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Chapter 2

Leo the lion

Paige was getting out of her car as a man appeared in black smoke a few feet away from her in the parking lot. He lit a short cigar as she looked up and got a good look at him. Either there was a old Western costume convention in town or he was something else. She may have been new to the craft but she was a quick learner and as he used his finger to move the rim of his hat up so he could see her clearly, she could see the darkness in his eyes. He opened his leather coat to reveal his guns as he gave a wicked grin while also showing his belt buckle that had the symbol for Leo the lion on it.

"You have to be kidding me," she said as his hand quickly drew his gun. She put her hands over her face and orbed out of instinct and the bullet traveled through the blue sparkles as she orbed back. She was always slightly dazed when she materialized back as he got ready to fire again.

"Gun!" she yelled and the object of destruction orbed out of his hand and into hers. She looked at it for a moment and then tossed it to the side as he rushed her. She looked around and saw a trashcan a few feet from her. "Trashcan!" she yelled and the metal container orbed and then re-materialized hitting the man in the chest. The impact took him off his feet and he disappeared in black smoke. She let out a sigh of relief as she decided to get back into her car and get back to the manner is apparently their signs were attacking them. She put the key in and was ready to start when he appeared in the backseat and put his hand over her mouth. He then fired his other gun through the driver seat and the bullet penetrated with ease through both the seat and Paige's chest. She did not hear the gun go off but she did feel the burning and the dizziness as she tried to orb, but because of being injured found that task impossible at the moment. His hand was over her mouth and screaming for Leo was not a option as the pain was setting in and her body was going into shock. She could see blood splatter dripping from the windshield and knew it was her own. She fought hard to remove his hand as she could hear the clicking sound of the gun being primed for another shot.

Leo and the others orbed into the parking lot and once they set eyes on Paige's Volkswagen bug, they stopped breathing as the windshield was covered with wet liquid.

"Leo," Piper said and he ran to the car with the others in tow. The man in the back seat could see them coming and decided to fight another day and was gone in black smoke. Once his hand was removed from Paige's mouth she took in a desperately needed inhale.

"Leo," she whispered as she was losing consciousness. Leo opened the driver side door and immediately began his healing as the other sisters waited impatiently for him to be complete. Paige shot her eyes open as the pain was gone but her windshield was still covered in her own blood. If this was the first time she has seen this kind of carnage, she would have vomited on the spot. But she has been desensitized in a very short period of time and only cringed as she stepped out. Her other sisters immediately embraced her as Leo was pulled into the hug by Phoebe.

"Are you ok?" Prue asks.

"Did I just get attacked by my zodiac sign?" Paige asks as she pulled away from the hug.

"Yap," Phoebe replied.

"Was it because I made fun of it earlier, it's not that I don't believe in astrology considering everything I've seen so far, it's just the hokey horoscope stuff," Paige said.

"No Paige my guess is it's the Queen of wands sending them after us," Piper said.

"I don't understand if she is so powerful than why not just come and kill us?" Prue asks.

"She wants us to suffer first apparently," Piper replied.

In the Queen of wands layer she was eating dinner while watching video of the charmed ones that was captured by hidden cameras she has placed anywhere their were attacked. In the background the song cell-block tango from Chicago was playing. Pitivo walked in and could hear the song.

"You know that song worries me," he said.

"Why are you planning on cheating on me?" she asks.

"Not less I seek the afterlife," he replied and sat down next to her.

"This footage will bring me much better bids," she said as she drank some red wine.

"They are doing well against what we sent after them," he said.

"Unfortunately I can't see into the manner for some reason, so I still have no idea where they disappeared too and Pitivo I don't like being in the dark," she said.

"Merripen is seeking that information," he said and kissed her hand and she put her other hand on his face.

"I do love you," she said softly.

"And I you," he said softly back and they kissed.

All four sisters were in the attic looking through the book for answers on how to deal with their new not so friendly visitors. Piper decided to take this opportunity to bring up a sore subject.

"Prue, Phoebe and I think you need to talk to someone," Piper said as Prue continued to look through the book, although there was a slight twitch in her eyes she pretended to ignore the suggestion. "Prue, its not a sign of weakness."

"I found something," Prue said as Piper and Phoebe looked at each other showing a little frustration.

"Prue I know a lot of counselors where I work," Paige added but got the same cold shoulder as her other sisters.

"Ok we need a shield that uses the element of water and the stone of Topaz. The Shield of Achilles," Prue said and turned the book around to show them a picture. Around the outside was carvings of what looked like ancient Greek life as in the center was the zodiac signs. " It was forged by Poseidon," she finished.

"Oh that should be easy to get," Piper said.

"Leo could you -?

"Yeah I will check with them, but Prue you should get help," he said and orbed away. Prue looked at the dissipating blue and white orbs and then gave a slight tilt of her head showing her exasperation. She said nothing as she walked past them in a quick and almost panic step.

