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Chapter 4

Sisters of discord

Everyone was still drying off from the last rooms assault on them. Their hair was damp but their clothing was devoid of moisture and they were leaning against the dark rock walls as the firelight flickered.

"Want a drink of water?" Piper asks Phoebe who was still recovering from the incident before.

"Nope I think I had my fill," she replied and smiled.

"We should get going before Mr. horny shows up," Prue said and stood up from the dirt ground.

"That's something I would not want to lose my virginity too," Paige said as she got up as well.

"Are you still a virgin?" Prue asks a little shocked.

"No," Paige replied in a somewhat high-pitched tone.

"How long have we been down here?" Piper asks and looked at her wristwatch.

"Too long and the sooner we get these weapons and kill our zodiacs, the sooner we get back to killing the Queen of wands," Prue replied and they began to walk forward. Piper used her power to blow up any block passageways.

"I wonder if we can use those weapons on her and the others?" Phoebe asks as Piper blew up another wall.

"Don't know," Prue replied while holding the shield. They finally came to another door that had a Apple on it. Phoebe went to push on but Prue grabbed her hand.

"Phoebe don't we have no idea what would happen," Prue said and Phoebe has had enough of being second guessed.

"You know what Prue I've had it, you don't think I am capable of anything," Phoebe said as she faced her oldest sister.

"Phoebe that is ridiculous," Piper said and now got the cold stair from Phoebe.

"Oh shut up Piper you don't make any decisions, you just go with the flow," Phoebe said.

"No I don't want to get us killed by pushing random buttons," Piper said as she put her hands on her hips.

Paige was viewing the exchange and looked at the door with the Apple carved into it. "Guys," she said but they just kept arguing.

"No I think things out first instead of just going by the seat of my pants," Piper's posture was straightening as the words flowed out of her mouth like a dagger tipped in poison. "You just go without thinking and one day your going to get us all killed."

"If I'm not mistaken I am the one who died back there, not you and I see that you gave air to precious Prue first," Phoebe said while her body was tensing.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Prue asks as Paige tried once more to get their attention.

"Guys the Apple!" Paige yelled as she too could feel its influence.

"Paige stay out if this!" Piper yelled.

"You know what exactly I mean Prue, you kidnapped Andy without even thinking of the consequences and how the hell do you think that is going to work anyway, you won't even let us touch you half to time how are you going to let him?" Phoebe asks and Prue's eyes narrowed as she removed her hands from her waist and tightened her fist.

"Oh come on Phoebe your so damn concerned about how grams feels about you that all you do is mope around all day, and frankly I'm getting tired of the pep talks," Piper said as they began to back away from each other.

"Piper please all you do is blame yourself for that girl's death and maybe if you were not so worried about being popular, you wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place," Phoebe's voice was beginning to rise and it echoed through the cavern.

"Yeah we know how you got popular," Prue said.

"Right Freebee, got it Prue that was mature. At least someone did not have to force themselves on me," Phoebe said and she wanted to bite her tongue off as the words felt like razor blades cutting through the air and hitting tender skin. Prue's eyes were now filled with rage and pain as she used her telekinesis to send Phoebe down the passageway.

"Enough the Apple is affecting all of us and we need to get control now!" Paige said as she helped Phoebe stand. Piper looked down at her hands and noticed they were in the firing position. Although she could not freeze her sisters she probably could definitely blow them up and was about to if Paige did not intervene. She put her hand on her stomach and turned away as she swallowed the extra saliva that was building in her mouth and tried desperately not to vomit. Phoebe got up and looked at Prue who was also looking at her hand.

"Prue I did not mean what I said," Phoebe's voice cracked.

"Its ok none of us meant it, Paige is right its the Apple," Prue said and took in a deep breath.

"Wait how come it did not affect you?" Piper asks Paige as she got control of her internal systems.

"Maybe because I don't know you guys that well yet, so I really don't have any ammo," Paige replied and they all took a moment to get their composure's back before addressing the door.

"Wow I can see how this can start a war," Piper added.

