Prompt: Roses

Word Count: 243

Pairing: Everlark

Notes: basically stream of consciousness drabble. Post Mockingjay. (Also I wrote it while watching the Super Bowl so cut me some slack xoxo)

"I went to the woods and dug these up. For her," he says in my memory.

People like to think that I saved Peeta. That's how he tells the story, first to our children, and then our grandchildren. "If it weren't for Katniss," he says, "I would be dead."

And that's true, but it's just as true to say that Peeta saved me. On dark days, I think of the months I spent without him, losing him in the Quell, and the days when he was still hijacked, too far to reach.

Those were the times I was almost incapable of functioning. Only Prim kept me going, and even then, it halfway living. I never thought about how much I needed the boy with the bread. Not until he was gone.

When he came back, when it was over, he surrounded my house with primroses. Every time I inhaled, she was there with me. A pain so sweet I couldn't let it go.

And Peeta, dear Peeta, he never asked me to.

The first year after, Effie, enjoying more prestige than she ever had as an escort, had reinstated Valentine's day and sent roses to all the victors.

I'd curled into myself and cried until Peeta pulled me outside to start a fire. We threw the roses one by one, and afterward, cut a few primroses to put in vases around the house. If I could smell her there, everything seemed okay.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Hunger Games.

A/N: An extremely non-romantic fic for my Valentine's Day countdown. It's not my fault; I've never had a boyfriend.

Addendum: Concerns were raised that it was out of character and thoughtless for Effie to send the roses, so I felt the need to explain myself...

Effie just researched what people did for Valentine's day and went with roses because they used to be popular. The only people who really knew about Katniss' aversion to roses were Peeta and President Snow. It doesn't seem that strange that Effie wouldn't understand it. I hope that clarifies things!