Fair warning to you – from here on out, there are major spoilers. If you haven't read Hidden, your head will blow off in surprise. (I'm not kidding. Even the next paragraph has spoilers. Plus, it's hard to clean up brains – believe me, I know – so don't let your head fly off.)

I warned you. In this story, I tried to keep everything the same except for one detail – Jack didn't die. (Told ya so! Have fun cleaning those brains.) Neferet still tried to kill him, but Damien saved him. Plus, I added a new character on my own (Maya Frost.) Please accept her. She loves you! (Creeper smiley...0.o)

Also, I haven't read the HON in a long, long time. I don't even know why I'm writing about it. Maybe because I'm bored. Yeah, that's probably it. Anyways, some details could be off (eye colour, hair, minor plot twists.) I'll try not to be too off, only brushing on some things, because I don't want you to have to clean up more brains.

ALSO – Neferet wasn't shunned. (More brains, I get it.) She's still in the House of Night, Aurox is her total and complete servant (no feelings for our Z.) Grandma Redbird was never captured – BUT Erin is still going bad with Dallas, and Shaylin has the water element. That's all!

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the House of Night. Nothing. Nada. I do not even own one word. Although, that'd be cool. Even if it was just one word.