, Slayer! What was that about?" I ask, jumping up quckly and brushing off the dirt from my precious duster. Poor thing's lasted decades with not so much as a scratch, but now it's always in the crossfire of the slayer.

"Oh, I dunno. I've just been looking for you for hours, and then I find you here, smoking and making googily eyes at the sky. Sometimes I think Drusilla's craziness rubbed off on you," Buffy replies, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she crosses her arms.

"Well excuse me for not being exactly where you want me twenty-four hours a day! You're the one who's always telling me to leave you and your friends alone!" I argue, narrowing my eyes at the woman in front of me.

Rolling her eyes, she turns around, calling over her shoulder, "Just come with me. Tara was taken by Glory earlier and she isn't in the best shape."

My eyes widening, I hurry to catch up with her, "She took on the hell goddess by herself?"

"No, she was brainsucked because Glory wanted to find the Key."

"Right, then. What are we gonna do 'bout it? She okay?" I ask, raising an eyebrow unneccessarily, since we're still basically sprinting toward 1630 Revello Dr. and Buffy isn't looking at me.

"Not sure yet. Willow was talking about finding some spell..." she suddenly stops running, only a few houses down from her own. It takes a moment for me to process she stopped, so I have to backtrack a bit to stand in front of her, "Tara's really bad. I'm not sure how Willow's dealing, so just... don't be you."

I raise an eyebrow, this time seen by the slayer, "What's wrong with 'er?"

She stands there, obviously realizing she had said too much. She shakes her head, "Just... you'll see. We need to get inside." With that, she runs the rest of the way to her house, and I follow her the rest of the way. I don't even have time to wonder why I'm included in a Scooby meeting, why she's willingly bringing me into her house, or why it's not in the Magic Box.

"Guys, we're here!" she calls out, pulling me quickly into the house and dragging me behind her to the living room, pushing me to sit down on the couch while the Watcher, Whelp, Anya, Red, Glinda, and even the Little Bit enter. Glinda looks like she's a bit off her rocker, but I refrain from asking questions that will most likely be answered within the next few minutes.

Once everyone is situated, Giles stands to address the group, shining his glasses nervously, "I called this meeting because, well, Glory is getting closer and closer and today she hurt Tara. She is going to be going after all of us eventually due to our relations with Buffy, whom Glory decided the Key must be associated with. At this rate, she, eventually, will come to the conclusion that the Key is, infact, Dawn."

I shake my head, standing up and walking over to the Watcher, "This is all old news. Anything in that watcher brain of yours that is actually remotely useful?"

Giles gives me a glare that could probably turn me to dust if that were possible, "I have found out what she wants to do."

Buffy stands up and launches herself to my side, "So? Bring us in the know, Giles."

He takes a deep breath, cleaning his glasses again, "I-I'm not sure how, but Glory wants to open a portal to her dimension. The way to do this, is Dawn. I'm not sure how the ritual does yet, but without Dawn, at the correct time, it cannot happen."

"So we get Dawn out of here until time's up!" Xander chimes in from him place next to Anya.

"I second the notion to run!" Anya pipes in.

I scoff, "Yeah, and then come back to find a brassed off hell goddess who wants to kill us all because she can't go home. Great idea."

"Spike's right. We're not leaving," Buffy decides, nodding her head, "...but Dawn is."