Bender walked along the cold, dead ground, as he had so for the last few years. As a robot, he didn't tire or age, he was immortal, as long as he wasn't killed by another, he could live for eternity.

Something he cursed every day.

He thought of the others, Amy, Leela, Fry, Hermes, the Professor, Zoidberg… all the friends taken from him.

It all happened so fast, defcons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… finally, the Omicronians, violent and dimwitted, went to war with Earth. Eventually, after all the fighting, mindless slaughter, Earth was destroyed.

Missiles rained from the sky, wiping out anything they hit. Fry, Leela, and the others decided to flee in the Planet Express ship. Bender watched their flight. They were in the atmosphere when a missile flew right threw the cockpit, incinerating anything inside, sending pieces of rubble flying in every direction.

For once, tragedy was truly tragic to Bender.

He hid in the caverns beneath Planet Express until the attacks stopped. When he emerged, everything was gone. The planet was a dry desert wasteland. From the looks of it, survivors would be few and far between, or there would be none at all.

So he walked. He walked for days, weeks, months. He never stopped. He was desperate to find life. Anything! A freaking pine cone would be enough.

But Bender was the last thing alive. Everyone else was gone.

Bender, after six years of walking, stopped. He had an idea. He quickly grabbed the handle on his chest, opened his chest compartment, and grabbed a switch.

It read On/Off

Bender was incapable of crying, but he let out a few sobs before gripping the lever, and closing his eyes.


His lifeless body tumbled on the ground, lost among the desert that was now Earth. He never saw the others again.


Just a quick thing I wanted to write, didn't put much effort in it, wrote it in about six minutes, hope you enjoyed, read and review, I guess.