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Random circumstances make miracles what they are.

Shintarou vs. Kouki

Midorima weaves past the crowd with practiced ease. After all, no one can dare stand in the way of a scowling and very large high school student – except a much smaller brunette, who is sweating buckets. Kouki Furihata is not suicidal but sometimes, Akashi's requests come with a heavy price.

"He-hello," Furihata says and he mentally curses his tongue (oh, the humiliation) for making him stutter like that. "Akashi-kun told me that I'll be meeting with another uke and—"

He trails off and wonders where Midorima's partner is.

And then, his mind makes a comical clicking sound because he gets it now.

Midorima is…

"Oh my fucking kami[1]." Furihata is gaping like a half-dead fish and Midorima's frown deepens.

The stick in the mud then adds, "Language, please."

Tatsuya vs. Taiga

It is all because of Kuroko's favor that Kagami finds himself in the middle of Tokyo, shopping for boxers. Kagami knows that Kuroko has no apparent sense of humor and there is no way in hell that this is an elaborate prank – maybe it is but he wants to give his lover the benefit of the doubt.

He turns the last corner to the depaato[2] before he stops short from seeing a familiar face among the crowd. "Tatsuya?" he calls out and the older male grins at him, with a paper bag of snacks(?) in tow.

"I did not expect to see you here, Taiga." Himuro attempts to recall Murasakibara's orders: 1) go to Tokyo, 2) –mfget limited edition wasamfbi Pocky, 3) debate whomf has better seme. Murasakibara manages an Akashi's orders in between chews. "So, you bottom too?"

"Wha—" Kagami flushes furiously before the last word sinks in. "Too?! You mean—"

Himuro nods and Kagami cannot believe that he and his surrogate brother are both receiving ends of the stick, dirty pun unintended.

Makoto vs. Daiki

"Get out of my way, dumbass." Hanamiya is beyond furious as he meets the gaze of none other than Aomine Daiki, who is equally irritated.

Aomine is – admittedly – not the brightest and he retaliates by insulting the point guard. "You get out of my way, pipsqueak."

Hanamiya vows to cripple Aomine's tanned ass the next time they duke it out on the court.

It seems that they are heading the same way – although, Hanamiya is discreetly keeping a 10 meter distance from Aomine. They enter Maji's and sit at adjacent tables. Aomine wants out but Akashi will skewer him if he doesn't comply. Besides, the lovely blonde likes their ex-captain's idea.

So, Aomine decides to wait for…

In an odd twist of fate, Hanamiya is too.

Few minutes into the silence, they come to realize that the person – devil's incarnate in Hanamiya's case – they are anticipating is already here. They stare at each other as their brains scream




respectively. What they will do to their boyfriends afterwards, nobody knows.

[1] kami - god

[2] depaato - department store