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Plausible Deniability

"Um, Peaches, you seem to 'ave some wood near my heart. Now, I know yer not the smartest vamp in the States, but heart plus wooden stake equals a dusty endin'," I say calmly, and can't help the smirk that appears when I see Captain Forehead's eyes narrow.

"Oh, I dunno, Spike. I think you'd enjoy hell," Peaches growls out, keepin' the stake firmly pressed against my chest.

Before I'm able to reply with an extremely inspired comeback, Niblet begins kickin' Angelus repeatedly in the head. Taking the distraction to my advantage, I knee 'im in the stomach and flip 'im over, the stake falling out of his grip in the process. Lil' Bit picks it up and huffs.

"There's gonna be no staking of Spike!" she exclaims, glaring daggars at Peaches, "Didn't Buffy call you?"

He shifts out of gameface in the meantime, but never rips 'is gaze away from me. Obviously he is pausing since he knows stakin' me would upset Bit, and will result in pissin' off the Slayer.

"Yeah, but no one in their right mind would send you off with Spike. Figured he put you all in a thrall," Peaches admits before trying to stand up, but before he can, I take the time to punch 'im as hard as I can in the face.

"That, is for bein' so buggerin' stupid," I declare, standin' up before he can return the favor. However, his gameface comes back and he comes at me with a punch of 'is own, causing me to take a few steps back due to the impact, "'Ey! You've been workin' on yer left hook! Still a bit sloppy, I'd say, but I have to admit, it's much better than last time."

"Spike!" Bit shrieks, "No beating up Peaches! You might mess up his hair!"

I can't help but snicker at the scene of hearing Lil' Bit call Angelous 'Peaches' an' Peaches' gameface turn even agrier, "You taught Dawn your little nickname for me?"

"Couldn't resist, mate," I reply with a shrug, fightin' the urge to pull out a cigarette.

"I'm not your mate," Captain Forehead murmurs before shifting outta gameface, resortin' to simply glaring daggers at me in his human facade.

"Angel, bring us inside right now. There's no time for stupid fights when there's a hellgoddess after me!"

"Fine, but I'm keeping a close eye on Spike... Something's not right here," Peaches answers before turning on 'is heel and stomping through the front door of the hotel.

Niblet looks at me wearily before coming closer an' followin' me inside.

"Angel! What is he doing here?" a familiar-looking brunette shrieks before standing up and stomping her foot.

"Apparently he's here to help Buffy, but I find that pretty hard to believe."

"But... but, the last time he was here, he kidnapped you and had some weird vampire guy stick you with hot pokers!" the brunette yells, crossing her arms as she looks over at me.

Not wantin' to waste anymore time, I step in, "I'm reformed, luv. Helping the helpless and all that rot."

"He is, Cordelia! Changed, I mean," Bit backs me up, and I can't fight the small smile that creeps onto my face.

"Are you sure he doesn't have her in a thrall?" the brunette, who I now remember as the Cordelia bird, asks as she turns to Angel.

"As annoying as it is to admit it, I think Dawn actually enjoys Spike's company. Hard to believe, I know."

"Hey! There's plenty a' people who enjoy my company! I have a very charming personality," I argue, smirking as I cross my arms.

"As if!" Cordelia yells, and if I didn't know any better, I'd think she was about to stick her tongue out at me.

"Hey, where's Wes?" Peaches asks, prolly tryin' to calm her down as he looks around the lobby of the crappy hotel.

"He said he had to go somewhere. Wouldn't say where, but apparently it was very important," she replies with an eye roll.

"Oh, that's weird..." Peaches comments, getting that constipated broody look on his face.

"Yeah, yeah. Now, just give me the tickets to wherever the 'ell we're goin' and I'll be outta yer poofy hair-gelled face," I order, holding out a hand as I wait for some kinda ticket to materialize in it.

"Thank god! The sooner he leaves, the better," Cordelia murmurs, addin' a pair of eyes to glare at me. What's that they say? Thanks PTB that glaring daggers at a bloke doesn't dust 'im? Nah, that's not it...

"Buffy said she wanted you two as far away as possible, but I think that keeping you in California would be the best bet. It's the last place Glory will think to look, since you're practically right under her nose."

"I don't like this idea! Where's Whoawhattanation when you need it?!" Lil' Bit exclaims, not even bothering to hide the panick in 'er voice.

"Whereamarranation, y'mean," I whisper to 'er, causing 'er to slap me in the arm. 'Parently, she's not up fer jokes.

"Also, don' ya think goin' 'gainst the Slayer's wishes would be bonkers? She's good at 'er job 'Gelus; obviously knows what she's doin'," I say, havin' a moment of actual reverance fer the bird who's been makin' my unlife an unlivin' 'ell. Where'd that come from?

"Yeah, I know she's kicked your ass dozens of times on numerous occasions. I was there, remember? However, I'm doing this for her own good. She's so stressed she obviously hasn't thought it through. I'm just doing what she'd do if she were in her right mind."

"Buffy is totally in her right mind!" Bit argues, coming out from behind me to glare daggers at him. 'Least I've got a pair on my side now.

"Yer seriously gonna go 'gainst what the Slayer said?" I ask, gobsmacked. If I ever did that, I'd see the pointy end of a stake in no time. However, he is her... broody vampire, so she'll prolly just turn a lovesick blind eye to 'is ignoring of 'er wishes.

"She'll thank me in the long run. Trust me. Now, you two are going to the ruralest area possible. None of us know exactly where it is you're going for the sole purpose of plausible deniability if Glory decides to torture someone else for this information," he explains, holding out a sealed envelope.

I wince, thinkin' about the latest torture session with the hellbitch. Unthinkin'ly, I put a hand over the place where she stuck 'er finger through, "Yer an idiot fer going against the Slayer, but if this is all we've got..." I snark, annoyed with myself for lettin' the bitch get to me. I then proceed to rip the envelope out of 'is hand and hit him in the back of the head with it.

This time, the Cordelia bird puts a hand on Angel's shoulder, visibly calming 'im down enough to not go into gameface, but even so, he reverts to 'is old accent, "Just get outta 'ere, Spike. No one needs ya runnin' yer mouth 'round the clock fer longer than strictly necessary."

"Gladly. Nice doin' business with ya, Captain Forehead." With that, I place my hand on Niblet's upper back, leadin' her back outside to the Desoto.

She gets into the driver's side, but I shake my head, "One time deal, Niblet. Scoot over." After she does as told, I slip inside next to 'er.

With that, I screech out of the parking spot, leavin' a healthy dose of tread marks in its wake.

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