Prue looked over the carving but could not see any way it could be depressed." I'm not sure how this opens so why don't we try the old-fashioned way," she said and pushed on it. The door slid back and then to the side revealing a room. It was as large as the first one but this time there was no tubes coming from the top. In the center there were four circles that grew in size from the middle one to its outer ring. The stone that made the circles was a different color tile than the rest of the floor. There was also Latin writing in each one of them. Prue walked in with the others and the door shut behind them as they all stood for a moment waiting for a cave-in or something else that would put them into immediate peril. After a few agonizing moments they realized they were safe from whatever horror this room would descend upon them at the moment.

"Ok what does this mean?" Piper asks as she looked at the Latin writing.

"You know you guys really need to learn how to read this," Prue said and could feel the influence of the Apple piercing her very soul and she looked at Piper apologetically.

"Its ok I feel it too," Piper said as she tried to keep her sarcastic remark about learning Latin in.

"I remember this story," Phoebe said as she looked at the circles. "It represents an Apple the core in the middle and its outer layers. Didn't Zeus send some women to an arbitrator?"

"Yes his name was Paris he was a shepherd and would decide on who would get the Apple," Paige added and they all looked at her. "What I read."

"But there was only three of them that went and there are four of us," Piper said.

"No one will be the shepherd," Prue said while looking at Piper.

"Oh come on just because I'm the middle sister does not mean I am the arbitrator," Piper said while they all just looked at her. She slumped her body slightly knowing that this was a mute argument.

"I can get into the middle," Paige said and walked to the center but nothing happened. She shrugged her shoulders and started to walk out and accidentally stepped on the Latin writing for, Hera and it lit up. "Ok what does that mean?"

"Hera you represent her," Prue replied as Phoebe stepped on the outer circle and on the writing but it did not light up. She then moved to the other one and the words iilluminated. "

"Aphrodite," Prue said as she stepped on the Latin word for Athena and she gave a smirk as it now made more sense. Piper was about to step into the center when Prue stopped her. "Wait we need to go over this."

"Hera offered wealth, Aphrodite offered beauty and Athena victories in war," Prue said.

"Ok how does that help us?" Paige asks.

"My guess is that you guys will need to make an offer so you can get to me," Piper replied.

"That could be a problem, I don't exactly have money right now," Paige said.

"Then it's something symbolic. Ok Piper lets get this over with," Prue said and Piper took a very tentative step forward and stepped on the writing. It lit up in they could hear gears working in the background which for them was never a good sign. The tiles that made the circle around Piper began to rise and when she tried to step out she found she could not move, like her feet were glued to the floor.

"Guys I don't like this," Piper said worriedly as the stone continued its ascent upward until it towered above her head by at least 10 feet. The other circles did the same and they could only move when the stone was done moving.

"Can you guys hear me?" Prue asks but when she did not get any response she realized it was part of how this mechanism works. "Its ok, victories how the hell am I going to offer victories?" she said. Piper was could stretch out her arms in touch either side of her stone cage. She could now move but climbing out was not an option. "Now I wish I could levitate," she said while calling out their names but she too did not get any response. "Well on the bright side all I have to do is stand here," she said until she heard a piece of stone moving and then fall out. Sand began to pour out of the newly formed hole. "You have to be kidding me," she said as the thought of using her exploding power came to mind, but with the close quarters it would be a death wish. All she could do was hope that her sisters get to her before she resembled an hourglass filled with sand.

Paige was walking around in a circle literally as she was trying to think of how she could offer wealth. "Maybe it's not money but something that means something to me?" she said as her dead foster parents appeared in front of her. She did not move as they looked like ghost and just stared at her. "Mom, dad?" she asks but they said nothing.

Phoebe was walking around as well trying to think of something symbolic to beauty as a mirror appeared in front of her. "How the hell is this supposed to make any sense?" she thought as the reflection began to change, she could see small cuts appearing on her arms and her face as a piece of glass fell on the floor in front of her. She immediately looked at herself and could see she was devoid of the injuries in the reflection. "Oh hell no," she said as she was getting the hint.

Prue was pacing trying to think of what she could offer in the way of the victories, "What like killing a lot of demons would not be enough?" she asks the inanimate wall as Piper and Phoebe appeared in front of her. "How did you guys get out?" she asks but they said nothing and she backed up a little. They changed to Mike and she tried to use her powers but it did not faze them as they came closer. She began to run but before she knew it she was facing them again.

"Come on Prue your not really mad at Mike are you?" one of them asks.

