Thank you for the reviews. Phoebe will be getting a new power in the next chapter and more secrets are revealed that may be used against them. All of them will need to confront their issues as the powers will start being affected by them. We will also be seeing more of the seven swords soon.

Chapter 5

Audience with the Queen

Leo was trying to heal Phoebe but it took longer then expected and some scars remained. He stepped back a little confused as he looked at his hands.

"Leo why didn't it work all the way?" Piper asks.

"I don't know," he replied as Phoebe looked at the mirror and could see small scars on her face and forehead. She closed her eyes as Paige walked over to her.

"Its not that bad and I'm sure once this is over it will go away," Paige said in hopes to comfort.

"Right or I will become a nun," Phoebe said as Leo was healing Prue's hands.

"How did this happen?" he asks after finishing up.

"Leo trust me you don't want to know," Prue replied but keeping this secret was not something she wanted to do, considering she just beat the crap out of the two people who kept theirs from her.

Their attention was redirected to a women with shoulder length reddish hair who was now in their living room. She tilted her head and gave a small unwelcoming smile. She looked around the room at the decorations. "Well this is, oh what's the word for it, dated," she said as the sisters stood together.

"Who are you?" Prue asks.

"Your tormentor, and you are the infamous charmed ones," Jenett replied.

"Listen you ancient old bitch, we are kinda of busy so unless your going to kill us, go away," Prue said as she got in front of the others.

Jenett eyed her down as she used her upper teeth on her bottom lip," So your the one with the snappy wit," she said while looking at the others.

"Nope that is pretty much all of us," Piper joined in.

"I see you had a rough day how was Petra?" Jenett asks.

"Oh your find out soon enough," Phoebe replied.

"I know quite a bit about you. All of your inner thoughts your worst fears how you truly feel about each other in black-and-white," Jenett said while holding up Piper's and Phoebe's diary's.

"And you're the queen of wands the whole myth behind snow white," Paige said as she could feel Leo behind her, ready to orb them out at any moment.

"Yes unfortunately the true story has been lost over time, I feel cheated mine was so much better," Jenett said as the diaries disappeared. "Unfortunately I will have to dig up information on your new arrival.

"That will be after you dig my foot out of your teeth," Paige said and Prue gave a small nod of approval at the comment.

"Poor Piper picked on as a teenager never really fit in you still kind of don't do you?" Jenett asks.

"I'm over it and your the odd one out," Piper replied.

"Over it really, I sense a bit of denial and smell fear," Jenett said as she walked over to the fireplace and looked at a photo of Phoebe.

"That would probably be your stench," Phoebe said.

"How are the scars, Petra is unforgiving in more ways than one. From what I can tell you had to give up your beauty, but the fact that you're still a disappointment that's a internal scar."

"We've killed bigger demons then you," Prue said as her breathing quickened.

"Good for you, but I am no demon I am something much more and will take a miracle to defeat," Jenett said as she walked over to them," How are you Prue, considering your space was violated in a very inappropriate way," Jenett said and moved closer to Prue.

"You bitch," Piper said with venom.

"It wasn't me, I would have never known about that close call if it wasn't for your little book of secrets," Jenett said and Piper looked away as guilt rushed her body.

"Get to the point," Prue said not taking her eye off of Jenett.

"Well you still have my little treats I sent for you to deal with and then who knows what may transpire next," Jenett replied and after a moment of pause, she giggled," Oh the excitement, I have to admit I was quite bored until I heard of you. So far you have been quite entertaining and to my clients who will pay top dollar to have you as a trophy," Jenett said and backed away.

"We would just take your head as a trophy," Piper said.

"I don't think it will go with your decor, I am way too classy," Jenett said as a woman appeared behind her carrying a bow and wearing a hood. "Now I have a lot of business to attend too, the twins will keep you occupied," she said and went away in black smoke as the woman lifted the bow and pulled back the arrow.

"The apple," Phoebe said and ran upstairs to the attic where they put it.

"Piper freeze her," Prue said and tried but nothing happened and the woman fired. Piper dove out of the way as Prue did the same.

"She's immune," Piper said and looked over her shoulder to see the other one firing. She then put her hand out and exploded the arrow into tiny pieces," At least the arrow isn't immune.

Phoebe grabbed the Apple and started running for the exit when Scorpio appeared at the door. "Shit," she said and grabbed the shield just as he was using his chain weapon. She put it in front of her and slightly above her head as it came crashing down. The tip broke through the brass and the point was a few inches away from her head. "What this is supposed to kill you," she said as the shield went flying out of her hands as he pulled on his chain. She made a run to her trusty knifes as he was bringing it back down. It crashed through the floor as it missed her feet.

Piper looked up and saw something sharp sticking out of the ceiling "Phoebe," she said and Paige orbed to help her while Prue helped Piper.

"We need the Apple," Prue said as the twins were on the opposite sides of each other pulling back on their bows. Piper tried to blow them up but they just used they bows to deflect it. They both turned their bows so that the dark part was up and fired. Prue used her telekinesis to send the arrows back as she stretched out her hands to her side and it felt like she was being put into a vice as the arrows got closer. Leo picked up a vase and hit one of the women over the head but all she did was tilt her neck and looked in his direction as she pulled back the string.

