Zoey's POV

An hour after Maya had left and after about ten heated arguments, Nyx spoke in all our minds. I cannot say this easily. Maya is dead, she said.

We all gasped. "Dead? Like, Neferet killed her, dead?" I asked.

No, Nyx replied. The whole point of Marking Maya green and giving her those powers was just to spite Neferet. I knew Maya would rather die than serve Neferet, so I let this all happen just to show Neferet that not all things are within her reach.

"So Maya killed herself?" I asked, but I couldn't help feeling annoyed at our goddess. Did she think about how Maya would feel?

Yes, came the reply. Yes, she did. And now Neferet knows I can beat her at her own game.

"That's harsh," Shaunee blurted out. "Too harsh."

There came no reply.

And in my mind came a seed of doubt.

Maybe I'm alone after all.

But aren't we all alone, in essence?

It just depends on the person to make the most of it.


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