"Get away from me!" Prue yelled as her body shook out of fear and rage.

"You blame them for writing in their diaries, this would not have happened if they did not keep secrets from you," the other one said.

"Leave now or I will kill you," Prue said through her teeth.

Piper was now knee-high in sand and every time she tried to freeze the flowing of it, she would get a sharp pain in her stomach. "Guys you really need to hurry up!" she yelled and hoped that they would hear her.

Paige continued to look at her foster parents," I don't understand what this means?" she asks but they said nothing. "What do you want from me?" she asks as she began to understand what goddess she represented. "Wealth, knowledge is the same as wealth in some cases, but what knowledge do I have that involves them?"

Phoebe picked up the sharp glass and looked at the reflection," This is really whacked, you know you have a sick sense of humor," she said while looking up to the ceiling. She has already tried to levitate but found she could not. She took the sharp edge and copied the cut on her arm from the reflection. She closed her eyes tight as she made the small cut and could feel the warm crimson flow down her arm. It was the equivalent of 10 paper cuts at once and when she opened her eyes she could see the cut disappear in the reflection, but it remained on her arm. "Leo can't heal self-inflicted," she said and the thought of having scars all over her body was frightening.

Prue was backing away but what they said was playing like a song she could not get out over and over again. She did not want to believe what they were saying was true but like a bad song it would not be easily dismissed. "Fine is this the victory you want, for me to kill you, then so be it," she said and began her assault. She kicked one of the Mikes and he went stumbling backwards and hit the wall, she then punched the other across the jaw causing him to go stumbling back as well. She was about to continue when one of them stood up and was no longer Mike, but Phoebe.

"See don't you feel better?" the fake Phoebe asks.

"Please stop," Prue said as the idea of beating up one of her sisters was something she did not know if she was capable of. The other one stood up as well and looked like Piper. "You not real," Prue said and in order to get out she would have to do what she feared the must. Kill her sisters even if they were not real it was what they said, she did blame them but never said anything about it. The victory was to let her rage and anger take her over and lose control. She looked down at the tile floor and could see the name in Latin, she then looked up and right into Phoebe's eyes, she then rushed her and began to use everything she had including her powers on the fake sister. "We don't keep secrets in this family!"

Paige was still Racking her head trying to figure out what the wall wanted her to give. She did not know how long she pondered and had no idea the time was of the essence. A image appeared on the stone showing Piper being covered in sand and it was now at her upper waste. "Oh god," she said and it came to her," No don't make me do this."

Phoebe was duplicating the cuts in the reflection and was about to lose consciousness when she saw the same image as Paige. "Piper," she said while on her knees in the stone was stained red around her. She had more cuts to make and went to the task as quickly as possible but had to throw up on occasion as her body was telling her to stop.

Prue was beating Phoebe while on top of her as the image appeared on the wall. She stopped for a moment and the realization that they were running out of time was now forefront. She looked down at a bloody and still breathing fake Phoebe. She knew she had to finish her off completely and then start on the other.

Piper was finding it hard to breathe as the pressure of the sand was tightening around her chest. She kept her hands above the sand line as she tried to climb but it was like concrete around her as it continued to flow out of the hole. She decided to try her exploding power to take down the wall and when she flicked her wrist the wall reply back with a sharp pain in her stomach. "Dammit!" she grunted. "Think come on think," she said as panic was taking her over. Every time she breathed in she got a mouthful of dust. She tried spell after spell but nothing was working. "You guys better hurry because I don't want to end up like king tut," she said as all she could do was wait.

Paige knew what she needed to do," I'm sorry," she whimpered as her head began to feel like it was in a vice as the memories of her foster parents were being removed. "No!" she yelled while they flashed in front of her like playing a movie in reverse. She went to her knees while clutching her head with her hands.

Prue stood up and stumbled backwards as she looked at Phoebe's lifeless body that was barely recognizable from all the blood and bruises. She was out of breath and completely exhausted as she set her eyes on the fake Piper who just gave a small smile. "Don't look at me like that, you know that once we became witches this stuff could be used against us, but no you just kept writing in it," Prue said as she began her assault on the fake Piper.