"Leo get out of here!" Piper yelled as the dark arrow could be poisoned to him.

"No not without you," he said as she fired. Leo orbed as it passed through him and embedded itself into the wall. The area around where the arrow hit began to turn black and grow like a living fungus. Prue was still trying to keep the arrows away from her but the more she pushed the more they pushed back.

"Ok that's enough," Piper said and focused her aim on the two arrows that were close to Prue. She flicked her wrist, one at each and caused them to blow up, but the impact also caused Prue and her to go flying backwards. Prue landed on the landing and Piper landed near the fireplace.

Phoebe was using her best martial arts on Scorpio as Paige was looking at the shield. "Its not activated, we need the stone," Paige said as Phoebe was backhanded and did a spin in the air before landing hard on the floor. She was dazed as he raised his chain weapon ready to strike."Phoebe!" she yelled but her older sister was to out of it. "Lamp!" she said and the lamp on the table disappeared in white and blue orbs and then hit him in the chest. The distraction was enough for her to get to Phoebe and orb her down stairs. "Are you ok?" she asks.

"Something's wrong its not working," Phoebe replied.

"We need the stone, its Topaz," Paige replied as the Scorpio came in black smoke as Piper got to her feet. The stone appeared in Paige's hand and she looked at it a little confused at first but then realized her power must have called it. Piper saw the man and started blasting away but all it did was piss him off. Leo ran over to her and took her arm.

"Piper we need to go," he said as the twins were firing again at Phoebe and Paige.

"No!" Piper yelled and pulled her arm out of his hand. She blow up one as the other was about to hit Paige but Phoebe pulled her head down just as it went over them. Paige put the stone in the center of the shield and the carvings began to spin as the sign for Scorpio moved to the center and lit up. Piper was blowing up arrows but her power was becoming weaker with each shot.

"Guys I can't keep this up," Piper said as Prue came down the stairs and saw the shield come to life.

"Paige give it to me," Prue said as he was her zodiac sign. Paige handed her the shield and Prue faced it towards him as he was bringing down the metal poison infused tip. This time it stopped hovering inches from it and she could feel its power building. It was hard to hold it in place as it vibrated heavily and she had to use two hands. The humming noise picked up in frequency by the second and he tried pulling his weapon back but it was locked in place by some invisible force.

"Kill her," he said to the twins and they took aim.

"The hell you will," Piper said and used what was left of her power to blast the floor in front of the twins to distract them. Leo also used what ever he could to keep them from firing and used lamps and other accessories in the house. The man could feel the power of the shield building and tried to smoke away but just as he was about too the shield did its job and a powerful jet of water shot out. It was so strong that it pushed Prue back and her feet slid on the hardwood floor like ice, as the man was being cut into small pieces by the razor like jet of water. He screamed in pain and then was washed away and out the door as the shield stopped its assault. The two twins looked at each other as the sisters regained their footing, they then went away in black smoke.

"Something tells me we won't be seeing the last of them," Paige said.

"I think the Apple works the same way we need to activated with the stone," Piper suggested as she sat down and looked at the mess that was left.

"At least we got one down," Prue said as she put the shield next to her on the couch.

"What about mine?" Paige asks.

"We still need to get that armor but guys I'm beat," Prue replied.

They all sat there for a moment in silence until finally one had the nerve to break it," Prue I am so sorry that I wrote about what happened to you when you were 17," Piper said and then got a cold stare from Prue that made her spine shiver.

"You know what you should be and this is not the Apple talking, Piper we have been witches for over three years now and it never occurred to you, to destroy it?" Prue asks and did not hold back any of the feelings she has been having for a while. Piper said nothing as the words were worse than any physical trauma she has experienced over the years.

"Prue," Phoebe said as she could see the hurt in Piper's face.

"Don't Prue me Phoebe you did the same, now once we are rested we get the last weapon and then we all have a long talk about what you wrote and those diaries. I will not be surprised again and I will not have secrets in this family. You want to know what I had to do to get through the wall, I had to admit to myself that I was angry with both of you, sorry rephrase that, furious," Prue said and got up to go take a shower and try to get some rest before they went back to Petra.

"Piper I don't think she meant it," Leo said as both her and Phoebe were in a daze.

"No Leo she ment it and she is right, I never thought it could be used against us like this, I need to lay down," Piper said as tears were coming down her face and she too went upstairs to her room.

"Leo do they have group therapy up there and if so can we get a discount?" Phoebe asks as she too was crying.

"I don't think that's a bad idea all of you need help," Leo said while looking up at the stairs.

"What about my memories of my foster parent's?" Paige asks.

"Yeah I will see what I can do," he replied and orbed away but not to the elders, but to Piper who was crying heavily into a pillow on her bed. He laid down next to her and held her tight. "Its going to be ok," he whispered as she held him as well.

To be continued.