Fighting the signs

Chapter 1

Episode 3.04

It's been a couple of weeks since the charmed ones reemerged from the other parallel world and were trying to get back to their normal life's, while also preparing for a big battle. Jenett was standing in the center of a large drawing of the zodiac signs as seven men stood outside of the circle.

"Prue's is Scorpio, that should be interesting," she said and walked over to the symbol that looks like the scorpion and placed a living scorpion on top of it. She then waved her hand over it and a black billowing smoke formed into a man. He was dressed like her other men mostly in black with a short sleeved black shirt. On his forearm a symbol appeared that looks like an M as a weapon also materialized into his hand. It was a chain and had a spike at the end of it with a slight curve and dripped a thick liquid. His pants had round metal buttons going up the side and his belt buckle had an image of the scorpion in brass. "I always did like steam punk," she said as his outfit represented the style. She walked over the symbol for Gemini. She placed a sculpture of two women on the symbol and out of black smoke arose twins. They were wearing hoods that had a abstract tribal design on it. In their hands were bows that were two different colors, on the top part was white and the bottom was black and had the same style steam punk as the other. "Light and dark," she said and walked over for the symbol for Leo. "And Paige," she said and placed a Lyons tooth on the symbol. A man formed out of black smoke. He was wearing a leather cowboy hat and long leather coat that was a throwback from the wild wild West days. His guns were also in the steam punk faction as the symbol for Leo appeared on his forearm like the others. "Prue and Phoebe share the same sign so you will need to pick which one to go after first. They all nodded and then dissipated away as Pitivo walked over to Jenett.

"They might actually kill them," he said.

"Yes and that would be truly tragic, but they have a new member since they have returned from what I understand, another sister," she said and walked into her holding room. "My inventory needs emptying call some clients for me."

"As you wish," he said and kissed her passionately.

"Merripen keep an eye on our little experiment," she said and he nodded and then sneezed," And for God's sake take a allergy pill."

Phoebe was in the living room reading the newspaper as Piper came in and sat down.

"Phoebe we need to talk," Piper said but Phoebe was apparently too focused on the horoscope section and did not reply until Piper pulled the newspaper down.

"What?" Phoebe asks.

"About Prue I think we need to get her help," Piper replied.

"What about you?"

"What about me?" Piper asks.

"I know you have been going to the cemetery," Phoebe replied.

"We all have our ways of dealing with what happened but don't you think her's takes precedence over mine?"

"Ok Piper I would love to get help for Prue but if she does not want to, there is not much we can do," Phoebe said and Piper leaned back in her chair coming to the realization that her sister was right.

"What are you reading anyway?" Piper asks.

"horoscope's what to know yours for today?"

"Phoebe don't tell me you believe in that crap?"

"Piper after everything we've seen, really?" Phoebe asks confounded at her sister's reluctance to believe in it.

"On a different note what about Paige, she needs to be here, but I don't know if I'm ready for that or if she is," Piper asks.

"Let's see what you're horoscope says," Phoebe said and Piper rolled her eyes. "Think before you speak on Monday. If you use the wrong words, a close associate will be very offended. Put the past behind you when Jupiter turns direct in Gemini on Wednesday. It's wise to focus on the future. Love lessons may come your way on Thursday. Look at the experience as a course in Romantic Education 101. Try to take it easy on Sunday. A little rest and relaxation will put you back on track mentally, emotionally, and physically."

Piper could not help but snort as she got up." I wonder yours is for today, besides don't irritate an older sister?"

"That's everyday," Phoebe said and began to look at her's." A family member will need your undivided attention on Monday. Be prepared to put your schedule on hold for a while. You'll breathe a big sigh of relief on Tuesday. A cherished wish will finally come true. Be mindful of your actions when the Moon in Scorpio is quincunx Uranus on Saturday. If you decide to ride a bicycle, wear a helmet. Your sense of personal power will kick up a notch on Sunday. No one will be allowed to intimidate you!" Phoebe said and she raised her eyebrow as Paige came in.

"What a jack ass," she said as she walked past them and up to the attic.

"Paige what are you doing?" Piper asks as she followed her up.

"A spell to make him what he is," Paige replied as she went to the book. Piper put her hand on it to keep her baby sister from doing something they all would regret.

"Ok calm down and tell us what happened and you can't use the book for that," Piper said as Paige slumped a little and removed her hands from the book.

"He got the promotion and not me, even though I did all the leg work," she replied.

"What are you talking about?" Phoebe asks and put the newspaper on the table.

"There was a case I was working on for weeks to get a family some financial help and after I got all the information and all the paperwork filled out, he took the case from me because I was gone for a couple of days. You know stuck in zombie land, which I could not explain," Paige replied.

"Oh, yeah," Piper said.

"Sorry honey but we can't use the book for that reason and before you say anything, I know it sucks but trust me it will backfire," Phoebe said.

"Fine," Paige said.

"What sign are you?" Phoebe asks.

"God Phoebe are you that desperate?" Paige asks as she has heard that pickup line all her life.

"Nooooo, I was just curious," Phoebe replied

"Leo and don't tell me you believe in the whole, you will find your love today nonsense," Paige said.

"See I am not the only one," Piper said jubilantly.