"Prue wait," Piper said as she followed Prue to the hallway and expected her to either turn around and send her flying or just go to her room and slammed the door. But instead Prue stopped and placed one hand on the wall and seemed to be using it for support as she tried to get her bearings. Piper could see her body was shaking slightly and went to her as Paige and Phoebe were looking through the book for the other zodiac signs they had to fight. "Prue are you ok?" she asks worriedly while fighting the need to hold her as she was not sure how she would react.

"I'm fine I just need some space and I can't deal with all of you pushing me right now. We also have some demons to kill," she replied as her head was lowered while her eyes were squeezed shut.

"Prue we are just worried about you," Piper said and put her hand on Prue's shoulder.

Prue rotated her shoulder to get Piper's hand off of and her voice changed. "Don't touch me," she said sternly or pointing her shaking finger at Piper.

"I'm sorry," Piper said while playing with her hands in front of her as she was not sure what to do with them at the moment.

Prue removed her hand from the wall and headed to her bedroom where she slammed the door. Piper walked over to the wooden barrier that kept her from her sister and could hear crying on the other side. Prue was not one to cry easily and had to be suffering greatly in order for her to let salty water escape freely. Piper put her hand on the door and looked at the doorknob, she wanted to go in but Prue would just send her out. She walked back into the attic where her other two sisters found something else.

"How is she?" Phoebe asks.

"I don't know, as long as we are fighting demons she seems to be okay but the moment we bring it up or she has some time to think about it, she breaks down," Piper replied.

"She's always done that. Keeps herself busy to keep herself from feeling," Phoebe said and showed Piper something in the book.

"Nemean lion was supposedly able to be turned into everlasting clothing or impenetrable suits of armor. Its element is fire and requires the stone Peridot and can be used on Scorpio," Paige said as she looked at the way to kill the man that came after her.

"What about the twins?" Piper asks.

"Um Golden Apple of Discord," Phoebe replied and could not help but smile and waited for Piper to react as she knew she would not be impressed with hers.

"A Apple, you guys get a shield and impenetrable armor and I get a dam Apple?" Piper said and rolled her eyes while turning around and went to sit down.

"Well it's the Apple of discord," Paige said while nodding hoping the discord part would make it more fierce. Piper was not amused by the attempt. "Ok wedding of Peleus and Thetis, thus sparking a vanity-fueled dispute between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite that eventually led to the Trojan War. Used to signify the core, kernel, or crux of an argument, or a small matter that could lead to a bigger dispute. See now that has to make you feel better," she added but Piper still was not impressed.

"Okay so they're twins so it puts them against each other?" Phoebe asks.

"Looks that way," Paige replied.

"You don't need a Apple for that, just a Malibu Barbie," Piper said as she recalled when they were kids arguing about who's Malibu Barbie was who's. Paige was slightly confused as she never had those arguments.

"It was mine," Phoebe said as Leo orbed back in.

"There are three objects you will need," he said and before he could continue.

"Let me guess, a shield, impenetrable armor and get this an Apple," Piper said.

"Why do I go up there again?" he asks as they clearly found the answer.

"Because they will call you eventually. We do have one problem we have no idea where to get these," Phoebe said as Prue walked in. Her eyes were red and her face was slightly chapped from the crying, but she tried to put on the strong face everyone was used to seeing.

"Petra," Prue said as she was holding a old book of ancient cities.

"Isn't that the one carved into the mountainside?" Paige asks.

"That's the one," Prue replied.

"It's already been excavated and they didn't find anything," Piper added.

"Unless the archaeologists were magical, they probably wouldn't. It was the Mecca trading route and rumored to stash magical items," Prue said.

"Looks like we are going on a road trip," Paige said.

"Should we be worried about the dead meandering about the ghostly plane?" Phoebe asks.

"No they should be fine but we will need to take care of that soon, it's freaking out the people who were crossing over," Leo replied.

"Oh for gods sake they are ghost it's not like they can be eaten," Piper said.

"Leo do you know anything about any hidden chambers in Petra?" Prue asks.

"No not off hand but I do think you're right, that's probably where they are. I will go asks," he replied and was gone once again.

Phoebe's phone rang and when she answered it she smiled wide.

"Cole," she said.

"Hay Phoebe I know we got off on the wrong foot, especially with Prue but if it's not too presumptuous i would like to have dinner again?" he asks.

"Um its not the best time but I would love that," she said as everyone else remained quiet.

"Just call me when you have time," he siad and hung up the phone.

"Ok sounds good," Pheobe said and put her phone back in her pocket.

"Date sis?" Prue asks.

"If we live," Phoebe replied as Leo came back.

"Yes there is a secret chamber that only magical beings can find," Leo said.

"Well let's get this over with and my guess it won't be easy," Prue said as the sisters gathered some potions and Phoebe grabbed her knifes.

To be continued...