Phoebe was done making the cuts on her arms and legs and now had to make the ones on her face. "Come on you can do this," she whimpered as she put the glass to her cheek with shaking hand she made the cut. She screamed in pain and now that she has made the first cut on something that would not be so easy to cover, she focused as there was no going back and made the second. She watched as the warm blood ran down her face and onto her clothing that was already dyed red.

The sand was now at Piper's chin and she was trying desperately to not panic," I love you," she whispered as talking was too much of an effort. She was saying it to Leo and her sisters even though they could not hear her.

Paige's head stopped hurting and when she looked up the two people in front of her faded away," Who were they?" she asks as the wall lowered. She ran to the other wall but it was still up and she figured the others have not gotten through theirs yet. "Piper can you hear me!" she yelled but did not get a response. She pounded on the stone as the image of Piper was still fresh. She had no idea how long she was in her circle since she saw the image but all of her internal organs were telling her time was running out.

Phoebe finished the last cut in the mirror disappeared as the wall came down. She then collapsed to her knees as the blood loss was making her week and faint.

"Phoebe," Paige said as she ran to her. "Oh god are you ok?"

"Piper we need to get to Piper," Phoebe replied in a whisper as Paige tore off some of her sleeve to try to stop some of the bleeding.

Prue was in tears as she stood up from the fake Piper's body. Her hands were covered in blood and pieces of tissue while bruises were forming on the knuckles. She has never beat anybody to death in her life and hoped she would never have to again. Her clothing was stained with sweat and remnants of her victory as the wall lowered. She set her eyes on Phoebe and Paige but Piper's wall was still up as she ran to them.

"We need to get her out," Prue said and they all began to look for a way in.

"I can levitate," Phoebe said and used her power to get to the top. She looked down and could see only a hand as the rest was filled with sand. "No!" she yelled and jumped down. The small particles of sand was like salt to a wound as she tried to pull Piper out. She felt Piper's hand squeeze hers but she did not have much time as she used whatever energy she had left to pull. "I need help!"

"Paige orb us," Prue said and Paige took her hand into hers and orbed into the inner circle. They all began to dig as the wall started to lower. "Its moving to slow," Prue said and Paige tried to orb her out but it did not work as she used her hands to dig frantically trying to find the head and give Piper needed oxygen. Finally they could see the top of dark hair as the sand was flowing over the sides why the wall lowered. "Come on Piper hold on," Phoebe said as they all dug. Piper took in a deep breath as the sand was now at her chin again.

"Its about time," she gasped out.

They all laughed in relief as the sand was now scattered on the floor and they helped her step out of what remained. She sat down and then looked at her sister's. Phoebe had cuts all over her body and Prue was also covered in blood while Paige looked a little confused.

"This place sucks," Phoebe said and flopped down as she was getting dizzy and her wounds stung from the sand.

"What happened to you guys?" Piper asks as she too was breathing heavily.

"I'd rather not talk about it," Prue replied.

"I can't right now I need a blood transfusion," Phoebe said.

"We should go home and Leo can heal you," Piper said as the Golden Apple dropped in front of her.

"I'm surprised it didn't hit you in the head," Paige said.

"Leo will not be able to heal me Piper," Phoebe said as she lay down on her back.

"Why not?" Prue asks.

"He can't heal self-inflicted," Phoebe replied as Piper picked up the apple.

"Vanity, that's what you had to give up your vanity," Prue said and Phoebe was about to reply but all she did was lift her hand up slightly as the energy to even do that was too much to ask at the moment.

"Well we can't leave her like that, she needs help," Paige said and went to her. She tried to use her healing ability and as she tried to pull memories of her childhood with her mom and dad, she found they were blank.

"Paige what's wrong?" Prue asks noticing the blinking confusion on her baby sister.

"I don't remember my parents, why the hell don't I remember?" Paige asks.

"Wealth your wealth was knowledge and something important, like the memory of your foster parents," Prue replied.

"Oh god," Piper said as the thought of forgetting her mother was unthinkable.

"I can get them back right the memories, I mean it was just to get through the wall it's not permanent?" Paige asks as tears ran down her face.

"Paige I don't know but we will find a way, right now we need to attend to Phoebe she is losing a lot of blood," Prue replied.

"We can orb home and get some rest, we only have one more weapon to get but we can't do that right now," Piper said as she held the apple and Prue grabbed the shield.

"Ok lets go," Prue said as they orbed away.

To be continued.