"Your assertive side will be on display when the Moon in Leo opposes Mars on Monday. Don't become aggressive when interacting with others. Your to-do list will overflow with chores on Thursday. Consider delegating some of the tasks to a loved one. An issue relating to your tax situation could crop up on Friday. Expert advice may be needed to resolve the matter. Stick to the truth on Sunday. You'll get caught if you tell a little white lie!" Phoebe said.

"Really," Piper said and smiled a bit.

"That makes no sense and it's an algorithm and they spit these things out like fortune cookies," Paige said as she got up to leave.

"Where are you going?" Piper asks.

"And don't lie," Phoebe chimed in and Paige gave her a hard look.

"Back to work to tell one," Paige said and started to leave as Piper followed her nervously.

"Paige can we talk?" Piper asks.

"Careful," phoebe said as she recalled Piper's Horoscope but she just ignored her.

"What?" Paige asks irritated as she was late from her lunch break.

"I think we need to talk about you moving in," Piper said.

"Now, first I don't have time now and what's wrong with my apartment?"

"Well nothing I am just saying we are stronger together under one roof," Piper said.

"You know we need to get ready for the Queen of wands," Phoebe added.

"Guys I just met you and no offense but you can't just expect me to have sisterly moments mostly because I didn't have growing up," Paige said and started heading out again.

"We know Paige and I know its going to take time, but unfortunately evil doesn't wait so the sooner we try to connect to each other the better," Piper said as she continued to follow her.

"She's right Paige and Leo is great with his hands," Phoebe said and realized it came out wrong as Paige gave her a somewhat disgusted look. "No that is not what I meant, he could do something with the attic or add another room."

"I need to get back to work ok, can we talk about this later?" Paige asks but did not wait for response as she headed out the front door.

"That went well," Piper said as Andy and Leo came in the front.

"Hay what are you two doing together?" Phoebe asks.

"Talking to Darrell about the situation," Leo replied.

"How did it go?" Phoebe asks.

"Good we came up with a excuse of why I faked my death and they bought it, so I start work next week," Andy replied.

"Does Prue know?" Piper asks.

"No I was going to call her later but I need to start looking for a place to live," Andy replied.

Prue was at the club as it was her day to help out. She was putting some glasses away when a man appeared in black smoke. "Piper is going to be pissed," she said as she came out from around the bar. She noticed the symbol on his arm as he swung a chain with the sharp tip at the end at her. She dove out of the way as it came crashing down and right through the bar causing pieces of wood to spread out in all directions.

"Who are you?" she demand but he said nothing as he spun around to get more momentum with the chain. She tried to use her powers but the tip of the chain was already on its way around, so she leaned back just enough as the tip missed her by millimeters. She could feel something wet hit her face as it went by. She then tried again and was able to send him backwards but he stayed on his feet and slid, like he was on ice. He smiled and brought back the chain to send it again. Prue made a run for it as the heavy metal ball at the end cut through chairs and tables like butter and extended its reach as the tip made a cut into her back. She arched and fell to her knees as the poison entered her body causing the area that was sliced to turn slightly black. She immediately felt weak as the room began to spin while she went to her hands. "Leo," she whispered as she looked up slightly and could see the spiky metal ball coming back down in a reflection off a piece of metal that line the wall at the bottom. She rolled to her side as it crashed down, breaking the concrete next to her. The poison was fast acting and she could no longer move and could hear the metal scratching on the concrete as it was being pulled back to its controller. Leo and Piper orbed in with Phoebe and just as the man was about to bring the object back down, Leo ran to Prue and orbed her out of the way.

"Hay buddy, this is my work," Piper said and put her hands up to freeze him but he quickly alter the direction of his weapon and it was now heading towards her as her power did not work. She dove out of the way just as it came down on a table, cutting it in half. Phoebe went into action and while he was busy pulling it back, she rushed him and did a drop kick right into his chest. The force was enough to make him leave his feet as Phoebe got back on hers. He landed on the hard floor as she got ready to fight again. Leo was healing Prue and Piper was next to them when her fear turned to rage and she stood and was determined for her freeze power to work. She focused all of her energy and flicked her wrist but something different happened as the man was hit by some kind of explosive force, sending him into the wall. He looked at his chest and then dissipated into black smoke and was gone. Piper looked at her hands as Leo finished healing Prue.

"What was that?" Phoebe asks.

"I – I don't know," Piper replied.

"Thanks guys because my powers were not working too well on him," Prue said as she walked up to them.

"Are you ok?" Phoebe asks while moving some hair out of her older sisters face.

"Yeah still a little weak, but much better. I think he poisoned me," Prue replied.

"Piper," Leo said as she was focused on her hands and a little confused.

"Leo I don't know what that was," she said as her normal power felt much different this time.

"Who was he?" Phoebe asks.

"I don't know but he had a M on his arm, actually it kind of looked like the sign for Scorpio," Prue replied.

"You mean zodiac?" Piper asks.

"That would be different, to be attacked by our zodiac signs," Prue said as Piper looked at Phoebe.

"Don't look at me I just read them," Phoebe said as she was getting the looked like it was her fault.

"We need to warn Paige," Leo said and was about to orb away.

"Wait Leo what's wrong with my power?" Piper asks.

"I will check with the elders," Leo replied and gave her a kiss before he left. Prue found a chair that was not broken and sat down as Piper went and got her a drink of water.

"Piper isn't yours Gemini?" Phoebe asks.

"Yeah why?"

"The twins," Prue replied.

To be continued..