Zoey's POV

I woke up to screaming.

"Stop it! Stop it! Go away! Stop!"

I groaned. My head was on fire, and I still saw white. Slowly, my eyesight cleared and I managed to stand. My friends were all waking up as well. Maya was on the bed, sitting up, her hands over her ears and screaming her head off.

Her Mark was filled in with a brilliant, emerald green.

"Shh!" I scolded, not wanting Neferet to come. It was a miracle she hadn't already. "Please, stop screaming!"

Surprisingly, she did.

She looked up at me with terrified eyes. "They're everywhere! They're everywhere!"

"What's everywhere?" Damien groaned, getting up off the floor. Dusting off his jeans, he sat down next to me and Maya.

She whimpered slightly. "Ghosts."

And even though it didn't make sense, it did. She froze in shock before because she saw somebody dead. Her green Mark let her see dead people. And now, because she was a full Vampyre, she was seeing everyone who'd ever died.

"Maya, look at me," I said softly as everyone else began getting up. "Look at me." Her flickering eyes stopped, staring right into mine. They seemed to glow brighter than before, and I felt some sort of power emitting from her, but I had to keep her focused.

She whispered softly, "Are you dead?"

The question was one you wouldn't think was serious but she totally meant it.

"No," I replied. "No, I'm not dead." I pointed to Damien. "He's not dead." I gestured to Stevie Rae. "She's not dead either."

Maya contemplated this, and then said, "Am I dead?"


"Then why are they here?"

'They' being ghosts.

"Listen, Maya," I said, holding her hand. "You have to look at me. I'm alive. I'm real. I must be different from them."

Reluctantly, her wandering eyes focused on me. She didn't reply for what seemed like an eternity, but finally she hissed, "You're brighter."

I didn't know what that meant but I went with it. "Yes. Yes, I am. Focus on that. I'm alive. They're not. They're not brighter. Focus, Maya, focus!"

And somehow, she did. She blinked once and her bright eyes dimmed slightly, back to a normal colour, the way they were before. "They're gone," she whispered. "Gone, they're gone!"

"You can control it," I said, laughing. "Maya, do you know what this means? You're the most powerful Vampyre ever!"

"Z," Stark, who had been quiet for this whole time, finally spoke. "That power's dangerous."

He was right. "If Neferet finds out –," I began, but was interrupted by the door crashing open.

"Speak of the devil," Shaunee muttered.

"Zoey, what is going on in here?" Neferet cried. "I can sense someone's powers."

We all knew who that was, but Neferet couldn't know.

"Well, you see –," Damien began, probably beginning a very clever lie, but Neferet interrupted once again.

"Maya's Changed, has she?" Neferet said, smiling evilly. "Well, that 'changes' things, pardon the pun."

"Actually, it was kind of clever," Damien said. He stood protectively in front of Jack, who was trying desperately not to be seen.

"Dragon," she snapped, bored of Damien's games.

Dragon, who had been crushed since Anastasia's death, stepped into the room. Brandishing his sword, he quickly walked over to Maya. "You can come with me quietly," he said under his breath, "or I can make you come."

"Hey!" I cried before Maya could reply. "You can't do that!"

"Maya really has no choice," Neferet scolded me, talking as if I should know. "I am her High Priestess."

"No," I snapped, "she's her own High Priestess as she's the only one who's Marked that way."

"We have already discussed this, Zoey," she snapped as Dragon held his sword to Maya's throat. "She is a broken thing, of no use to us. I shall find out what her Mark means and then figure out what to do with her."

"I'm never going with you," Maya hissed, "never."

"We shall see," Neferet chuckled. "Dragon. Next step."

In a flash, Dragon moved his sword from Maya's neck to Damien's. Jack yelped, but Damien remained strong, simply tilting his neck back a bit. "You don't come," she snarled, "he dies."

She had trapped us. None of us could beat Dragon and she knew it. Also, I couldn't summon the elements properly – my headache was still there and I couldn't focus on a summoning. By the strained look on Damien's face, he couldn't either.

"Stop!" Maya cried, standing up. "I'll come."

"I knew you would," Neferet laughed. "Come."

She left without another word. Dragon kept his sword at Damien's neck, waiting for Maya to leave. "You don't have to go," Damien began, but Dragon pushed the sword deeper.

"Maya –," I began, but Dragon shot me a threatening look and I shut up. Maya looked at me, and in the second we locked eyes a thousand emotions passed between us. Fear. Hate. Loathing. But most of all, she was trying to tell me she'd be okay.

As she left, Dragon followed, closing the door with a click. I had a feeling a lot more was being closed – Maya's life, say.

That's the end of this chapter So…halfway through I realized Dragon died in Destined. Sorry! So I'm just clearing it up that Dragon DID NOT DIE in Destined in this FanFiction…thanks guys!