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Prelude to a Bloody Hell

Chapter 2: Decisions, Decisions

I stare at Buffy as if she just grew another head, "Excuse me? I could've sworn I just heard you say you're sendin' the Bit away when there's a Hell Goddess tryin' to get to 'er so she could get to 'er own dimension! Of course, no one would be that stupid!"

Once again, I receive a death glare from the Watcher, along with almost everyone else in the room. The only one not trying to turn me to dust with their over imaginative minds is the Bit, who just looks like she just saw a ghost.

"Y-you're sending me away?" Dawn asks, her voice shaking from her attempts not to cry. I almost go to her, but then remember the room of people who hate me, and stay back. They'd most likely push me away, and me being me, I'd punch them in the face, and then my little secret would be out and I'd have no time to figure out what I'm going to do next.

Yes, I know. Me? Planning? They usually don't go together since I'm a want, take, have kinduva guy. However, I've decided I'd give Peaches' way a go. Just don't tell him that or I'll never live it down.

"Dawnie, I need to keep you safe. Right now, I think the best way to do that is with you going as far away from the action as possible," Buffy soothes, going to her little sister and giving her a reassuring hug.

"No Dawn equals no portal which means I'll be able to live longer and get more orgasms," Anya comments happily, nudging the Whelp with her elbow.

While the Watcher polishes his glasses furiously, I reply sarcastically, "Yeah, long as you get yer pleasure, nothing else matters."

She glares at me once again, but I simply shake it off since by now I'm pretty damn used to it, "And who do you want goin' with 'er? Obviously she's not going alone."

"If I have to go, I want Spike to go with me," Dawn announces, crossing her arms and stomping her foot for good measure. Silly bird's won many a fight with that tactic.

"No way!" the Whelp yells, moving from Anya even as she continues to send him insinuating glaces, "she is not going anywhere with Dead Boy Jr.!"

Finally, Red decides to jump into the conversation after spending awhile with Glinda, "We can send someone with him?"

Buffy looks around at everyone in the room, her gaze eventually falling on Dawn, "Why Spike?"

"Apart from you, he's the best fighter out of everyone. At least with him, I'd know if Glory found me, we'd have a fighting shot," Dawn answers, not backing down at all from her stance.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Dawn is right," the Watcher admits, looking at me wearily, "Spike is the best fighter besides you, and if you are going to be fighting Glory, you surely cannot go. And the rest of us would be no match for a Goddess."

"Whoa whoa whoa, how 'bout we ask Spike if he wants to go with the Bit 'fore we start throwin' 'round reasons why he should?" I comment, crossing my arms in a slightly annoyed fashion.

"I see green meadows with a lovely shade of purple swirling above it," Tara announces, a large smile on her face as she looks as if she just found the cure to world hunger.

While Red goes to deal with that, I raise an eyebrow to the rest of the group, "Well?"

Buffy looks at me exasperatedly, throwing her arms up in the air, "What if Glory knows about Spike's chip and sends a human for Dawn?"

"An' how is she supposed to find out 'bout that?" I ask, tilting my head as I search for answers.

"The same way she found out Dawn's the key!" she replies, folding her arms, "Also, if you leave, and Willow's working on getting Tara from being cuckoo bananas, I'm on my own!"

"What about us?" Xander asks, raising his hand and waving it to show her that they are, in fact, still there.

"" Buffy stutters, chewing on her cheek as she tries to find the words.

"What Buffy's tryin' to say is that she's goin' up against a Hell Goddess and a little whelp like you isn't goin' to stand a chance," I reply, shrugging.

"He has a point," Anya murmers, running a hand through her hair nervously.

Xander looks between everyone amazedly, "You're seriously going to let him talk to me like that? I can help!"

"Face it Xander, you're human, and what we're up against is a Big Bad who can kill you fifty ways with just her pinkie," Anya says, shaking her head.

"I think Dawn's best bet is to go with Spike," the Watcher reiterates, turning to me, "So I'm asking you now, will you go with Dawn?"

I look around the group of Scoobies, Red whispering reassurances to Glinda, Buffy looking ready to snap, the Watcher polishing his glasses nervously, the Whelp glaring at Anya, and finally the Little Bit looking pleadingly at me with glassy eyes ready to burst if I say 'no.'

I sigh loudly, and uncross my arms, nodding, "Fine, I'll go with the Bit. Where're we goin'?"

A happy shriek is released by the Bit, followed by her running and hugging me before turning back to Buffy, "Yeah, where are we going?"

Buffy looks at the two of us slightly perplexed, but shakes it off quickly, "First, you're going to LA. Angel will get you two on a plane from there wherever he thinks is best."

"Great. A bloody family reunion. Someone dust me."

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