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Seven years later found the two soul mates living in the suburbs of San Francisco. Dean didn't particularly like the city, but Cas loved being by the beach and neither could deny the beauty of the city or even their own little area of Sausalito. Plus there was an aura of acceptance in the entire area that made Dean more comfortable. Even after being with Cas for so long, he was still sometimes self-conscious of being with a guy in public.

Sam had met his soul mate five years previously, a pretty little blonde named Jessica that had immediately taken a friendly interest in Cas and the two were close friends even with the age difference. Both Sam and his soul mate were going to Stanford and Dean saw his brother quite a lot since they lived so close, but he was happy nonetheless living with Cas.

After that one day, things had become extremely smooth between them. Everyone immediately noticed the change, and Sam even used to make jokes at how clingy they were with each other, but neither cared. After graduating school, Dean had stuck around until Cas graduated and they'd both left for California where Cas went to a medical school to become a gynecologist while Dean learned mechanics and was the manager for a car shop not too far from their house.

Cas still painted, but only as a hobby. He had his own art room in their house and sometimes he would have Dean or one of their friends pose for him to paint. There were paintings of Dean covering all four walls of that room though; ones from their teenage years, ones of them together from Cas' memory, and ones he painted from pictures he would sometimes take of Dean that Dean didn't know about until the paintings were revealed to him. But their prized possession, the first painting Cas ever did of Dean, that one hung in the living room for all to see. Sometimes he would catch himself, or even Cas, just staring at it, reminiscing in how things were before. Half the time he missed when they were young, but he didn't want to live any other life than the one he was in just then.

Cas worked in the city, having just graduated university the year before. Every night he would come home and the two would have dinner together, maybe watch a movie, go for a walk, have a few drinks on the weekends or sometimes go out with a couple friends that lived nearby. Then one January night, as they were out on a sunset walk at the pier near their neighborhood, Dean pulled out a small box from the pocket of his favorite leather jacket and knelt before Cas.

"Castiel Novak," he said slowly, "will you marry me?"

Cas nodded and whispered, "Yes." Dean slipped a solid band of gold onto his finger and stood to envelop him in a hug, burying nose in Cas' neck. After a long moment, Cas pulled away, a wide smile on his face. "You really didn't have to ask," he said quietly. Dean laughed and silenced him with a deep kiss, holding his soul mate close.

It was a small wedding that took place on the beach in early June; they invited only their families and a few friends. Dean was dressed in a fitted black suit while Cas donned an off-white one. Sam stood behind Dean as best man and Cas' good friend Gabriel stood behind him, sniffling slightly as they said their vows. Normally, Dean would have shot him a glare for being a little sack of emotions, but he was far too busy trying to eye-fuck his husband with thoughts of their honeymoon even as he said "I do." There was a loud cheer as the two kissed and congratulations were in order as everyone migrated to the real affair: the party.

The reception passed without consequence and it was late into the night that Dean and Cas retired; after cutting the cake and shoving it in each other's faces, after popping far too many bottles of champagne, and after nearly having to tear Gabriel from Sam's side where he'd drank too much and made even Jess angry trying to pick up Sam, they were both exhausted, but Dean had a few plans in mind that required an early start in the morning.

Everyone dispersed and the newlyweds were left alone in their house. Dean was lying in bed, arms behind his head, when Cas sauntered in through the doorway, mostly drunk and wearing only black silk boxers. Dean smirked at Cas and drank in the sight of him. It never got old, no matter how many times they'd seen each other naked, Dean always enjoyed looking at Cas. His favorite time though was post-sex.

Cas crawled onto the bed on top of Dean and sloppily kissed him. He tasted of alcohol and Dean laughed into his mouth, pulling him down to the bed. "Babe, you should sleep. We've got to get up early and you're gonna have a massive hangover already." Cas giggled at him and Dean rolled his eyes, pulling the sheets over his husband and holding him tight.

"Hey, Dean," Cas whispered a little while later, his voice sleepy.


"Will you tell me where we're going tomorrow?" His words were surprisingly clear as he looked at Dean in the darkness.

Dean just smiled mischievously. "It's a surprise!"

"I don't like surprises."

"If I tell you, will you go to sleep?"


"Then I'm not telling you."

"Okay, yes, I will. Just tell me, please," he whined, kissing Dean lightly with a smile.

Dean sighed. "We're going…" he whispered, "to Greece."

"Greece?!" Cas exclaimed. Dean just nodded. He knew Cas had always wanted to go to Greece and he'd been saving up enough money for a long time for them to go there on their honeymoon. "I love you, Dean," he added in a happy sigh.

"I know," Dean replied, kissing his nose. "Now go the hell to sleep." Cas protested feebly, but his alcohol riddled mind soon shut down and Dean was left awake with his husband curled against his chest.

Dean's mind ran over the wedding and he thought back to when they had first met. When he first hit Cas with his car, there had been some part of him that must have realized they were meant to be, but at the time Dean didn't know it. But there, as he lay beside his soul mate, he kissed the top of his head and he knew. From somewhere in the house he heard the soft chime of a clock signaling midnight.

"I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you, but I'm so glad I did," he whispered into Cas' curly hair. "You're mine, always have been, always will be. My soul mate."